How many boards can you have in (+7 advantages)

This article will explain how many boards you can have in We shall also be discussing the basic functions of a board in Furthermore, we will be looking at the various advantages of using for personal use. has a wide range of pricing plans popular among both teams as well as individuals for various purposes.

How many boards can you have in

All the plans in allow users to create an unlimited number of boards in their account. This enables teams to create multiple projects and side projects in their work processes. However, the number of items that can be created in these boards can differ according to the plan that the user has opted for.

Basic function of a board in

Some of the functions that you can perform in your board have been explained below:

  • Your workspace will always have at least one board by default. In order to add a new board, click on the ‘+’ sign. From the options that follow, click on New board.

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  • You can also delete a board that you no longer have use by clicking on the three dots menu. You will find this at the top right corner of your screen. From the drop down menu, select the ‘Delete/Archive’ option and then click on ‘Delete’.
  • offers three different types of boards that you can choose from –main boards, shareable boards and private boards. To change the settings of your board, click on the three dots menu that you will find at the top right corner of your screen. In the settings option, click on Board settings and change your board type here.
  • You can also add various groups, columns and items to customize and develop your board as per your needs and requirements.
  • If you want to print your board from, all you need to do is to click on the three dots menu and choose ‘More actions’. From the options that follow, click on ‘Print board’.


Advantages of for personal use

While brings plenty of benefits for teams and organizations, it can also be used by individuals for their projects and tasks. is used by busy individuals as it helps in sorting and organizing schedules and timetables. Some of the main advantages of using for personal use are:

It is practically free of cost

The Individual Plan in is free of cost. Thus, busy individuals who are looking for an efficient tool to organize and plan their schedules will find this tool pretty helpful and cost efficient. It can also be used by tiny teams who are just starting out in their business as it provides multiple features for practically nothing.

It can be easily integrated

The apps can also be integrated with other tools and apps that the user might want to utilize. Integrations are important when multiple tools are being used as it can reduce workload and effort and also makes way for smoother navigation. These integrations can be found in the Integrations Center of

It can be useful in organizing schedules

Schedules can become hectic, especially if you are hustling and balancing multiple jobs and projects. With the help of, busy individuals can easily plan and organize schedules so that they are more productive and also have time to relax. The platform allows shared calendars which makes planning even more effective.

It can help in planning projects

Project management starts with a lot of planning. When projects are planned well they are more likely to succeed. Project planning requires a lot of deep probing and analyzing information and viewing the issue from multiple angles. It also requires the creation of plenty of charts and graphs. can be easily used for this purpose.


It can be used to create content

Those who are creating content will find’s elements and features quite useful for their tasks and assignments. The platform has a lot of templates that can help in creating content for almost any type of issue. Furthermore, scheduling regular posting can also be taken care of through

It can be used for communication

Communication is important even for individuals. Those who are working with teams and other users can easily communicate through updates sections, board comments and also through tagging. In addition, communication can be improved with the integration of an app like Slack or Zoom.

It can bring in team members

The Individual Plan in allows every user to bring in two team members for their projects and assignments. This can be useful for small teams. Furthermore, external collaboration like this can be used for business development and also growth. External collaboration can also be facilitated by the various communication means in

It is beneficial for students also offers a student program for those who are in college or university. This program is basically the free Individual Plan along with some of the great essential features of the Pro Plan. It can also be used by educators. In order to avail this plan, all students need to do is to sign up for with their university email address.


This article has explained how many boards you can have in We have also discussed the basic functions of a board in Furthermore, we have looked at the various advantages of using for personal use.

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