How do I organize my projects on

In this article, we shall describe how you can organize your projects on We will also be looking at the different ways through which can improve workplace collaboration and also the real importance of workplace collaboration for an organization or a team.

How do I organize my projects on

If you want to organize and manage your projects on in the right manner, you can do so by following these steps which have been described below:

  • You will first need to create a Project board in It is good to use this template as it is a high-level board which allows you to have a quick overview of different projects at one single go.
  • You can then go ahead and categorize your content or items into different groups. Examples of groups which can be used for your Project board are phases, clients, projects or even months or quarters.
  • You will need to add the right columns so that you get the right information or data about your boards and content. Some of the important columns that you might need to add for your Project board are the People column, the Numbers column and the Timeline column.

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  • The platform allows you to view your boards and content in different views so that you get multiple perspectives about your project. This also gives you a clearer picture about your projects. You can choose to view your boards through a Timeline view, a Gantt view or even a Kanban board view for better clarity.
  • You can then set up the right automations so that repetitive tasks and actions can be taken care of by the platform. also provides a wide variety of automation recipes that you can additionally customize according to your needs and requirements.

How can improve workplace collaboration?

While is a Work Operating System which is mainly used for the purpose of project management, it also plays a very important role in workplace collaboration. Some of the ways through which improves workplace collaboration are:

By providing methods for communication

For collaboration to be effective among team members, it needs to take place not only through one medium but through multiple ways. The communication should also be available both synchronously as well as asynchronously to encourage and motivate individuals of various personality types to collaborate with others.

By giving easy access to information

Information should be made readily available and easily accessible for collaboration to be effective. When the information is not available at hand, it can cause miscommunications and misunderstandings among team members. Through collaborative tools like, teams can easily access the information that they require.

By providing strong security features

Strong security is required in a collaboration tool as organizations and teams work with sensitive and confidential information which can cause serious damage to many parties if it is leaked or compromised. allows teams to collaborate in a secure environment through its security features like end to end encryptions and multi-step authentications.

By giving a clear overview of the goals

Team members collaborate so that they can work together for the purpose of achieving a shared goal. Leaders and managers often take extra efforts to ensure that teams completely understand the shared goal and what the project aims to achieve. With the help of a platform like, teams can understand the magnitude of the project and their shared goal.

By providing info about personal goals

Teams not only have a shared goal to achieve, but the individual team members also have personal goals and responsibilities to complete as part of the project. With the help of a collaboration system like, leaders can easily delegate the right tasks to the right persons and also help them out by providing the right resources at the right time.

By offering time tracking features

Time tracking is something that all teams need to have. This is especially needed when teams are working for a much bigger project. Time tracking can help leaders and managers in tracking the progress of their team members, which can be useful for payroll purposes. It can also help teams by increasing their productivity levels.

Importance of workplace collaboration

Workplace collaboration brings plenty of benefits for both the management as well as the employees. Some of benefits are:

  • It improves the communication between teams and team members
  • It instills more transparency and accountability between team members which breeds more ownership and responsibility of the shared goal and the personal goals
  • There is better learning between team members who will share their resources as well as knowledge with others. This develops the team as a whole, taking their productivity to the next level
  • The team members are all together on the same page at all times due to collaboration. When this happens, there are lesser chances of miscommunication and misunderstanding between team members
  • The levels of employee engagement also increase because of workplace collaboration and thus there is better productivity



In this article, we have described how you can organize your projects on We have also looked at the different ways through which can improve workplace collaboration and also the real importance of workplace collaboration for an organization or a team.

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