How many businesses use (+7 use cases)

This post will discuss how many businesses use We will also look at the various use cases of In addition to this, we shall look at some of the limitations or cons of using can be used across a variety of business verticals due to the wide variety of features that it possesses.

How many businesses use

More than 100,000 companies across various countries use for their project management and work management needs. The platform is also being used by more than 200 business verticals due to the abundance of features and elements that it possesses. is being used by the teams at Uber, Hulu and even Unilever to smoothen their work processes.

Use cases of can be easily utilized across a variety of business verticals and different industries. The most common use cases of have been explained in this section:

It can be used for CRM

Customer Relationship Management is an important part of any business organization. Through efficient CRM processes, customer interaction can be easily tracked and Sales and Marketing can resolve customer issues in a much more efficient manner. CRM is important for not only large organizations but also small businesses and teams.

It can be used to increase Sales

Sales can be quite tricky, especially in scoring new leads. While leads may be dime a dozen, the right leads are sometimes hard to come across. can help sales teams by generating and scoring new leads for them through web forms and other sources. It can also be used to maintain the customer lifecycle from start to finish.

It can help in content management

Content management is an essential sector on its own. Many organizations use content as an important part of their marketing processes. However, content management can be quite difficult as it requires a lot of creativity and continuous posting in order to increase traffic. The templates and dashboards on can prove highly useful for content management teams.

It can be used for HR processes

HR managers frequently find themselves in a pickle while dealing with a large number of employees. A tool like can be quite beneficial for HR managers as it can be used to improve the onboarding process for new users. It can also help them in tracking progress of teams, thus making the performance reviews more efficient.


It helps in project management

Project management can be tedious when leaders and managers are dealing with a large project and a big team filled with various personality types and backgrounds. However, is a popular tool that teams use for project management and work management. This tool can be used to plan projects, create clear overviews and also oversee the progress by team members.

It can help in finance management

Finance and accounts are important for both small businesses as well as large organizations. Small businesses particularly find especially useful to maintain and track their finances. The platform provides plenty of templates that can help in managing accounts and also allows easy integrations with other finance tools like Quickbooks that can further improve the process.

It improves collaboration

Collaboration is the secret of success for many organizations. When team members collaborate effectively together, the work processes and workflows become a lot smoother and successful. The platform provides multiple methods and avenues for teams to collaborate like the updates section, board comments and also through tagging.


Limitations of

While this platform has a wide variety of use cases as we have seen in the previous section, it also has a few limitations that can discourage teams from incorporating it into their workflows. Some of the limitations of that users have experienced while using the platform are:

The plans can be too pricey

While does offer a large range of priced plans to cater to a wider audience, the prices are still a little steeper than other project management tools in the market. In addition, the essential or unique features of are only observed in the higher tier plans and the free plan basically lacks all the features that is popular for.

Limited number of integrations

Integrations are an important aspect that most teams look forward to in their project management tools and apps. This is because these teams work with multiple tools and apps which need to be synced well in order to ensure better coordination. However, offers only a little above 40 apps and tools in its Integrations Center.

Steep learning curve

While the platform and the interface is really user friendly, many users have found that can be quite tricky to learn in a short span of time. They have also felt that the free trial period of 14 days is practically insufficient to get the hang of the platform. This is due to the presence of a large number of features and elements in the app.


This post has discussed how many businesses use We have also looked at the various use cases of In addition to this, we have looked at some of the limitations or cons of using

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