How many employees does Cerebral have?

This blogpost will answer how many employees Cerebral has. We will also be looking at the various benefits that online therapy brings to therapists and psychologists. Additionally, we will be discussing some of the different advantages that Cerebral as a platform brings to its millions of users.

How many employees does Cerebral have?

According to various sources, Cerebral has more than 2000 employees who are working remotely with the platform to cater to the various mental health needs of its users. Cerebral, formerly called Get Cerebral, is a mental health subscription platform that brings mental health care in the form of medications and therapy to the users through the internet.

Benefits of online therapy for therapists

More and more therapists and other mental health professionals are choosing online therapy sessions over in-person sessions. Many are joining remote companies such as Cerebral, Betterhelp and Talkspace as these bring plenty of benefits and advantages for therapists. Some of these benefits that online therapy can bring for therapists in particular are:

Therapists don’t need an office

While in-person therapy or traditional therapy requires the therapist to have a comfortable and relaxing office to conduct their sessions in, online therapy requires none of this. The therapist can set up an office space in their homes and as long as they have a stable data connection, the they are good to go from here.

They don’t have marketing expenses

Therapists often spend a lot on marketing strategies and tactics in order to bring in more clientele for their practice. However, these marketing tactics can be very expensive. Online therapy platforms like Cerebral and Betterhelp take care of the marketing for the therapists and thus they need only concentrate on their good work with their clients.

They have access to the best tech

Online therapy platforms also guarantee the therapists the very best technology and accessories to make their work easier and also safer. Safety and security is important especially in psychotherapy to protect the identity and also the personal information of the user. Online therapy platforms are all HIPAA compliant and thus therapists can be assured of the security.

They don’t have paperwork

Therapists are often encumbered with massive loads of paperwork that comes with their clients. More often than not, therapists hire outside help in order to help with this paperwork and also take care of the other office activities. Online platforms which offer mental health care services usually take care of the paperwork and so the therapist does not have to worry about any of this.

They have steady inflow of clients

Therapists are also guaranteed a steady inflow of clients online as in contrast to in-person therapy. The number of individuals who are seeking therapy and mental health care online is growing steadily and this number is not predicted to dip any time soon. And thus, therapists can be assured of a full caseload at all times, which also brings more job security.

They have more learning experiences

Therapists can learn a lot while practicing online. There are users from practically every type of ethnicity, cultural backgrounds and religions who are seeking therapy online and this variety of clients cannot be seen in traditional therapy settings. Therefore, the therapist is exposed to different individuals and different problems which only enriches their learning.

They have additional resources

Online therapy also offers many other additional resources that therapists will find useful for their therapy sessions. Therapists can easily share worksheets or assignments with their clients and can also give them access to various videos or reading material to make the intervention a lot more effective.

They have various formats of therapy

In-person therapy requires the client and the therapist to interact through speech. However, online therapy platforms have various formats of communication, such as text messaging, audio messaging and also video messaging which can bring a lot of flexibility and adaptability to both the therapist and the client.

They have more safety

Therapy sessions are not always quiet and peaceful. Many clients can erupt into anger and can also become violent enough to hurt or harm the therapist. It can also happen the other way round. In this manner, online therapy sessions bring more safety to both the therapist and also the client and therefore help in a deeper relationship.

Advantages of Cerebral

Cerebral can bring many advantages to not only its clients, but also its therapists. Some of the benefits of this great platform have been discussed as follows:

  • Cerebral offers insurance coverage through its in-network providers and thus clients can enjoy great quality mental health care at cost-effective rates
  • The platform provides both therapy services and also medication services that is necessary for many mental illnesses
  • Cerebral also has care counseling for its patients which can act as a strong support system and improve the compliance and adherence to treatment
  • The platform allows both audio as well as video forms of therapy sessions for its clients, thereby providing flexibility
  • This platform also guides the client step by step towards better mental health so that the entire process is not overwhelming or frustrating


This blogpost has answered how many employees Cerebral has. We have looked at the various benefits that online therapy brings to therapists and psychologists. Additionally, we have discussed some of the different advantages that Cerebral as a platform brings to its millions of users.

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