How do you do a timeline?

This post shall explain how you can create a timeline in We shall also look at the importance of timelines for projects and the different tools that are available in the market for exactly this purpose. In addition to creating timelines, can be used for task management, collaboration, communication and even team motivation.

How do you do a timeline?

If you want to create a timeline in, you will need to follow these steps that have been described below:

  • The easiest way to create a timeline is to add the Timeline view in It helps you see your content or items in the form of a timeline.
  • For this, add all your data into the Timeline column in and click on the ‘Add View’ button.
  • Select the ‘Timeline’ option which you can find under ‘Dashboard Views’.

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  • You can then add this view to your board.
  • Click on the ‘Add widget’ option that you will find at the top of the dashboard. In the options that open up, choose the ‘Widgets center’.
  • Here, you can search for ‘Timeline’ and choose it which will add it to your dashboard.
  • You can then customize this feature to suit your needs and requirements.

Importance of timelines for projects

Teams and organizations go to great lengths to create the right timelines for their projects. Creating timelines is extremely important for organizations and teams as it brings a battery of benefits, such as:


There is better transparency

There is more transparency when there a timeline is created in an organization since everyone is aware of what is happening in the team. When there is more transparency, teams work with better accountability and honesty. Transparency also leads to open and effective communication between team members, giving less room for miscommunication and misunderstanding.


There is more ownership

Ownership of goals is important for achieving them effectively. Since they are working towards a shared goal, leaders and managers try to instill better ownership among team members by giving them individual goals and responsibilities. With the help of timelines, teams can understand these goals and roles better and perform them with higher efficiency.

The teams work with more purpose

The teams can also work with more purpose and motivation when there is a timeline. Teams understand the actual impact of a project and its value when a timeline for the project has been created. Furthermore, the project is also completed at the right time and thus deadlines and milestones are achieved appropriately, increasing the value of the project.

There is better collaboration

Collaboration is essential for the success of any team or organization. When there is effective collaboration, teams work with more efficiency and quality between themselves. But, for collaboration to be effective, teams need something to collaborate about. A project timeline not only gives plenty of information but also more ownership for team members to collaborate.


Budgeting becomes better

Creating a strong budget is essential for teams and organizations to survive and also generate more profit. While budgets are focused on generating profit, cutting costs is also an important factor. For this reason, timelines can greatly help organizations and teams. Through timelines, organizations can better understand where money is being wasted, helping them plug loopholes.


Resources are distributed appropriately

Resources in an organization can be limited in quantity and thus leaders and managers usually encourage teams to share resources and tools. This can become difficult for teams who might have to wait around for a certain tool for their work processes. With the help of timelines, teams can easily share and allocate resources to each other at the right time.

Task management becomes easier

Task management can be a chore for leaders and managers. Some tasks might not be suitable for the employee and others who are more suitable and appropriate might not be available for the task. With the help of timelines, managers can assign and delegate tasks to team members and also track their progress in a much better manner.

Tools for creating timelines

In order to create timelines, teams and organizations can use the tools mentioned below:

  • which can be used for purposes much more than just timeline creation. This platform can also be used for project management as well as workplace collaboration.
  • Toggl Plan which is a popular tool used by organizations and teams to collaborate together and also manage tasks and assignments. This platform creates timelines in the form of a Gantt chart.
  • Tiki-Toki is a very visually pleasing timeline creator that can bring more life and fun to even the most boring and tedious projects or tasks. Teams can easily create 3D timelines with engaging colors and pictures and even add video files.
  • Lucidchart which is basically a diagram application that teams can use to create timelines and even reports for their work processes. Teams can easily create graphs and flowcharts in their timelines and use these to communicate their messages better.


This post has explained how you can create a timeline in We have also looked at the importance of timelines for projects and the different tools that are available in the market for exactly this purpose.

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