How does the dumper feel after 2 months? (+7 Break-up signs)

This detailed article will be discussing how the dumper feels after 2 months. We will also be listing the various stages of a breakup. In addition to this, we will be listing out the different signs that your breakup is permanent.

How does the dumper feel after 2 months?

After 2 months, the dumper often feels that the breakup is almost definite and may actually look forward to moving on. In many cases, the dumper may have already moved on to another relationship, whether casual or serious, mainly because they were more prepared for this.

After a couple of months, the dumper may have almost definitely moved on but in some situations may start reaching out to the dumpee in hopes of rekindling the relationship. When it comes to mindset, this may vary as everyone is different.

For understanding the mindset or the emotional state of the dumper, it is best to reach out to those who are close to them. However, it is always advised to stay away from reaching out to your ex as it can lead to unwanted emotional damage later.

Stages of a breakup for the dumper

Just as there are various stages of breakup for the dumpee, there are also different stages of a breakup for the dumper. In this section, we have given you the different stages of breakup that a dumper goes through in detail.

Frustration pre-breakup

The first stage of the breakup is not actually during the breakup. The person who has decided to end the relationship, a.k.a the dumper actually feels very frustrated before the breakup since they are still deciding how to go ahead with ending the relationship.

In this stage, they may however, exhibit certain signs of ending the relationship such as reducing time spent with the other person, ignoring phone calls or even looking up other new people to date after the breakup.

Initiation of breakup

The next stage is the actual breakup. While some dumpers may act like adults and may logically explain, still others may act immature and just ghost the dumpee. Some may do it abruptly in a public setting, while others may just leave a text message. Everyone has their own way.

Relief after breakup

Once they have managed to break up with their partner, they often experience a lot of relief. This is especially true if they have been planning to end the relationship for a long time. They may also have immediately positive thoughts about more hope in the near future.

Sudden change in behavior

Many dumpers show sudden changes in their behavior after the breakup has been completed. The behaviors may not reflect their true personality but might instead come as a result of their new found freedom.

In this case, the dumper may take up a new hobby or activity that they previously might not have done. In many cases, dumpers may start hitting dating hotspots like clubs or bars in hopes of finding a new romantic partner for at least casual flings.

Other dumpers often take up new risks to show off their freedom after breaking up. They might also show off more on social media by posting photos and boasting new connections. Furthermore, they may also directly bad-mouth their ex on various public platforms.

Missing the dumpee

Once the elation from the previous stage wears off, the dumper eventually starts missing the dumpee. In this stage, they may start comparing their current romantic partner with their ex and may feel that they have made a mistake.

This is the phase where they often reach out to their ex. If they do not reach out directly, they may also stalk them on their social media and may even make attempts to see them outside in public spaces.

Rationalization of the relationship

In this stage, most dumpers start rationalizing their relationships by weighing the pros and cons. This is mostly a coping behavior to help them move on from the relationship permanently. They may even start focusing on the negative experiences of the relationship to help in moving on.

Regretting the breakup

When they have rationalized the relationship, the dumper may come to one of two conclusions. They may sometimes regret the entire breakup and also try to rekindle the relationship with the dumpee.

On the other hand, they may realize that they are better off without the dumpee at their side and may actually permanently get over the relationship. In this case, they may also move on to pursue other romantic interests.

Signs that your breakup is permanent for the dumper

A large percentage of breakups are not permanent and there is a good chance of your ex coming back or pursuing you to rekindle the relationship. However, in many cases, the breakup may be permanent. In this list, you will find the different signs that your breakup may be permanent.

  • Someone has moved on to other relationships: If either one of you in the relationship has already moved on to other relationships, it can signify that the breakup is permanent. This can even refer to relationships which are simply casual as in flings.
  • You feel better when you are single: If you feel a lot better when you are single as compared to when you were in a relationship with your ex, it can also mean that the breakup is going to be permanent. Many times, you might not feel that the relationship is toxic until you are out of it.

In cases like these, it is recommended that you stay out of the relationship and keep the break up permanent. If you go back, you are sure to experience the same toxicity, or even probably face even more troubles.

  • Your loved ones support your decision: Your loved ones and family can also be great experts on your relationship since they are the ones who know the way you feel and act. If your loved ones are in favor of your breakup then it is probably best to stay away.

Your friends and family can provide great emotional support for you during your breakup. Furthermore, they can also support you and assist you if your ex has patterns of physical violence or stalking behaviors.

  • Your emotional investment was much less: Sometimes, if our emotional investment in the relationship is very high, the breakup can be temporary and there is a high chance of the partners getting back together. However, if the investment is less, it can be permanent.

This is particularly true if the relationship was a very short-term one. It can also be applied to rebound relationships where the entire aim may be to get over an ex or to also get back at an ex. Since the emotional investment is less, the breakup also will not affect the person much.

  • Your aims and goals do not match: One of the main reasons why people break up with their partners is that their aims and goals simply do not match. This is another reason why the breakup also can be permanent.
  • You used to fight a lot: The breakup may also be permanent if the partners in the relationship fight or quarrel a lot. Too much fighting in a relationship is not a good sign and can depict that there are too many differences between the two persons.
  • Cheating has occurred: If the breakup has occurred on grounds of cheating, this is also another sign that the breakup is intended to be permanent. There are many things that a person can get over, but cheating is pretty hard to forget and is permanently straining.


This detailed article has discussed how the dumper feels after 2 months. We have also listed the various stages of a breakup. In addition to this, we have listed out the different signs that your breakup is permanent.

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