How long are Talkspace sessions?

In this post, we will discuss how long Talkspace sessions go on for. We shall also be discussing the various types of online therapy and the different advantages as well as disadvantages of online therapy. Online therapy has become quite popular over the recent years due to its incredible cost-effectiveness and convenience of use.

How long are Talkspace sessions?

The therapy sessions on Talkspace typically last for about 30 minutes. The live sessions can also go on for 50 minutes, but this completely depends on the availability of the therapist. These sessions are of course not available on all the plans. The Premium and the ultimate plans of Talkspace offers live sessions for the users.

The messaging therapy, however, can go on for an unlimited amount of time. The platform offers multiple modes of messaging for the user, which means they can send an unlimited number of texts, audio messages as well as video messages to their therapists. The therapists are available for response 5 days in a week.

Types of online therapy

Online therapy can take many forms and can be of many types. Different mental health platforms offer various types of online therapy which users can gain greatly from. The various types of online therapy which are available for clients have been discussed in this section:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT is the most popular form of psychotherapy and many of the readers might have definitely heard of this. This can be used for mental illnesses as well as for personal growth and development. The entire premise of this type of therapy is to bring in new or change existing thought patterns to face any type of challenging situations and problems.

Couples counseling

This type of therapy is not available on all mental health platforms. This becomes important for those who are involved in couple disputes, family problems and also for those who are planning on getting married. It can also be court mandated when couples are planning on getting divorced in a bid to fix the flaws in the relationship.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This type of therapy can be great for many types of mental illnesses, such as substance abuse, addictions, personality disorders, eating disorders and also a range of behavioral problems. Through DBT, the client can build new sets of mental and coping skills to overcome their problems and manage their emotions in a positive manner.

Online mental health therapy

This kind of therapy is not just focused on those with mental illnesses, but those who have not been diagnosed yet. The most important aim in this type of therapy is to ensure that individuals are involved in better self-care and also self-growth. This type of therapy can cover a range of problems, particularly those which affect a majority of the population, such as stress.

Sex therapy

Sex is a very important part of everyone’s lives. And many times, mental problems come up due to a problem with this one factor. Online sex therapy helps individuals manage sexual problems such as decreased libido, performance anxiety, erectile dysfunctions and even impotence. Many individuals take part in sex therapy just to improve sexual satisfaction and gratification.


Agoraphobia is basically the fear of enclosed spaces or even crowded spaces. This type of phobia brings in a lot of anxiety and stress, especially for those who have no choice but to leave the house and mingle with great crowds. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought up a lot of agoraphobia in people, and online therapy can prove to be a safe space for those with this phobia.

Advantages of online therapy

Online therapy has been growing in popularity and thus, many mental health platforms have cropped up online in a bid to cater to different varieties of audiences. Some of the advantages of online therapy are:

  • It can be quite cost-effective and many of these programs are covered by insurance plans as well. Online therapy providers such as Talkspace, Betterhelp and even Calmerry are among those who provide quality mental health care at very affordable prices.
  • Online therapy can be easy to use and quite convenient for those who lead very busy lives. Here, the therapist can be accessed quite easily, at the click of a button, and those who have tight schedules can get mental assistance quickly and easily.
  • Online therapy can also be accessible for those who are living in remote areas and thus do not have access to certified or qualified therapists.


Disadvantages of online therapy

While online therapy can be suitable for a wide variety of purposes, it also has several disadvantages. Some of these limitations are:

  • This requires a strong and stable internet connection, which cannot always be feasible
  • Users of online therapy have mentioned that there can be a personal disconnect between the client and the therapist since there is no physical meeting
  • Many insurance providers still do not cover online therapy, which can make it quite expensive for many individuals
  • There also may be a delay in responses from the mental health care providers, and thus most of these platforms can be useless in times of emergency or crisis


In this post, we have discussed how long Talkspace sessions go on for. We have also discussed the various types of online therapy and the different advantages as well as disadvantages of online therapy.

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