How do live video sessions work on Talkspace? (+7 advantages)

In this post, we will explain how live video sessions work on Talkspace. We will also be showing you the various steps involved in scheduling a live session with your Talkspace provider. In addition to this, we will be describing some of the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

How do live video sessions work on Talkspace?

Live video sessions allow the user and the provider to communicate with each other in real-time and also allow them to see each other. These live sessions are not available on all the plans that Talkspace offers its users and are only available in the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium plan and the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan that Talkspace offers.


How to schedule a live session in Talkspace?

If you want to schedule a live session in Talkspace, you can follow the steps which have been described below:

  • Log into your Talkspace account and then go to the ‘Tools’ section that is present on the left part of your screen
  • Here, you will need to click on the ‘Live sessions’ option
  • This will lead to you to the ‘Room details’ page where you will need to select the ‘Book session’ option
  • You can then select the length of the session that you want to have and also select the format of the live session, whether is chat, audio or video
  • You will need to give the date and time that is most appropriate for the sessions and finally click on ‘Reserve session’ to confirm

Advantages of using Talkspace for therapy

Talkspace provides a plethora of advantages and benefits for its users who are utilizing it for therapy. The most important advantages that Talkspace provides have been discussed in the following section:


It can bring therapy to any location

Talkspace is completely usable and accessible online, and thus therapy can be brought to any location and can also be used at any time. This can be useful for those who stay in remote locations and thus do not have regular access to well-qualified therapists for their mental health needs and requirements.

It can be great for those who are disabled

Those who are disabled can also find great use in Talkspace since they do not need to leave the house in order to access their therapists. This can also be great news for those who are involved in infant care or suffer from social anxiety and phobias and thus cannot leave the house often for their therapy needs.

It can bring more safety

Safety is an issue that many clients struggle with. Even though their therapist may be a trustworthy person, some people still find it uncomfortable to be alone in a room with a semi-stranger. This fear is even more in those who have undergone some type of violence or assault. Since Talkspace is conducted entirely online, there is more safety that is provided for users.


User information is well-secured

The information of the user is also safely stored in Talkspace in order to prevent data theft or security leaks. Top security is necessary for online therapy platforms since users share sensitive and confidential information with their therapists or providers and this can lead to a lot of damage if leaked or stolen.

Therapy can be conducted through various modes

The therapy conducted through Talkspace is also through various modes and formats. The platform allows its users to choose between text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging to communicate with their providers. Furthermore, there are also live sessions that can be scheduled that users can choose according to their needs and preferences.

The plans can be covered by insurance

There is no doubt that in-person therapy is expensive. Due to this factor, many individuals are switching to online therapy since it is pretty cost-effective. In order to make this even more affordable for its users, Talkspace also offers insurance coverage for all its plans, making mental health care a lot more accessible.

It brings a better client-therapist fit

There is also a better client-therapist fit when it comes to Talkspace. While signing up for the platform, the user undergoes an initial consultation with a therapist who introduces the various plans of Talkspace and also guides the user to a large number of therapists who suit their needs and personalities. It is also quite simple to switch therapists at any time.

It can be very useful for therapists

Not only the users, but even the therapists themselves can find Talkspace quite advantageous. Therapists who practice independently might have to encounter many additional costs and expenses for marketing, advertising and even for rent and utilities. All these can be nullified through Talkspace, making it an amazing workplace for therapists.

Best alternative to Talkspace

The best alternative to Talkspace in terms of features and prices is Betterhelp. This platform also allows individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. It further has features that support group therapy. The platform also provides financial assistance to those who are finding it difficult to afford these plans.


In this post, we have explained how live video sessions work on Talkspace. We have also shown you the various steps involved in scheduling a live session with your Talkspace provider. In addition to this, we have described some of the advantages of using Talkspace for therapy.

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