How do the Leo zodiac sign show depression?

This article will discuss how people that are born under the Leo horoscope sign show depressive symptoms. It will also discuss the strengths and what are aspects that Leo needs to work on.

What does Astrology say about Leo’s depression? 

When a person is born under the zodiac sign Leo, born between July 23 and August 22, is depressed they usually show their emotions in a big way, the same way they do with all their other feelings. But they have a hard time not being in control of their feelings.

They don’t want people to forget how they are feeling, and they might become isolated, not answer the calls, or your texts, but this is a way of showing they are not feeling well. They can start to feel empty if they are in a situation that doesn’t satisfy them anymore.

People from Leo’s zodiac sign are extremely social people, who are used to showing the best of themselves, but events that might seem unrelated can cause them to get depressed. 

They are people that value their social relationships. But they can get depressed if they feel like their social network is not having a positive influence on them, or if they feel emotionally charged by a situation.

They can also feel burned out, which can cause them to lose their motivation, uninspired, and feel like they are just going through the motions.  

What does Astrology say about Leo’s?

People born under the Leo zodiac sign are born leaders. They are passionate, creative, and confident people. They are determined people that can achieve anything they put their minds to. 

People from the Leo sign are extremely attractive people that can unite different groups of friends at once and lead them through a shared cause. They are affectionate people, who are in love with life, this makes them amazing people to be around.

Brave people, they can deal in a determined manner with every challenge they face. When they are in a relationship, they are loyal, respectful, and generous. And they can usually be the one that takes the initiative in the relationship, which with time, can be a bit tiring to their partner.

But, even though they like to be the leader, they still want partners that can fight for themselves, who are self-aware, and responsible. In their careers, they are ambitious, optimistic, and creative people.

Being their boss or being in a managerial position, in which they are not controlled by their superiors, is the best job situation for them. Concerning financial status, they are people that can make money easily, but they are also people who spend money fast as well.

Let’s discuss what are the strengths and things people from Leo sign need to work on.

What are their strengths?

People from the Leo sign have some strengths. They are extremely creative people, who are generous to others, especially to their partners. Because they are from a fire sign, they tend to be passionate people, cheerful, and with a great sense of humor.

What are things people from Leo need to work on?

Because they are natural leaders, sometimes they can be too stubborn, and might also become arrogant, or seem like it to people around them. In a few cases, people with the Leo sign can be lazy.

And because they believe they are always right, they can be inflexible. Along with that, given the notion that they are the leader, they sometimes can have actions and thoughts that are self-centered.

Leos are competitive and can have temper tantrums when they feel like they are being dissed by people around them. And because they have such a big personalities, it can be that they cast a shadow on people around them.

How do people from Leo cope with depression?

People from Leo’s zodiac sign can cope with depression by being in touch with the people they love, and feeling understood by them. This can help them feel more energized, and show them their friends are attentive.

It might be hard for them to speak directly about how they are feeling, but if you talk to them about many matters, it might be that they will show their vulnerable side and share what is going on in their hearts and minds.

For them, a way to deal with depression is finding things that can distract them. It can be doing retail therapy or spending some time with people they love. They can get worse if they stay isolated contemplating their state, but through looking for information about depression, they can find a way to improve their mood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How do people from the Leo zodiac sign show depression?

What are the personality traits of the four elements of the zodiac?

There are four elements in the zodiac: water, air, fair, and earth. The personality traits of people from the water element are authenticity, intuition, reclusive, sensitivity, imagination, and love.

People from the air sig usually are fast, extremely intellectual, great communicators, and good at connecting to people. They can be fickle, disjointed, and are people that will hardly settle. 

When a person is from the earth element they are practical, organized, natural-born leaders, that can be judgemental, controlling, and loyal. They are also dependable people that get the work done.

People from the fire element can be expressive, fun, sometimes too blunt, and always open to saying what they are thinking. 

How does each sign behave when depressed? 

The person from Aries, when depressed they don’t show sadness, instead, they can show a lot of anger. They can want to spend time with their friends, but it is something they need to decide to do, don’t force it. They want to feel like they can take care of themselves. 

People from Taurus usually don’t know how to deal with emotions, so they might not know what to do when depressed. Because they are usually good caretakers, when they are depressed they might want to go back to that position to make them feel better.

Gemini hates losing control over their emotions, so they can try to push those feelings inside. They can feel weak because they are depressed, so sometimes they can live between two possibilities: allow themselves to feel how they feel, and just suck it up.

People with cancer signs are good with emotions, and let people around them know how they feel. Since they are more aware of their emotions, they also know how to handle them better when they are depressed, and know how to focus on their healing. 

Virgos can overthink everything when they are depressed. They want to understand why they feel how they feel, and they can criticize themselves for feeling like this. If they can’t find an answer about why they feel like this, they will take it as overreacting and let it go. 

Libra always wants balance, and when they are depressed, and can’t understand this unbalanced emotion, they will look for ways to heal. They will try to ride these emotions out and do things that make them feel good.

People from Scorpio believe that the only way to get out of depression is to go through it. They don’t ignore it, they will allow themselves to get in touch with their feelings through sad music, and even watching depressing movies, until the moment they can get themselves out of it and feel better.

Sagittarius loathes being sad, it just doesn’t feel like them. And to cope with it, they can do little th8ngs that make them feel better, investing in self-care, and trying to take back control of their emotions to bring them back to their former selves. 

People from Capricorn think they need to be able to control how they feel p, even if it is something negative. They can get embarrassed about being sad, and will refuse to succumb to it. Suppressing how they feel can make them more depressed, but they will only accept it when they hit rock bottom. 

Aquarius feels depression is like poison in their bodies. Going through it can make them angry, and even though they can try to be the best they can, they can feel helpless and lost. 

When Pisces is depressed they seek comfort from people that are close to them. They want to feel understood, but when that doesn’t happen, they can get worse. They can blame others for how they feel, and try to avoid how uncontrollable those feelings are. 

Does depression have a cure?

No, depression doesn’t have a cure. Because it has a genetic factor to it, and those are not possible to change, it is impossible to say people will not get depressed again. What is said, when talking about depression, is that people get into remission.

This allows them to get back to the life they had before. Their symptoms will be less intense, and they will regain the joy, purpose, and interest they had in their life. 

Does my horoscope sign determine if I will get depressed?

No, it is impossible for your horoscope sign, or even your birth chart to affirm, with complete certainty, that you will get depressed. Astrology will allow you to get in touch with the good qualities you have, based on your sign and birth chart, and also with things you need to develop and understand deeply.

 It doesn’t allow it to define any aspect of your life. It is rather a form of orientation. in which you can decide to follow or not and through that experience many possibilities of outcomes. If you start to define everything about your life through Astrology, you might start to blame it for things that are beyond its helm of responsibility. 

Does my horoscope sign make me a bad person?

No, the same way your horoscope sign doesn’t get you depressed, it doesn’t also make you a bad person. Horoscope is thought to be guidelines about your behaviors, your strengths, and the aspects that you need to work on. 

But none of it is set in stone. Human beans are always developing, experiencing new things, and this has a great impact on us. Be open to recognizing what is good in you, love yourself, and let all sides of you shine.


This article detailed traits of people who were born under the Leo zodiac sign. It explained what their strengths are and what aspects they need to develop in life. Aside from that, the article showed how people from Leo show they are depressed.

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