How do you connect boards? (+9benefits for individuals)

This article will explain how you can connect boards. We will be listing out the different steps involved in this process. We shall also be discussing the benefits of using a project management tool for individuals. Project management tools like are becoming highly popular in organizations as they increase productivity and also efficiency.

How do you connect boards?

If you want to connect your boards, the best way to do this is through the Connect Boards column. To add this column and use it in your tasks and assignments, follow the steps which have been described below:

  • Click on the ‘+’ sign that is located at the top right corner of your board. In the menu that follows, choose the ‘Connect boards’ option.

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  • Once you have added this column, you will get a prompt on your screen that will ask you to select the boards that you want to connect.
  • You can then click on the ‘Select boards’ button and then choose a board. You can choose multiple boards that you want to connect.
  • After selecting the boards, you will have an option to connect all the boards in a two-way sync. You don’t have to keep switching back and forth and thus can have a better overview of your projects and your boards.


Benefits of using individuals

While project management tools like are highly popular among teams and organizations, they can also be great for individuals and freelancers. Some of the ways through which can benefit individuals are:

It can bring better organization can be easily used by individuals to bring more organization and coordination in their daily schedules and work processes. This becomes highly beneficial for those who have tightly packed schedules and are quite busy in their routines and find it hard to balance all their tasks and projects.

It allows shared calendars

Online calendars are used by many individuals to plan their days and their routines. Online calendars are quite easy to use and bring a lot more efficiency and extra features such as meetings and events. As different services have their own calendar features, all these can be integrated in to bring better coordination to an individual’s schedule.

It can be used to create content

Content is used for many purposes other than just marketing. And many industries and business verticals rely on content. Individuals who need to churn out new content on a regular basis will find that can be highly useful for content management. The many templates available in the platform can also reduce workloads and save plenty of time.

It can be used for CRM purposes

Customer Relationship Management might sound like it belongs in a multinational organization. However, even individuals who are freelancing require a great CRM tool. With a CRM tool such as, individuals can easily score leads and also follow up with their customers and clients, thus increasing their profits and promoting their brand value.

It can be used for task management

Task management is necessary, not only for teams but also for individuals. Since users may utilize the platform to create project overviews and project roadmaps, also offers many task management features such as task dependencies and statuses. This can help individuals for their task management needs.

It provides multiple views

When individuals work with a lot of information and data, it helps to view this data through multiple perspectives and views. This can help in deeply probing and analyzing data bringing additional information for tasks and assignments. Individuals who use can easily opt to see their boards as Forms, Files, and even Timelines and Kanban boards.

It has handy widgets

The dashboard in is filled with a lot of handy widgets which can give plenty of information to users. These widgets are equipped to give strong reporting and analytics which users can utilize to detect patterns and trends in their data. Furthermore, these widgets can also be used for time tracking, for setting statuses and also for daily motivational quotes.

It can bring in viewers

While individuals work on their own projects in, the platform allows them to gain a second or a third opinion by bringing in viewers for their boards. This helps them gain more information as the viewer can easily see the required information and content on their boards. The number of viewers allowed per board varies with the plan selected obviously.

It is useful for students

While can be used by business organizations, teams and even individuals, it can also be highly beneficial for students. The best thing about the Student Program in is that it is absolutely free and includes the features of the Individual plan along with the essential features of the Pro plan.

It can improve productivity

The platform provides plenty of information and data for individuals to use in their work processes, tasks and assignments. It also has a lot of features that can reduce the workload and save time and effort for the user. Thus, can greatly improve the productivity and work efficiency of the individual user.


This article has explained how you can connect boards. We have listed out the different steps involved in this process. We have also discussed the benefits of using a project management tool for individuals.

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