How do you use a CalmiGo? (+5 advantages)


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Page last updated: 14/09/2022

This post will discuss how you can use a CalmiGo. We will also be looking at the various benefits of breathing exercises. In addition to all this, we will also be perusing the different advantages of using CalmiGo to manage your anxiety and your panic attacks. CalmiGo is a handheld device that many individuals use to manage their anxiety symptoms.

How do you use a CalmiGo?

Using a CalmiGo is very simple. All that you need to do is to put the mouthpiece of the device to your lips and exhale into the device. The feedback lights and the vibration in the device will prompt you in the process of exhalation. This can definitely allow you to calm down and reduce your anxiety levels by allowing a better balance between CO2 and O2 levels in your body.

Benefits of breathing exercises

Breathing exercises are highly recommended for various issues because they are easy to learn and also quite effective. Some of the best benefits or advantages that breathing exercises can bring to a person have been discussed as follows:

They can induce relaxation

Breathing exercises definitely put us in a calmer state of mind than before. Breathing exercises do this by stimulating our parasympathetic nervous system so that our body is encouraged to relax and rest. While other relaxation techniques may require a device or a certain strategy, breathing exercises can be practiced just about anywhere

They can improve blood circulation

Breathing exercises can also improve blood circulation in your body, which can be great for those who have sedentary lifestyles tied to their desks all day. Blood circulation can also improve the health of your internal organs by ensuring that everything gets the required blood supply.

They can improve focus

Breathing exercises have been used by yogis and other spiritual masters to bring more focus and concentration. These exercises funnel our attention to our internal environment and help us filter out any negative energy from outside. With deeper focus, we can also strengthen our cognitive processes to become sharper.

They can improve immunity levels

The immunity levels of our bodies can also be improved through breathing exercises. Breathing exercises help us by improving the blood circulation to all organs which is important for immunity. Furthermore, they also help us by eliminating waste more effectively which is necessary for great immunity.

They can help in sleep

Breathing exercises can also greatly improve our sleep patterns and also the quality of sleep. Sleep is necessary not only for rest but promotes healing and recovery which is necessary for the maintenance of our bodies. Through breathing exercises like abdominal breathing, individuals can find themselves sleeping better and resting in a much more effective manner.

How do you use a CalmiGo? (+5 advantages)

They are great for heart health

Heart health can also greatly improve through breathing exercises. These exercises require us to use our chest muscles effectively which not only pumps enough blood to our lungs and heart but also strengthens these muscles. Thus, breathing exercises can be great to reduce the impact of heart diseases and can thus improve our heart health.

Advantages of using CalmiGo

CalmiGo is not just used for the management of anxiety but can also be used for those who are looking for a quick and effective manner to destress. The various advantages of using CalmiGo have been discussed in the following section:

CalmiGo is very simple to use

The device is very simple and easy to use. This high level of user-friendliness can bring more flexibility and convenience to the user. Since it is easy to use, even newbies to CalmiGo can get the hang of the platform in a short span of time. The device also prompts and guides the user step by step throughout the exercise.

It can be quite effective

Many users have claimed that CalmiGo has certainly helped them with their anxiety as well as panic attacks. Breathing exercises have already been proven to be quite effective in the management of anxiety. And CalmiGo simply uses these in an effective and convenient device. Thus, the user can be guaranteed of positive effects.

It uses no drugs

The intervention or treatment that CalmiGo provides is completely drug free. This can be great for those who are looking for treatments other than using medications or drugs to treat their anxiety. The drug free factor in this device can also be superb for those who are fearing dependencies or addictions to their medications.


It uses aromatherapy

CalmiGo does not only use breathing exercises to reduce the levels of anxiety in the person. It also uses aromatherapy through various scented elements that can induce a state of relaxation in the individual. Many users have claimed to be relaxed just by these scented elements alone, even before trying out the breathing exercises.

It can last for a long time

Another great thing about CalmiGo is that it is a one-time investment and can last for a long time. It only needs replacing of batteries which can happen every three to four months. The device can thus save a lot of money for the individual which otherwise might go into medications or other interventions.


This post has discussed how you can use a CalmiGo. We have also looked at the various benefits of breathing exercises. In addition to all this, we have perused the different advantages of using CalmiGo to manage your anxiety and your panic attacks.

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