How expensive is BetterHelp? (+7 ways to afford therapy)

This article will discuss how expensive BetterHelp is. We will also be looking at the various ways through which you can make therapy a lot more affordable. In addition to this, we will be describing some of the best features of BetterHelp that make it one of the most highly sought after online therapy platforms.

How expensive is BetterHelp?

BetterHelp is not too expensive and the therapy sessions in this platform can be availed for about $60 to $90 per week. This is billed monthly. If you are finding it difficult to afford therapy in BetterHelp, you can easily opt for the financial aid which can reduce the costs of the plans by up to 25 per cent.

How to make therapy more affordable?

Therapy can be quite expensive. This is not only because of the high costs of a single session but also due to the fact that therapy can be a long-process and thus can go on for months or even years. This can become a massive amount for the person. However, there are many ways through which you can easily reduce the costs of therapy and make it more affordable, such as:


Using a sliding scale therapist

Therapists often charge by the hour regardless of the time spent in actual therapy during the session. However, sliding scale therapists charge according to the time spent in therapy or as per the work actually being done. This can greatly reduce your costs of therapy and thus many individuals prefer to have their therapy sessions conducted by sliding scale therapists.

Using a non-profit organization

Communities often have non-profit organizations which offer many services at low prices or even for free. These non-profit organizations may or may not be religion affiliated. Most of these definitely do have an in-house therapist or psychiatrist who may offer pro bono services or may charge very less amounts.


Using EAP services

If you are an employee, you can always ask your employer or your HR manager about the Employee Assistance Programs or EAPs that are available in the company. Most EAPs definitely provide free therapy or counseling services that can be of great benefit for you. These EAPs may also be tied up with another therapy service that can offer you discounts in the therapy plans.

Reaching out to the school/university

If you are a student, you can also reach out to your school or your university administration and ask them about in-house therapy or counseling services. Most of these are pro bono or might be of very minimal charges. Furthermore, universities which offer psychology courses also allow their students to undertake basic counseling services for free which can be just as good.

Trying group therapy

Group therapy sessions are often a lot cheaper than individual therapy sessions. Many not for profit organizations also conduct regular group therapy sessions for free. Group therapy can not only help in intervention but can provide additional perspectives and also bring a larger support system for the individual.

Asking your insurance provider

If you are a member of any insurance program, you can reach out to your insurance provider and ask them about in-network therapists or counselors. Most of these therapists who are affiliated with a particular insurance company offer exemplary therapy services at very affordable prices and this can also be very beneficial for you.

Online therapy platforms

The best way to reduce the costs of therapy is by using an online therapy platform such as BetterHelp, Talkspace or even CalMerrry. Online therapy is definitely a lot cheaper than in-person therapy and also offers additional benefits of convenience and various modes of therapy. Furthermore, platforms like BetterHelp also offer financial assistance to those who need it.

Best features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp offers plenty of advantages and benefits for all its users. Some of the best features of BetterHelp have been described in this section:

BetterHelp offers various formats

This online therapy platform offers mental health interventions in various formats. The users can opt to choose unlimited messaging through texting, audio messaging and video messaging. They can also have live sessions as live chats, live audio sessions and even live video sessions. Thus, the users enjoy high flexibility which brings more convenience.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

Both therapists and clients know well how important the client-therapist fit is. While this is not always easily possible in traditional therapy settings, BetterHelp uses a smart algorithm to match the user with the right therapist. In addition to this, it also makes the process of switching therapists quick and efficient.

It offers great security

Security and privacy is necessary in therapy settings since users often share sensitive and confidential information with their therapists. If this data is leaked or stolen, it can cause a lot of damage to multiple parties. And thus, BetterHelp has incorporated HIPAA compliant security features such as end to end encryptions and strong firewalls.

It has other features

It further has additional features such as couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy sessions. Furthermore, users have access to many digital worksheets. Both the user and the therapist can additionally use the online journal feature during and after sessions.


This article has discussed how expensive BetterHelp is. We have also looked at the various ways through which you can make therapy a lot more affordable. In addition to this, we have described some of the best features of BetterHelp that make it one of the most highly sought after online therapy platforms.

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