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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This blogpost will focus on how can be used for sales. We will be describing the various steps that are involved in building a sales workflow in In addition to this, we will also look at the various reasons as to why is an effective and efficient tool for CRM.

How do you use for sales? has a large range of features and accessories that all sorts of teams can use. This is the reason why this platform is popular across more than 200 business verticals. Due to its versatility, can be easily used for the purpose of sales. In this section, we shall see how we can use to build a sales workflow.

  • You will first need to set up a board to manage your leads. We shall call this a lead management board. This board can be used by sales representatives who can reach out to the customer and convert leads into sales.
  • You can then create a form on to gather information from clients and customers. You can create a form on the lead management board. You will be getting new leads and information when customers fill out these forms.
  • You can also integrate your with a useful tool like Clearbit which can give sales reps additional information and data about the customer or the client. Another integration which will be useful for you is an email integration so that clients and customers can easily receive emails and content from you.
  • allows you to set up automations for tasks and activities that require to be repeated often in a day.
  • Next, you can set up a CRM or Customer Relationship Management board. This will help sales and marketing teams track customer interactions and also take care of the issues and problems related to the customer or the client.
  • Another useful feature in that will be helpful for you is the Formula column which will help you understand how much time goes into managing and taking care of each sale.
  • You can also view your board through different lens and perspectives using the various views that offers. This will give you additional information and data regarding the customers. You can easily choose to view your content as a Gantt chart, Kanban board or even a Timeline. as a CRM tool can be used across many business verticals and industries due to the variety of features that it employs. Sales and marketing teams will love as it can be easily used for Customer Relationship Management purposes. The various features of that make it a great CRM tool have been discussed in this section:

It can be easily integrated

Integration is necessary as teams work with multiple tools and apps at once. If there is no integration, teams will spend an unnecessary amount of time in just switching back and forth between apps. The Integrations Center in has more than 40 project tools and apps that teams and team members will find useful.

It can generate leads

Leads are important for sales and marketing teams to contact and generate profits for the organization. High quality leads are hard to come by and can take time and effort to find and score. can cut the workload of sales and marketing teams by generating appropriate leads through various sources such as web forms.

It can track customer interactions

Customer interactions need to be tracked so that sales pitches can be made at the right time. This will ensure a better success rate of the sales pitch. Customer interactions are also important for the resolution of customer issues and problems that might come up. The features in can help teams easily track customer interaction and use this data for their work processes.

It brings multiple views

Sales and marketing teams deal with a lot of information related to the products as well as issues related to customers such as behavioral patterns and buying behaviors. In order to help teams in deeply probing and analyzing all this data, offers its users multiple views of their boards. Teams can easily opt to view their content as Gantt charts, Timelines or even Kanbans.


It improves collaboration

Collaboration and effective communication is necessary for teams and team members especially related to sales and marketing. When sales teams collaborate with each other efficiently, customer issues are better taken care of, thus increasing the brand value. Teams can easily collaborate with each other on through board comments and also tagging.

It brings plenty of information

The dashboard in is fitted with handy widgets and columns that can bring teams plenty of information and analytics. This is important as information can help sales teams find loopholes and also detect risks before they turn into disruptions. Furthermore, these widgets can also provide information about teams and their workflows, thus bettering their productivity.


This blogpost has focused on how can be used for sales. We have described the various steps that are involved in building a sales workflow in In addition to this, we have also looked at the various reasons as to why is an effective and efficient tool for CRM.

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