How do you set up a CalmiGo? (+3 advantages)

This article will explain how you can set up a CalmiGo. We will be going through the various steps one by one for better understanding. We will also be describing some of the symptoms of anxiety. Lastly, we shall look at a few of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using CalmiGo for combating anxiety.

How do you set up a CalmiGo?

In order to set up your new CalmiGo device, you can follow these steps which have described below:

  • Take the AAA batteries that are included in the package and insert them into the back portion of the device
  •  Using an alcohol swab, clean the mouthpiece and also the silicone cover of the CalmiGo device
  • In the foil packet included in the package, you will find a scented element. You can take one and insert it in the front part of the device. And then press firmly. Make sure that you close the foil packet properly to preserve longevity of the scent
  • You can then change the vibration setting according to your preferences. When you push the button up, the vibration is on and when the button is pushed downwards, the vibration turns off
  • Press the power button on. You will immediately feel the device vibrate in your hand if the vibration setting is on. Otherwise, you will only be able to see the feedback lights on the device
  • Hold the device to your mouth at a comfortable angle and then exhale into the mouthpiece. You can hold the device with either one hand or both as per your comfort.
  • You can exhale as long as the feedback lights prompt you to and once all the three lights are on, you can stop. If you find this difficult to practice, don’t worry. The device uses artificial intelligence to determine your personal breathing pattern and adjusts accordingly

Symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety, while certainly one of the most common mental health problems in the world today, can manifest itself in many variations and patterns that can differ from person to person. Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety that you need to be aware of have been explained in this section:

  • The person experiences a sense of doom as if something terrible is going to happen any time soon
  • The person also might experience palpitations or increased heart rate
  • Many can also breathe rapidly which is otherwise known as hyperventilation
  • The person may also sweat profusely, especially in certain areas such as their palms and feet
  • The person may clearly look distressed and distracted and unable to concentrate on any present task
  • They also may have sleep issues
  • In addition, many may have GI problems like upset stomachs

Advantages of using CalmiGo

In this section, we will be looking at some of the great advantages of using CalmiGo for your anxiety as well as panic attacks. Some of the best advantageous of this small device are:


It can be carried anywhere

The device is quite small and very lightweight. It in fact, resembles an emergency inhaler. This device can be carried easily anywhere and everywhere. Thus, those who suffer from frequent anxiety issues and panic attacks can carry this device with them all the time. The presence alone can bring a deeper and calmer state of mind for the user.

It is a one-time investment

Buying the device can seem expensive but is actually a one-time investment. The device can be used for a long period of time if utilized in the right manner. Only the batteries need to be replaced from time to time. These batteries need to be AAA and last for about three to four months.

It is easy to use

The device is super easy to use and even those who are new to CalmiGo can get the hang of it pretty soon. The device uses feedback lights and vibrations that act as prompts to guide the user in the process of the breathing exercise. And thus, the user does not need to learn anything which brings a lot of convenience and flexibility.

In addition to all this, 

It is completely drug-free

The best part about CalmiGo is that it is completely drug free and does not rely on any medications or drugs to induce a calming effect. Thus, those who don’t want to rely on medications to control their anxiety will definitely enjoy CalmiGo. This also brings a greater sense of control and ownership to the user.

Limitations of CalmiGo

CalmiGo brings plenty of advantages but also has a few limitations, such as:

  • The device can be quite expensive and thus not many can afford it
  • The user has to be very committed to using it even in the middle of a panic attack or anxiety attack that can be hard to manage for many individuals
  • While the device is quite simple and easy to use, it can take practice to get the hang of it and really experience the effectiveness of the breathing exercises. It also takes some time for the device to adjust itself according to the personal breathing pattern of the individual


This article has explained how you can set up a CalmiGo. We have gone through the various steps one by one for better understanding. We have also described some of the symptoms of anxiety. Lastly, we have looked at a few of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using CalmiGo for combating anxiety.

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