How does Samsung health measure calories?

In this guide, we will discuss “How does Samsung health measure calories” and some additional considerations when using the Samsung App not only to measure calories but we will also mention some of the additional functionalities such as step counting and workout tracking.

How does Samsung health measure calories?

You are probably wondering how Samsung Health measures calories? You are planning to use this feature to live a healthier life or simply to lose some weight. If you have a Samsung phone, you may want to know how accurate the app is to measure calories, track steps or track your sleep habits. 

Nowadays, there are many options available that can help you improve your health and in the process can even help you maintain or lose some weight if that is your goal. However, you may ask yourself how accurate is the Samsung Health app? The Samsung Health app is believed to be accurate and effective. It has good performance and can be used not only to track your calories but also steps and sleep habits.

Getting to know how the app works

The Samsung Health app will ask for some basic details such as your weight, age and gender since what could work for someone over 40 won’t be the same as someone who is 20 years old. Additionally, it will ask you for your activity level. 

The app will store the information in your profile and will give you an estimate of your Body Mass Index also known as BMI. If there is a change in your weight and/or activity level, you can simply update the information by going to your profile. All you are required to do is to get to ‘More Options’ and on the upper-right corner select settings and finally, the ‘Profile’ option.

How can I track my workouts?

As indicated on, “The exercise section for the Samsung health app doesn’t just help track your movements; the app provides rich information about your exercise history and will even encourage you as you work out”.

If you would like to opt by using this feature, simply tap ‘Exercise’ and choose your desired workout style. Among the options you may find hiking, running, or walking. Tap the option that says ‘Set workout goal’ and select time goal, distance goal or calories burned. However, you could also choose basic workout if all you want to is to work out but you don’t specifically have a goal set yet.

Additionally, the app¡s audio guide will be on by default and with this guide you can hear your progress, measuring your distance and pace and you can also listen to your favourite jams while you work out.

How can I measure my Heart Rate?

To measure your heart rate, simply tap on the heart rate icon, which you can locate at the bottom. The app will automatically ask you to place your finger on the heart rate sensor but make sure that to have an accurate reading, preferably sit down and stay still until it is done. Firmly place your finger on the sensor but avoid squeezing it since it can have problems measuring your heart rate. 

After a few seconds, the app will display the reading and will show you your heart rate, However, consider that this feature consumes data, so the more you use it, the more data the app will consume.

Casual Activity

It is not true that you have to go to the gym as the only way of remaining fit, although for some people it helps them to create a habit and force themselves to take some time off their routine to dedicate to their health. However, Samsung has designed the Samsung Health app to be with you every hour of your day. It uses a built-in pedometer that measures every step you take, but consider that, according to the sensitivity of the sensor it may display even more steps that you have taken.

Moreover, to use this feature, simply tap on the pedometer icon every morning and the app will start to track your movements from the moment you wake up till you go to bed. Also, you don’t need a special device for the app to work, just make sure you keep your phone with you in your pocket or bag/purse.

Sleeping habits

Many people wonder what the quality of their sleep is if they are getting enough sleep and even if they tend to wake up at night. This is why Samsung has launched wearable devices such as the Samsung Gear S that have an internal gyroscope inside. This will detect any movement, even when you are sleeping. Just make sure you wear the Gear S and connect it to your phone, tap on the Samsung Health app and click sleep. 

If you use it for the first time it will ask you to read some information on measuring sleep data so tap on Ok and then tap ‘Record sleep’. When you wake up, you can let the device know you are awake by tapping on ‘I’m awake’. To check the data go to the sleep utility and swipe the screen up, open the app and review your sleep pattern for the last 30 days. 

Measuring calories burned

Counting calories can become stressful but you don’t have to bother counting them anymore. For this purpose specifically, there is a Food Tracker, which will help you select your meal plan and calculate the calories. For instance, if you are going to grab a cup of nuts for breakfast then select this option and enter nuts. 

As indicated by, “When you specify the kind of nuts and the portion you had, the app will automatically add these calories to your consumption for the day. If you didn’t remember to add something, add it when you can by changing the time and date to when you had the meal”.

You will be able to customize your meals and add notes, and you can even take pictures of your favourite meal so you can select it from the gallery next time you eat it. 

Updates: Weight Management and Caffeine Service

The new versions or updates from Samsung Health, starting with 6.11 for Samsung Health Mobile, 4.10 for Samsung Health Galaxy Watch, weight management, caffeine and calorie tracking are no longer available. 

As indicated by, “Users of Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit who continue to use the “Caffeine”, “Weight Management”, and “Calories” widgets in older versions, can no longer check the associated content on their mobile phone when downloading Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11”.  

Why is this blog about How does Samsung health measure calories important?

It is important to know how Samsung Health measures calories if it is a feature you need to help you change your lifestyle, lose weight or maintain it. You may have heard about the app and how it is recommended by many people, however, it is important to know how it works and all the other features it has to offer besides counting calories. 

Moreover, the app is pretty easy to use and there are many tutorials online on how to use it if you ever feel the need to. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How does Samsung health measure calories

Is Samsung Health accurate for calories burned?

It is said that the Samsung Health app is accurate and effective. It works to track and measure not only your calories but it also includes step and sleep tracking, among other features.

How does my watch calculate calories?

If you have an apple watch, ii will use your personal information such as your weight, height, gender and age to calculate how many calories you have burned and more. To update your personal information, open the app on your iPhone and then tap the My Watch lad and then tap the option that says Health> Health Profile.

How accurate are Samsung health steps?

The Samsung Health is said to be pretty accurate but the step count will depend on the sensitivity of the pedometer and/or any other sensors that help to detect your pace, elevation and calories burned. The pedometer for Samsung health is about +/- 5 steps out of 200 steps accurate.

How do they measure calories burned?

The heart rate monitor is one of the best ways to measure calories burned. Your heart rate can indicate how much effort it takes for you to do a certain activity, and the effort can determine the number of calories burned.

Is Samsung stress measure accurate?

According to, Samsung Health can only get an accurate reading if you’re sitting still and if your phone’s heart rate sensor is working properly. Follow these tips for the best results when measuring your stress level.