How do I remove myself from a board?

In this article, we shall explain how you can remove yourself from a board. We will be describing the various steps involved in this process. Furthermore, we will also be looking at the various benefits that a project management tool like can bring to small businesses in their daily work processes.

How do I remove myself from a board?

If you want to remove yourself or unsubscribe from a board in, all you need to do is to follow these steps given below:

  • You will need to click on the three dot menu which is placed at the upper right part of your board.
  • From the options that follow, click on ‘Board members’.
  • Next to your name, you will find an ‘x’. Clicking this will remove you from the board.

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  • However, if you are the owner of a board, you will need to assign or select a new owner before you can unsubscribe from the board.

Benefits of for small businesses  as a project management tool can bring many benefits to both small and large organizations. Due to the wide range of features that are available in, even the smallest of teams can easily use this tool for their daily work processes. Some of the benefits of for small businesses have been described in this section:

It improves collaboration and communication

With the help of, teams can collaborate effectively and efficiently with each other. Communication and collaboration is highly important, especially for small businesses as it brings the organization together and reduces the chances of misunderstandings and miscommunications between team members.

It can be easily integrated

Integrations are highly important as teams, even small teams work with multiple project tools at a single point of time. Integrations can be easily set up with the help of a tool like In its Integrations Center, teams can find over 40 popular tools and apps with which they can integrate their project tools. The most popular of these are Slack, Gmail, Outlook and Zoom.

It can automate tasks

Small businesses might have many work processes which have plenty of repetitive tasks and actions that need to be repeated over and over again. When teams are involved in this, it can lead to a decrease in productivity and can also lead to frustration and stress. However, automations for these types of tasks can easily be set up creating more time for teams with lesser workloads.


It can be used for CRM purposes

Small businesses cannot afford to lose any customer or lead, which is why Customer Relationship Management is highly important. When Sales and Marketing teams employ CRM practices, it can take the business up a whole notch. provides plenty of features that help in Customer Relationship Management which can take care of the entire customer lifecycle.

It can be used to maintain finances

Many organizations use the services of a third party or consultancies to take care of their finances and accounts. For small businesses, this might not exactly be so feasible. In order to maintain their finances, teams can easily use the features in which provides plenty of board templates for tracking payments, taking care of payroll and even creating invoices.

It provides multiple views

Teams that work with plenty of information and multiple projects may need to see their information through multiple perspectives and views at a single time. This can help teams deeply probe and analyze their data and can also help in problem solving and decision making. allows teams to view their boards as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Timelines, etc.

It has plenty of ready to use templates

Ready to use templates can make workloads lighter for teams and also saves them plenty of time. has ready to use templates for practically any occasion, task or assignment across a wide variety of business verticals. Furthermore, teams can also create their own templates and use them for their work processes and workflows.

It has handy widgets

The dashboard in is filled with handy widgets which can dispense plenty of useful information and data for teams and individuals. In addition, these widgets can also bring a fun twist to the work environment and make it more positive and engaging. Widgets can be used for reporting and analytics, for tracking statuses of tasks and also for time tracking purposes.


It can create task dependencies

Task dependencies are important in teams which deal with large projects as team members need to clearly understand when they can start a project. Task dependencies also let team members know the timeline of events in the project and thus can lessen the chances of misunderstandings. Furthermore, task dependencies can also bring a better overview of the project.

It is easy to use

The platform is quite easy to use and has a very user friendly interface that teams will simply love. The interface is also filled with bright and bold colors that make the work environment highly positive and engaging. Since the learning curve is shorter, teams can easily learn the ropes of in a shorter span of time.



In this article, we have explained how you can remove yourself from a board. We have explained the various steps involved in this process. Furthermore, we have also looked at the various benefits that a project management tool like can bring to small businesses in their daily work processes.

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