How do you copy a board? (+7 different pros of using

This article will describe how you can copy a board. We will be listing out the different ways to do so. We shall also be describing some of the pros and cons of using for your organization or your team. When organizations use tools like, they can easily boost transparency as well as productivity in their teams.

How do you copy a board?

If you want to copy a board, you will need to follow these step which have been described below:

  • You will need to click on the board that you want to copy and then click on the three dot menu. From the options that drop down, you will need to select ‘More Actions’ and then choose ‘Duplicate Board’.

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  • If you select the ‘structure only’ option, the columns and the groups will be copied and duplicated.
  • You can also choose to duplicate the boards as well as the items in the board. To do this, you will need to click on the three dot menu and choose the ‘Duplicate board’ option. After this, you will need to select the ‘Duplicate Structure & Items’ option. In this option, the items of the board as well as the integrations and automations will be duplicated.
  • You can also choose to duplicate the board and the updates by choosing the ‘Duplicate Items & Updates’ option.

Pros of using

The many pros of using for an organization or a team have been discussed in this section.

It can be used for anything

The great thing about is that it is very versatile in nature. It also brings a lot of customization and flexibility for teams and organizations. These aspects allow it to be used for a wide range of tasks and assignments. This is the reason why is being used across more than 200 business verticals.

It is simple to use

Even newcomers and new users of the platform will find that they can get the hang of in a short span of time. The user interface is highly user friendly and is filled with bright and vibrant colors which bring extra oomph into the workplace. Though the large number of features may take time to learn, any team can use this platform effectively in no time.

It can be easily integrated

The platform can also be easily integrated with other project management and collaboration tools. Integration is essential as teams work with many tools and apps at once. Not integrating or syncing all of these means teams will spend a lot of time just going back and forth between these platforms. The Integrations Center of features more than 40 popular apps.


It has automation features

Every project has tasks that require careful consideration and creativity. It also will have tasks that are repetitive in nature but are highly important. These repetitive tasks can become frustrating for teams if they need to be completed on a daily basis. has plenty of automation recipes that users can customize and use for their projects and assignments.

It has plenty of templates

The platform also provides a large number of ready to use templates that teams can easily use in their work processes and workflows. There are practically an ‘n’ number of templates for any type of task or assignment. Teams can also create their own templates and use it for their work processes and projects if they wish.

It can be used for CRM

Any type of business organization knows the importance of the customer. With the help of’s Customer Relationship Management features, Sales and Marketing teams can easily work better to serve their customers in a highly efficient manner. The platform can also help in generating profit by scoring and generating leads from web forms.

It can be used to maintain finances

Finances need to be tracked and maintained for any business organization, team or even any individual. While many teams use an external party for their accounting and finance needs, those who use will find that the platform can also greatly serve them in this manner as well. Using the templates available, teams can easily manage their finances using


Cons of

While is simply fabulous, there are some limitations that can discourage teams from using this platform. Two of the cons or limitations of are:

  • The plans can be a bit too pricey for teams. Even though has a free plan, it doesn’t have any of the essential features that a team or an organization would require. The lower tier plans like the Basic plan or even the Standard plan does not quite cut it.
  • The platform has a large number of features which can take time to get the hang of. Even though the interface is quite user friendly and very visible, the many complex accessories that the platform offers can lead to a steep learning curve that many teams cannot afford.


This article has described how you can copy a board. We have listed out the different ways to do so. We have also described some of the pros and cons of using for your organization or your team.

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