How long are Talkspace live sessions? (+3 Talkspace alternatives)


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Page last updated: 7/09/2022

In this post, we will answer how long Talkspace live sessions are. In addition to this, we will also be looking at some of the other features that Talkspace provides for its users. Lastly, we shall be mentioning some other alternatives to Talkspace that users might be interested in. Talkspace not only delivers messaging therapy, but also has live sessions, bringing more flexibility to the user.


How long are Talkspace live sessions?

The live sessions in Talkspace can go on for about 30 minutes each. The sessions can also extend up to 50 minutes, though this completely depends on the availability of the provider. These live sessions can be conducted through various formats, such as live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions that users can choose from according to their preferences.

Features that Talkspace provides for its users

Talkspace is one such online therapy platform that brings a wide range of advantages and features for all its users. This versatility has made Talkspace a giant in the world of online therapy. The best features that Talkspace brings to users have been discussed in this section below:


Talkspace offers cost-effective plans

The plans of Talkspace are quite cost-effective and significantly cheaper when compared to in-person or traditional therapy. These plans can also easily be covered through insurance since the platform has tied up with insurance providers such as Cigna, Optum, Humana, Tricare, and many others.

The platform can be accessed from anywhere

The great thing about Talkspace is that it can be accessed easily from anywhere and also at any time. This high convenience that Talkspace brings can be helpful for those who have extremely busy schedules or even those who cannot get out of the house often. Through Talkspace, therapy can also reach places that do not have well-qualified therapists easily available.

It is completely HIPAA compliant

The platform definitely takes the security and confidentiality of its users very seriously and thus is completely HIPAA compliant. HIPAA compliance is necessary for any healthcare platform that operates online, including online therapy platforms such as Talkspace. These regulations stipulate that Talkspace has incorporated the internet security features for maximum privacy.

There are a large number of therapists

Talkspace is also the workplace for a large network of qualified therapists who can ensure that there is no waiting period for the many users of the platform. All the therapists are certified and licensed to practice independently in their respective regions. They also undergo strict background checks and verification processes to ensure only the best care is given to the users.

There is Teens therapy

The platform also provides Teens therapy particularly aimed at adolescents from 13 years to 18 years. These adolescents can greatly benefit from teens therapy since these age groups can go through great amounts of stress and anxiety. In addition to this, many mental illnesses can start at these ages, and thus require early interventions.

There is couples therapy

Couples therapy and family therapy services are also offered by Talkspace. Couples therapy can be great for not only those pairs who are going through a rough patch, but also those who are seeking to improve and strengthen their relationships. Thus, many couples who are planning on tying the knot seek premarital counseling so that they can understand each other better.

How long are Talkspace live sessions? (+3 Talkspace alternatives)

It has a sleep program

The platform also offers a sleep program for a period of eight weeks. In this program, the users will learn coping strategies and behavioral techniques that can help them get high quality sleep and rest. This can be especially useful for insomniacs who might have a lot of trouble with sleep otherwise.

It has additional resources

Talkspace also offers plenty of other resources that can be useful for its users. There are plenty of guides and resources that provide advice for many areas of life, including how to maintain finances, advice for legal matters and even guidance for better career development. Furthermore, there are also many other mental health tools and exercises that can help users in their therapy.

Alternatives to Talkspace

If you are looking for alternatives that have more or less similar features to Talkspace, you can go through the following list:

  • Betterhelp: This is by far the best alternative to Talkspace. Betterhelp not only offers individual counseling, couples therapy and teens therapy like Talkspace but additionally also has group therapy services. Furthermore, the platform also provides financial assistance to those who are finding affordability an issue.
  •  ReGain: This platform is extensively used by couples and families who are trying to improve their relationships. It also provides individual counseling services.
  •  Calmerry: Calmerry is another online therapy platform that has features that are similar to Talkspace. The platform has a large network of certified and licensed therapists who can provide therapy through various formats.
  •   7 Cups: This platform is quite helpful for adolescents between the ages of 13 years to 18 years. For those who cannot afford to buy the subscriptions, the platform offers free listening services that are conducted by volunteers, who also provide non-therapeutic advice


In this post, we have answered how long Talkspace live sessions are. In addition to this, we have also looked at some of the other features that Talkspace provides for its users. Lastly, we have mentioned some other alternatives to Talkspace that users might be interested in.

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