How does Samsung health measure steps? (see here)

In this guide, we will discuss “How does Samsung health measure steps” and additional considerations about the Samsung Health app in terms of the possible benefits for your wellness and fitness.  

How Does Samsung Health Track Steps?

Samsung health tracks steps through a pedometer, where a hammer swings across and touches a metal contact in the center, and the circuit is completed that way, which in turn allows the current to flow. This flow of current energizes the circuit which is the mechanism that adds to the step count.

Additionally, it is not required to wear a special device for the app to measure or count your steps. All you need to do is put your phone in your pocket and the app will estimate the number of steps you take daily, providing an accurate step count and the amount of calories you have burned in the process.

Moreover, if you are starting to get into the fitness world or you would like to increase your physical activity without necessarily going to the gym then, the app will help you with your personal goals. Using the built-in pedometer in your phone, it will measure every step you take throughout the day. Simply tap the pedometer icon every morning and the app will automatically start to track your movements. 

The Samsung App has been designed to track your activity, nutrition and sleep, delivegin and insight based on your goals and progress. However, remember that the app is only intended for fitness and wellness purposes and it is not specialized for use in the diagnosis of diseases or other conditions. 

Step count (Galaxy Watch)

If you do have a Galaxy Watch, it will track and count the number of steps you have taken and will measure the distance travelled. However, to measure the step count and distance, tap on the Samsung Health icon on your smartphone’s App screen and swipe upwards or downwards on the screen. Then, open the Step Tracker screen and that’s all. Additionally, if you would like to view the weekly records with a graph, simply swipe upwards and downwards on the screen to view the info. 

When you have started to measure your steps, the track monitor will start to track your steps and display them after a brief delay because your Galaxy Watch accurately recognises your movement after you have started walking for a while.

Customize your step count goal

Samsung Health’s step count goal is optimized to fit your fitness goals and profile. If you find that a goal is too easy or too hard then you can change it by tapping on the ‘Step count’ tile within the app. From there, tap on the menu button and then ‘set target’. When you’re there, swipe either left or right on the number bar to increase or decrease your goal.

However, remember that the Samsung Health app is only intended to provide an estimated amount of the steps you have made rather than an exact recording and there are a number of factors that can impact how the steps are calculated such as the movement of a vehicle, your hand or your movement while you are on a sofa or bed. 

Pause your step count

You may find it very useful and important to track the steps you take throughout your day, so you can stay fit. However, the app can count ‘steps’ even if you are riding a bike or a car at slow speeds. Because of it, it is recommended to disable your Samsung health app under those specific situations.

Subsequently, you can temporarily stop your Samsung health from counting steps by heading to the steps page within your app and tapping on the menu icon. Select the option ‘Pause counting steps and after doing so, you will see a notification informing you that the feature has been paused. To unpause it when you have finished your bike or car ride, just repeat the same steps to enable it again.

Steps on your phone’s notification panel 

As indicated by Amboy Manalo, “You don’t need to be a race-walking champion to appreciate the ability to quickly view your current step count without having to open Samsung Health. To display your step counts in your phone’s notification panel, open Samsung Health, then tap the menu button in the upper-right and select “Settings.” From there, tap on “Show steps on noti. panel” and you’re all set”.

Step count duel

Yes, Samsung health will allow you to challenge a friend to a Step Duel. As you may know, staying fit needs motivation and having a friendly competition between friends or relatives can contribute to having a positive mindset and keeping yourself motivated. Moreover, Samsung has thought about this and it has a feature that lets you challenge friends, family or even strangers to a one-on-one step count competition. 

You may wonder, how can I do it? Well, it is fairly easy. You just need to add a new challenge within the ‘Together’ page of the Samsung Health app, name the challenge and invite a friend to join the match. 

Participating in global challenges

Additional to the one-on-one step count matches, we can find another option or feature as Global Challenges on a regular basis. You can join to see how well other fitness enthusiasts across the world are doing. To enter a Global Challenge, simply hit the ‘Together’ tab at the button of your app and then hit ‘join’ on any of the available challenges.

Why is this blog about How does Samsung health measure steps important?

Samsung health measures the steps through an approximation, while your phone tracks and counts the steps with the help of a pedometer or any other built-in sensor, rather than providing an exact recording. Remember there are a number of factors that could potentially impact how steps are calculated and that is the movement of a vehicle, train, your hand, or while you are relaxing on the sofa or bed. Additionally, where the device is located, either a pocket or a bag, can also influence the total amount of steps calculated.

However, for some people, Samsung Health app is considered very useful when starting to improve your physical activity because it allows you to keep track of it and an insight of what you could do differently.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How does Samsung health measure steps

How does the Health app measure steps?

The Health app measures steps with its step-tracking feature. Most smartphones can track steps using a built-in accelerometer, which gathers the information based on the speed and movement of your phone. In your app you can find and monitor your daily, monthly and yearly step count on average.

How does Samsung health measure sleep?

Samsung health measures sleep due to the accelerometer in some devices which measures the magnitude of your sleep movement by a tiny electromechanical device that is built-in to your device. Some phones require you to have them in bed with you in order to transfer your motion to the accelerometer.

How accurate is Samsung health distance?

The Samsung Health app is equally as accurate as a GPS navigator at measuring distance travelled during a run. That’s no surprise, since the app makes use of the GPS sensor in your phone or smart watch. I’ve compared Samsung Health to three separate GPS running watches, and it’s been equally as accurate as all of them.

Is Samsung health any good?

Some people consider Samsung Health to be really good and accurate when measuring what it’s supposed to measure (i.e. sleep, heart rate, etc.). In addition, it is said to be very useful when tracking your fitness and other aspects of your health. It may be a very good idea if you would like to start setting up goals to stay healthier or it can help you be more aware of your current health status even if it will never replace going for a health checkup or visiting a nutritionist.

How many miles is 10000 steps?

A 10000 steps is believed to be around 5 miles calculated if we consider that the average person has a stride length of approx. 2.1 to 2.5 feet. This means that an average person takes over 2.000 steps to walk one mile and 10.000 steps would be almost 5 miles.


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