How do I start a live session on Talkspace? (+5 features of Talkspace)

This post aims to explain how you can start a live session on Talkspace. We shall also be looking at the benefits of video therapy sessions for clients. In addition to this, we will be discussing some of the features of Talkspace that can be extremely beneficial for users. Talkspace is one of the best online therapy platforms that have features that fit everybody’s needs and requirements.

How do I start a live session on Talkspace?

If you want to schedule a live session on Talkspace with your provider, you can follow these steps which have been described below:

  • You will need to first log in to your Talkspace account
  •  On the left part of your screen, you will find an option called ‘Tools’
  • In this section, click on ‘Live sessions’
  • In the next step, choose your provider
  • You can then select the length of the session that you want to have
  • You can also choose the format of the session that you would like, whether it needs to be through chat, audio or even video
  • You can then provide the date and time of your session and then finally click on ‘Reserve session’

Benefits of video therapy sessions

Online therapy can be conducted through many formats. Platforms like Talkspace offer their users several modes of communication which users can choose according to their needs and preferences. Many users prefer video therapy sessions where therapy is conducted through online video format. Therapy sessions conducted through video provide many benefits, such as:

Therapy can be conducted from anywhere

The best thing about therapy sessions conducted through video is that therapy can be accessed from anywhere and everywhere. This makes it highly convenient for those who live in remote places which do not have many qualified and certified therapists. This can also be great for those who cannot leave the house on a regular basis to go to therapy.

The clients feel safe

Clients also feel safer through video therapy sessions. Many clients are not comfortable being alone with a semi-stranger, even if it is their therapist. This can be especially distressing for those who have experienced assault or crime before. For these individuals, online therapy through video sessions can be a safe alternative.

Group therapy sessions become easy

Group therapy is the go-to form of therapy for many individuals. Group therapy does not only bring additional support and assistance but can also teach new coping strategies and bring more awareness about various mental health issues. Group therapy sessions can be easily and quickly conducted through online video sessions, without the hassle of finding a common venue.

It can be easy to use

Remote video therapy can also make it easier and quicker to access a mental health professional. Ease of use is necessary as seeking the right therapist is not exactly simple, and thus many individuals might leave midway as they have not found the right therapist yet. Through online video therapy sessions, clients can easily access therapists and find someone who is a better fit.


These sessions are more affordable

In-person therapy can definitely be quite expensive and costly for many users. Even after insurance coverage, therapy sessions are still not affordable for plenty of individuals. However, online therapy sessions,  including those that are conducted through video are considerably cheaper and thus more feasible.

COVID-19 safety

The post pandemic world saw everyone trying to follow safety guidelines and regulations like social distancing to try to reduce the risk of infections. Due to social distancing rules, in-person therapy of course, was not an option for many. In this scenario, video therapy sessions conducted online have gained quite a following.

Features of Talkspace

Talkspace has many features and advantages that can be greatly advantageous for users. Some of the amazing features of this platform are:

  • It is completely HIPAA compliant, and thus users need not worry about the safety of their information and data. The platform is also protected through encryptions and firewalls that reduce the risk of security breaches or data theft.
  • Talkspace also has a large network of therapists who work with the platform. These therapists are certified and licensed so that the users experience only the best in therapy and interventions. The therapists also undergo strict background checks and verification processes.
  • The platform also offers Teens therapy and couples counseling services for those who may need it, and thus becomes a one-stop shop for all mental health needs and requirements
  • The plans of Talkspace can also be easily covered by insurance, and thus the cost of therapy itself is lowered significantly
  • Talkspace also has a sleep program which offers behavioral strategies that can help user with their issues. The program goes on for eight week in which the users learn about sleep hygiene and various coping mechanisms that they can use to improve sleep.


Best alternative to Talkspace

While there are plenty of other online therapy platforms, the best alternative to Talkspace is hands-down Betterhelp. This platform offers individual therapy, couples counseling, teens therapy and even group therapy. While the plans cannot be covered by insurance, the platform offers financial assistance for those who cannot afford its plans.


This post has explained how you can start a live session on Talkspace. We have also looked at the benefits of video therapy sessions for clients. In addition to this, we have discussed some of the features of Talkspace that can be extremely beneficial for users.

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