How much are Talkspace plans? (+5 benefits)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this article, we will be looking at the prices of the different Talkspace plans. We will also look at the prices of the Psychiatry sessions that are available in Talkspace. Additionally, we will also be looking at the various benefits of online therapy and the different benefits that Talkspace can bring to its users.

How much are Talkspace plans?

The plans of Talkspace actually differ a lot in their price range based on where the user is based. It also depends on the availability of therapists who are in the area of the user. The plans can also be easily covered by insurance, which can further reduce the costs of therapy and mental health care.

The various plans that Talkspace offers are the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan, the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium plan and the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan. These plans have a variety of features that users can greatly find beneficial for their mental health.

Prices of Talkspace psychiatry sessions

Talkspace also offers psychiatry sessions for its users. These sessions are priced at $199.00 for the initial evaluation session and the follow up sessions cost $125.00. Talkspace also offers discounts if the sessions are purchased in bulk or bundles that can definitely bring the costs of the sessions a lot lower.

Benefits of online therapy

Online therapy is definitely becoming all the more popular ever since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. The reasons why many individuals are switching to online therapy and abandoning in-person therapy altogether are many. Some of the benefits of online therapy that serve as reasons for its massive popularity have been described as follows:

It can be quite cost-effective

The plans that are offered by online therapy platforms are highly cost-effective and a lot cheaper than in-person therapy. This is one of the main reasons for the peaking of online therapy. The cost factor is actually one of the main reasons why clients do not seek out therapy as much and also drop out of therapy programs. These reasons can be mitigated through online therapy.

It offers multiple modes of therapy

There are many modes and mediums of therapy that are available in these platforms which can be great for individuals. This is important as clients have many personality types and preferences for communication and interaction, even with therapists. Platforms like Talkspace offer messaging therapy through audio, video, texting and even live chatting sessions.

There are a variety of therapists

Online therapy platforms like Talkspace, Betterhelp and Calmerry, all have a wide range of therapists who are well-certified and qualified. These are also licensed to practice independently in their respective states or regions. This large variety of therapists brings about a greater chance of a strong client-therapist fit, which is necessary for effective therapy.


There are a wide variety of therapies

Psychotherapy is of course, not a one-size fits all notion. There are many schools of thought and theories that therapists have imbibed into their therapy programs. Since clients have their own needs and preferences, they need to work with the right therapist who can bring in the right therapy for them. This can be easily managed through the large databases in these platforms.

It is more than just therapy

Mental health itself is intersectional and requires the well-oiled functioning of many areas in life. And thus, online mental health platforms generally offer a lot more than just therapy. They have resources and tools that users can utilize to understand themselves better. They also provide guidance for legal issues, financial matters and even career related issues.

How much are Talkspace plans? (+5 benefits)

It can be great for therapists

Online therapy can also be very beneficial for therapists. After applying to be a part of the therapist base on these platforms, therapists do not need to worry about marketing to get more clients or even worry about any paperwork. Therapists are also guaranteed an increased inflow of clients for their practice, bringing in more profit as well as exposure.

It can be covered by insurance

While online therapy is actually a lot more cost-effective than in-person therapy, this can also be covered by insurance providers, further bringing down the cost of mental health care. This can also be extremely beneficial. Platforms like Talkspace are connected with insurance providers like Optum and Humana, who can cover a major chunk of the costs.

Benefits of Talkspace

Some great benefits that Talkspace can bring to its users are:

  • It can make therapy a lot more easier to avail and also a lot more convenient
  • It has many plans that users can choose from based on their needs and requirements
  • The platform has a large number of certified, licensed and well-qualified therapists who can bring in high-quality mental health care at a lower cost
  • Talkspace also has high standards of security and thus the data and information of the users are well protected and very secure
  • The platform also has psychiatry services, that users can utilize to be prescribed medications and drugs to deal with their mental illnesses
  • Talkspace also provides couples counseling and also teens counseling that can be great additional reasons why users simply love this platform


In this article, we have looked at the prices of the different Talkspace plans. We have also looked at the prices of the Psychiatry sessions that are available in Talkspace. Additionally, we have also looked at the various benefits of online therapy and the different benefits that Talkspace can bring to its users.

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