How does Samsung health measure floors?


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Page last updated: 30/09/2022

How does Samsung health measure floors?

In this guide, we will discuss “How does Samsung health measure floors” and what could potentially affect the measurement, basic troubleshooting steps, how Samsung Health is not only for Samsung devices and some additional considerations if you own a smartwatch.

How does Samsung health measure floors?

If you wonder how Samsung Health measures floors because you may have been using a Samsung watch then let us tell you that your watch will automatically track the number of floors you have climbed, as long as you have used your watch the whole time. However, there are some factors that may interfere or cause the floor count to show as inaccurate. For instance, some of those factors could be the environment and the way you walk.

Moreover, the watch will count the height and steps, calculating over 9 feet, as one climb. This also seems to be true when you walk or run up and down a street path, which will be regarded as a floor count. Also, floors will not be counted if there is no hand movement in your exercise. For instance, floors climbed may not be counted if you are carrying something in your hands because they are not moving. 

How Does Samsung Health Track Steps?

Samsung health tracks steps through a pedometer, where a hammer swings across and touches a metal contact in the center, and the circuit is completed that way, which in turn allows the current to flow. This flow of current energizes the circuit which is the mechanism that adds to the step count.

Factors that may affect the Samsung health Floor measurement

According to, here are some factors that may affect the measure of floors:

  • Environmental and skin conditions may affect how well the number of floors you’ve climbed is recorded.
  • The floors measured may not be accurate if foreign materials or water enter, or labels cover the pressure relief vent (atmospheric pressure sensor).
  • If any debris or liquids (detergent, sweat, or raindrops) enter the pressure relief vent (atmospheric pressure sensor), clean the watch and thoroughly dry it, including the vent (sensor) with a clean cloth.
  • Because of the differences in height between floors in some buildings or parks, the floor climb count may affect your floor count.

Why is my Galaxy Watch not counting floors?

You may have noticed that your Galaxy Watch is not displaying the right amount of floors so you could try doing a basic troubleshooting that could potentially solve the issue. Here are the steps you could try:

  • Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Device Maintenance>Storage> Clear Cache/Data.
  • Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Phone (All 3)>Storage> Clear Cache/Data
  • Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Samsung Health>Storage> Clear Cache/Data
  • Settings>Apps>Click on the three dots at the top right corner>Show system Apps>Gear App>Storage> Clear Cache/Data
  • Reset your device to manufacturer settings.
How does Samsung health measure floors?

Samsung Health is not only for Samsung devices

The name can limit the functions to one brand if we think about it but Samsung Health is compatible with a lot of Android devices and it is free to be downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, you will need a Samsung account to complete the setup, regardless of the brand or model of your phone.

Do I need a wearable?

You don’t need a wearable to use the Samsung Health App. You can use the app on your phone to track your steps and see for how long you have slept, even though it will not display the quality of your sleep.

Every morning, you will receive an alert asking you to confirm the time you went to bed and when you woke up. Additionally, if you would like to use it to track exercises and count how many steps you have taken during the day, you will need to have your phone with you at all times. 

Can I use it with iOS?

We all know how exclude Apple can be a bit exclusive with the contest and apps presented to the users and if you try to look for the Samsung Health app you won’t find any results. However, if you own an Iphone but you also happen to have a Samsung band or Smartwatch then you can use Samsung Health.

As indicated by Jason Cipriani from, “Currently, Samsung offers a Gear S app and a Gear Fit app in the App Store. Each one is required to pair, set up, and manage the respective wearable it’s designed for…Inside each app is Samsung Health, where you can view your fitness stats. Unfortunately, sharing your progress with friends or contacting a doctor isn’t possible when using the Samsung Health iPhone”.

How to Enable or Disable Samsung Health Floors Notifications on Samsung Gear S3?

To enable or disable Samsung Health notifications in a Samsung Gear S3, open settings by pressing the home key located on one side of the watch. Tap the Samsung Health icon and rotate the lapel until you find settings and tap the ‘more’ icon. Rotate the lapel again until you see health nudges. Tap on ‘Health nudges’ rotate again until you find ‘Floors’ and tap on it.

Finally, ta on the circle to enable or disable the notifications and you are all set. You can follow the same procedure as many times as you need to. 

How to Use Samsung Health on Galaxy Watch Active 2?

If you are wondering how to use the Samsung Health on a Galaxy Watch 2, hre we have some tips in regards to floors. You can record and track how many floors you have climbed and to do so, tap on the Samsung Health icon on the apps screen and swipe upwards and downwards on the screen. 

Moreover, you can view your weekly recordings with a graph by swiping upwards or downwards on the screen. Please note that one floor is calculated as approximately 3 meters and the floors measures may not match the actual floors you have climbed. 

Additionally, the floors measured may not be accurate depending on the environment, your movements and conditions of the buildings. Also, the measurements may be inaccurate if water or other foreign materials get inside the atmospheric pressure sensor. If there are raindrops, detergent or sweat, rinse with clean water and dry the atmospheric pressure sensor thoroughly before you use it again. 

Why is this blog about How does Samsung health measure floors important?

As we have discussed when answering the question ‘How does Samsung Health measure floors?’ We have seen that the device you are using will detect floors depending on various factors such as height and steps. However, it is important to remember that there could be several factors which can make the measurement inaccurate. For instance, the environment, your movements and conditions of certain buildings. 

Finally, we have seen how Samsung Health can be used on many devices, even if they are not Samsung and how you could enable or disable floors notifications. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How does Samsung health measure floors

How does Samsung health measure steps?

Samsung health measures every step you take since it is designed to be with you throughout the day. It uses the built-in pedometer of your device to measure your steps but to use this feature, you may need to tap the pedometer icon every morning. The app will start to track your movements throughout the day until you go to sleep.

How do I read my Samsung Health app?

To read your Samsung Health app, start by opening the app and tap on the profile icon located on the home tab and fill your profile details to help you receive more useful health data for you. Once you are done, go to the home tab and check on the caloric and nutritional information since one of the best ways to start having a healthier life is to monitor what you eat. In the food section, you can add some foods based on your needs. Tap on add and to log your meals and see their calories. This is just an example of what you can do in the app and the information that you can retrieve. 

How accurate is the Samsung Health app?

The accuracy of the Samsung Health app data will depend on the type of device used, the sensitivity of the pedometer or other sensors in determining movement, steps, calories burned, hours of sleep. However, it is believed that the Samsung Health app is quite accurate. 

How does Samsung know my steps?

To display your step counts in your phone’s notification panel, open Samsung Health, then tap the menu button in the upper-right and select “Settings.” From there, tap on “Show steps on noti. panel” and you’re all set.

Is Samsung health free?

Samsung Health (originally S Health) is a free application developed by Samsung that serves to track various aspects of daily life contributing to well being such as physical activity, diet, and sleep.