How do I quit Talkspace? (+5 features)

This post will explain how you can quit Talkspace. We will also be looking at some of the features of Talkspace that make it an amazing platform for online therapy. In addition to this, we shall be discussing the disadvantages or limitations of online therapy that many are seeking as an alternative to in-person therapy today.

How do I quit Talkspace?

If you want to quit Talkspace, you can follow these steps which have been described below:

  • You will need to log into your Talkspace account
  •  You can then click on your username, which you will find located the at the upper left part of your screen
  • You can then go on to your ‘Account’ and then choose the ‘Payment and plan’ option
  •  Next, click on ‘Stop subscription renewal’ and then click ‘Cancel subscription renewal’

This is of course only if you have subscribed to the Talkspace plan. If you are using your Employee Assistance Program for the plan, the account will close on its own once the program expires. If you are being covered by insurance, there is no need to cancel the account since the charges here aren’t automatic and require your approval.

Features of Talkspace

Talkspace provides a large collection of features that can be highly advantageous for anyone who is seeking online therapy. Let’s look at some of the unique features of Talkspace that set it apart from other therapy platforms.

It has several plans to choose from

Talkspace provides multiple plans for its users to choose from. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Plus plan of Talkspace allows users to send an ‘n’ number of messages to their provider. The Unlimited Messaging Therapy Premium plan and the Unlimited Messaging Therapy Ultimate plan additionally feature live sessions.

It uses multiple modes of communication

Users have more flexibility and control in Talkspace as the platform allows multiple modes or formats of communication. Users can choose to communicate with their therapists through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging according to their needs and preferences. This high level of flexibility brings more convenience and comfort to the users.

It provides psychiatry services

There are also psychiatry services that are provided by the platform to the users. Psychiatry services are necessary as many mental illnesses require medications and drugs to treat and manage the symptoms. In providing psychiatry services, Talkspace brings more ease of use for its users as they do not need to look anywhere else for treatment.


It has a large network of therapists

The platform also has a large network of therapists who are licensed and certified. These therapists undergo strict background checks and verification processes so that only the best are available for therapy. The large number of therapists also ensures a better chance of a good client-therapist fit, which is necessary for effective therapy.

It provides teens therapy

Talkspace additionally provides teens therapy for adolescents between the ages of 13 – 18 years. Teens therapy is necessary as teenagers often go through problematic situations that can cause a great deal of stress. Also, many mental illnesses show their first signs in these age groups and thus early interventions may be required here.

It has couples therapy

The platform also provides couples therapy and family therapy for those who are facing difficulties in their relationships. Couples therapy is being increasingly used by not only those pairs who are going through rough patches but also those who simply want to improve their relationships and understand each other better.

It can be covered through insurance

In-person or traditional therapy can be quite expensive, for which online therapy can be a great choice. However, online therapy can also be costly for many, and thus Talkspace provides insurance coverage for all its plans. This greatly reduces the cost of mental health care and makes therapy accessible and affordable for many.

It is completely HIPAA compliant

Privacy and security is necessary for any therapy platform as users often share sensitive and confidential information with their providers which can cause a great deal of damage if leaked or stolen. Talkspace is completely HIPAA compliant and due to this users can be assured that their information is protected and well secured.

Disadvantages of online therapy

Talkspace is not the only platform that provides online therapy services. There are several others, such as Betterhelp, Calmerry, ReGain, etc. which also bring cost-effective and high quality online therapy. However, online therapy itself can have several disadvantages or limitations like:

  • Users may feel like they cannot easily connect with their therapists as there is no physical meeting
  •  Users as well as therapists may feel like they cannot read the body language or non-verbal cues of each other as they are not in the same room
  • Online therapy is still considered to be not as effective as in-person therapy, when in fact it can provide additional benefits that traditional therapy cannot provide
  • Online therapy sessions require stable internet connections, which are not feasible at all times
  • While online therapy can be cost-effective when compared to in-person therapy, these plans can still be expensive especially for those who do not have insurance coverage


This post has explained how you can quit Talkspace. We have also looked at some of the features of Talkspace that make it an amazing platform for online therapy. In addition to this, we have discussed the disadvantages or limitations of online therapy that many are seeking as an alternative to in-person therapy today.

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