How do you make a milestone on (+7 tips)

This article will explain how you can make a milestone in We will also be mentioning a few tips that you can use while setting milestones in your project management process that will ensure better success at achieving them. In addition, we will also be looking at the benefits of in project management.

How do you make a milestone in

In order to set milestones in, you will need to follow these steps given below:

  • You will first need to add the Timeline column to your board. You can find this in the ‘Column Center’ of your account.
  • Once you have created your project as a timeline in, you will need to click on the Timeline column.
  • Add the milestone how you would add a regular task along with details like date and time.
  • You can then choose the ‘Set as milestone’ option that is available in the Timeline column.
  • Once a milestone has been set in, it will be marked with a diamond sign. The overdue milestones will be red in color and those that are being completed or achieved will have a green diamond.

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Tips for setting milestones for your projects

Setting milestones is not exactly easy as it sounds. There are multiple factors that leaders and managers would need to keep in mind before they are setting a milestone for a particular project. Some tips that teams can use to set the right milestones have been discussed as follows.

Be realistic

While it is important to be optimistic about many things in business, it is more important to be realistic. The same goes for setting milestones. The problem with many teams is that they set unrealistic milestones and expectations which are doomed to fail right from the start. While setting milestones, be aware of the current resources and skills and plan from there.

The milestone needs to be set for the right time

The milestone is a moment of time and not a whole process. Thus, leaders and managers should set a specific moment of time that will serve as the milestone. If the date and time of the milestone is vague, then so will be the various processes involved in achieving the milestone or the shared goal.


Start early

It is good to start early and finish early in order to achieve the milestone ahead of time. Teams do not need to worry about buffer time as there is always more work and many more milestones to achieve when the current one has been achieved or completed. Teams thus need to get a head start well ahead of time to ensure they achieve the milestone with better quality and effort.

Use multiple milestones

While one single milestone might sound plenty for teams and organizations, leaders and managers will profit from creating multiple milestones along the way. These milestones can easily serve as markers or guides for teams to follow and also gives more room to pause and reflect on the progress and work flows of the team members.

Bring the right frequency between milestones

This is especially in regards to multiple milestones in work processes. When there are multiple milestones in a project, leaders and managers need to ensure that there is a comfortable frequency between them. If the frequency is too small, it can cause havoc and if the frequency is too large, it can lead to procrastination and reduced productivity.

Celebrate the right way

Once a milestone has been achieved, leaders and managers need to ensure that this is being celebrated in the team. Celebrations don’t always mean parties and galas. It simply is an occasion to relax and destress before the next phase or the next project. It can also create opportunities to recognize and acknowledge individual accomplishments and successes.


Create more transparency

There also needs to be great transparency between teams and team members about the milestone and the details related to it. Transparency means providing the right information and also details related to the project. When there is high transparency, teams tend to show higher responsibility and ownership of the goal and thus commit to achieving it with more effort.

Benefits of in project management brings teams and organizations plenty of benefits when it comes to project management. Some of the benefits of using for this purpose have been discussed in this section:

  • It can increase and improve the amount of collaboration between teams and team members
  • It creates more awareness and knowledge about projects, tasks and assignments
  • It makes task management quite easy and simple for leaders and managers, while also making it more efficient
  • It can be easily integrated with a wide variety of project tools and collaboration apps so that teams can work with more coordination
  • It can reduce workloads by automating repetitive tasks and actions for team members
  • It can improve the productivity levels of team members by improving resource allocation and handy widgets and accessories


This article has explained how you can make a milestone in We have also mentioned a few tips that you can use while setting milestones in your project management process that will ensure better success at achieving them. In addition, we have also looked at the benefits of in project management.

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