How many clients do BetterHelp therapists have? (+3 Features Of BetterHelp)

This article will discuss how many clients BetterHelp therapists have. In addition to this, we will be mentioning a few tips that therapists who conduct therapy sessions online can find useful. Lastly, we will describe some of the best features of BetterHelp that users have experienced in the past.

How many clients do BetterHelp therapists have?

In BetterHelp, the average number of clients a therapist has on their caseload is generally15-20., The therapists in this platform can choose the number of clients they want on their caseload. All in all, BetterHelp has almost two million users and more than 14, 000 therapists who take care of their mental health needs and requirements.

Tips for therapists

Therapists who are new to the whole online therapy fad may face a few difficulties in their sessions. In order to bring the same effectiveness of in-person therapy sessions in an online mode, therapists can use the various tips and techniques mentioned below:

Create a home office

In order to mimic the experience of being in your office with a client, you can create a space for your therapy sessions right there in your very home. This does not have to be an office room, but a quiet corner of your living room or bedroom will do. To make the environment soothing for the client, you can paint it in a light color and also invest in soft lighting.

Encourage openness

You can also encourage your client to be more open about their thoughts and feelings during your therapy sessions. While this point actually goes without saying for therapy, it becomes even more valid while considering the fact that you will not be able to clearly see your client’s body language during online sessions.

Invest in the right tech

Online therapy requires a good bit of technology and devices in order to be properly functional. As a therapist, it is advisable that you invest in high-speed internet to make sure no buffering or technical glitches happen during your therapy sessions. You can also invest in a good quality camera, microphone and speakers to bring a smoother experience for your clients.

Choose the right platform

While practicing online therapy, it is important that you choose the right platform that can provide you with HIPAA compliant technology and also bring additional resources for you and your clients. A great platform for both clients and therapists is BetterHelp which offers fully HIPAA compliant security features that can ensure privacy and confidentiality.

Switch between formats

There are various formats and modes available in online therapy that is otherwise absent in in-person therapy. These formats include messaging therapy, audio sessions and even video sessions. You can switch between these formats and ask your client to do the same, bringing you a higher level of convenience and comfort.


Turn off your notifications

You can also bring more effectiveness to your therapy sessions by turning off your notifications on all your devices. Even the slightest distraction can take away your focus from your client. And thus, it is essential that you either put your devices on silent or just simply turn them off. You can additionally encourage your client to do the same on their devices.

Mimic natural eye contact

It may be difficult to make eye contact in online therapy sessions as there are no face to face meetings. However, eye contact is necessary to create relationships and to also drive the message home when you are conversing with your client. To mimic natural eye contact, you can position the camera at eye level and look directly into it for a better effect.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that aims to bring accessible and affordable therapy for everyone. This platform boasts of a wide range of features that users can find tremendously beneficial such as:

Ease of use

In BetterHelp, users can experience a high ease of use. Through BetterHelp, the process of mental health care itself becomes quite easy and very simple. When compared to in-person therapy which requires a lot of waiting and plenty of effort on the part of the user, BetterHelp becomes a breeze to use.

Various formats of therapy

BetterHelp also offers several formats of therapy which is not present in traditional therapy settings. In this platform, the user can communicate with their therapists through unlimited messaging such as text messages, audio messages and even video messages. They can also opt for various types of live sessions as live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions.

Wide network of therapists

There is also a wide network of therapists who are available in BetterHelp. This means that the user experiences more variety and a better chance of finding the therapist of their choice in this platform. The large number of therapists also ensures a strong client-therapist fit that is essential for the effectiveness of therapy.


This article has discussed how many clients BetterHelp therapists have. In addition to this, we have mentioned a few tips that therapists who conduct therapy sessions online can find useful. Lastly, we have described some of the best features of BetterHelp that users have experienced in the past.

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