How long do CalmiGo scents last? (+5 best features)

This blogpost will discuss how long CalmiGo scents actually last. We will also look at the various benefits that aromatherapy itself can bring to any user. Finally, we will be describing some of the best features of CalmiGo that can be highly advantageous in the management of anxiety and panic attacks.

How long do CalmiGo scents last?

The scented elements in CalmiGo typically last for around four to six weeks after which they need to be replaced. These can be bought separately from the CalmiGo website and each pack comes with two scented elements. Users can choose from three different options as per their preferences, from lavender, peppermint and bergamot.

Benefits of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy comes under alternative medicine and can be used for a wide variety of reasons. This form of treatment is actually very old and has been used from times immemorial. Some of the great benefits of aromatherapy have been discussed in the section below:

  • They can be used in the treatment of stress and anxiety since they tickle parts of the brain which are associated with comfort and relaxation. Those who are experiencing high levels of stress can benefit from aromatherapy since it is pretty easy to use and also drug free
  • Aromatherapy itself can bring a better quality of sleep and thus individuals can rest better to prepare for their next day. This is the reason why many people spray lavender scents in their bed linens. When the sleep is better, the overall performance of the person itself greatly increases
  • Aromatherapy has also been claimed to give relief for those who are experiencing chronic pain. While there are many pain alleviating treatments in allopathy, those with chronic pain often seek alternative medicines or forms of treatment, such as aromatherapy
  • It can be used through various forms and not only essential oils and thus individuals can make aromatherapy itself a part of their daily routines to bring better effects. For instance, it can be incorporated into the body lotions, the face masks and even the soaps and shampoos, which can bring a calming effect throughout the day
  • Aromatherapy has also been known to be used for those who are pregnant, especially during times of labor. Muscles respond to certain aromas and thus can be relaxed with the right scent. This can definitely make the labor process a little better
  • Furthermore, aromatherapy has been used to treat menstrual issues and even menopausal issues which can bring a lot of stress and pain to those who have a uterus. These issues can definitely be resolved harmlessly through aromatherapy
  • In addition to all this, aromatherapy can also improve the process of digestion itself. Smelling certain scents or aromas can stimulate the digestive enzymes that can help in the process and make it smoother and better

Best features of CalmiGo

CalmiGo is a small handheld device that those who are suffering from anxiety and panic attacks can definitely find useful. This device not only alleviates the symptoms but also improves the person’s ability to regulate them. The best features of Cerebral have been discussed below:

The device can be taken everywhere

This device is handheld and thus is small in size and light in weight. The whole thing actually resembles an emergency inhaler. Thus, CalmiGo can be carried everywhere and anywhere by the user. Since it is small in size, it is also very discreet and also does not attract unwanted attention. It is made of food-grade plastic and thus can also pass through any security checkpoints.

It is pretty simple to use

The device is very simple and easy to use. Even fairly new users of the device can get the hang of it in a short span of time. The device prompts and guides the user step by step throughout the exercises. Furthermore, CalmiGo is also programmed to pick up the personal breathing style and pattern of the user and adjust itself accordingly to bring the best type of comfort.

It is definitely effective

Breathing exercises have been in use for a long time for the purpose of reducing stress and anxiety. Many research studies have also proven this concept. Thus, users of CalmiGo can be guaranteed of great results since the device basically has incorporated breathing exercises into a compact machine.

It also uses aromatherapy

CalmiGo not only has features for breathing exercises. It also has incorporated aromatherapy into its structure to bring even more comfort and relaxation for the user. The aromatherapy itself has several options for scents. Users can choose from lavender, peppermint and even bergamot according to their needs and preferences.

It is drug free

The device is also completely drug free and does not use any type of medicine or drug. This can be great for those individuals who do not want to use medications for their anxiety symptoms. The device allows the user to utilize their own resources and power to manage the symptoms of anxiety, thus bringing more control and ownership.



This blogpost has discussed how long CalmiGo scents actually last. We have also looked at the various benefits that aromatherapy itself can bring to any user. Finally, we have described some of the best features of CalmiGo that can be highly advantageous in the management of anxiety and panic attacks.

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