How does Salesforce integrate with

This blogpost will discuss how we can integrate Salesforce with We will be describing some of the great benefits that Salesforce can bring to a team. We will also be looking at some of the ways through which will be helpful for CRM purposes. is a versatile project management tool that more and more organizations are incorporating.

How does Salesforce integrate with

Salesforce can be easily integrated with using the following steps which have been described below:

  • You will first need to install a package on your Salesforce account. This can however be installed only with the help of a Salesforce team member who will do so with the help of an API enabled permission. Once it has been installed, an integration with can be easily created.
  • To add this integration, go to your board with which you want to integrate Salesforce and click on the Integrate button which is located at the upper right part of the screen.

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  • Once you click this, it will open the Integrations Center where you can find a large number of popular apps and tools. Here you can select Salesforce or even search for it in the search bar.
  • When you click on the Salesforce banner, you can immediately see the different recipes that are available in Click on any recipe that will better suit your needs and requirements.
  • You will be required to enter your Salesforce subdomain for the integration.
  • You can now customize and set up the integration however you wish to.
  • You can also create a two-way sync between the two apps for better synchronization and coordination.

Benefits of Salesforce

Salesforce can bring a variety of benefits and advantages for any team. Some of the benefits of using Salesforce have been listed in this section:

The tool is quite simple to use

Salesforce is a highly versatile tool that has a wide range of features for any team or an organization. The platform is also quite easy and simple to use to even those who are new to sales and marketing. The interface is also highly intuitive and quite user friendly and thus has a very short learning curve which makes it feasible for busy organizations.

It can be easily customized

The tool can also be easily customized according to the needs and requirements of the teams and the team members. Due to this easy customization and flexibility, it can be used across many business verticals and also industries. Teams can thus help their customers better and also resolve issues and problems in a shorter span of time.

It has other apps that can be linked

The best thing about Salesforce is its AppExchange where they can find apps and tools for practically any need and requirement. With the help of this AppExchange, teams can find apps to improve the quality of their work processes and workflows. Furthermore, these apps can also be seamlessly integrated for a smoother and faster experience.

It has great security features

Another great thing that makes Salesforce a highly popular tool among users is that it has brilliant security features. This is important as users would want to protect the data and information of their customers at any cost. The platform complies with all the required standards and thus makes it more preferred among other CRM tools.

Benefits of as a CRM tool

With the help of the features in, organizations can easily manage their customer relations as well as their sales and marketing processes. This is because the platform has great features such as:

Ready to use templates

The platform has been wisely fitted with a large number of ready to use templates which sales and marketing teams can easily use for their Customer Relationship Management needs and requirements. These templates can save teams a lot of time and can also be made from scratch and used for tasks and assignments in the organization.

Robust security

The security features of are simply excellent which is highly essential as sales and marketing teams are working with sensitive and confidential data related to customers. The platform complies with all the certifications and standards and also undergoes regular auditing and updating of the security measures.

High ease of use is simply quite easy to use for small and large teams. The navigation is also smooth and even new users can get the hang of a platform in a short span of time. The platform has also been built with bright and bold colors that make it visually appealing, while also increasing visibility of the features and accessories.

Easy integrations

Integrations are important as teams work with multiple tools and apps at a single time. The Integrations Center of has more than 40 popular apps and tools, including other CRM tools like Salesforce which can be highly beneficial for teams. These integrations are also quite seamless and robust, ensuring better coordination between apps and tools.


This blogpost has discussed how we can integrate Salesforce with We have described some of the great benefits that Salesforce can bring to a team. We have also looked at some of the ways through which will be helpful for CRM purposes.

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