How do I organize (+7 important benefits)

This post shall describe how you can organize your account in We shall be discussing various strategies that you can use for this. We shall also be explaining the importance of planning for the success of project management. can be used for all stages of project management, easily coordinating it from start to finish.

How do I organize

To organize your account in a much better manner, you can follow these strategies that have been mentioned below.

  • You can create workspaces for yourself so that you can easily organize and categorize all your contents and boards. If you are an organization or a team with multiple projects, you can easily create multiple workspaces catering to a different department or area of work.
  • You can also create different folders and organize different boards that are related to certain projects or tasks.
  • When you have organized your workspaces and also your folders that contain your boards, you can easily collapse all these in your left pane so that your screen looks a lot more organized. To collapse a folder you will need to click on the folder name. You can also collapse workspaces by clicking on the workspace grid icon.
  • To make accessibility easier, you can also create a list of favorites that you use often in your tasks and assignments. If you want to make a board a favorite, all you need to click on the grey star next to the name of the board like so, which will add it to the favorite list.

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  • You can also use the search options in for quick access to all your information. The Search Everything option can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon which is placed above your profile picture.
  • Another great feature that provides for the purpose of organization is the ‘tidy up’ feature. Here you can find a list of all the active boards as well as the archived boards. You can easily customize your list so that you only have the boards that you need and require.
  • If you want to reduce the number of notifications and updates, you can subscribe from certain boards so that you only get the required information in your inbox.


Importance of planning in project management

Just as in everything else, planning is essential for the success of a project. Let us look closely at the importance of planning in project management in this section.

It can guide team members

With the help of the right planning, team members can be guided towards the shared goal. This is important as individual team members need to be pushed and motivated to achieve something other than their personal or individual goals. Since they are working towards a shared business goal, they would need all the guidance and motivation they can get.

It can be used to create budgets

Budgets are important for teams and organizations as they can reduce unnecessary expenditure and increase the generation of profit by the company. With the help of planning, organizations can ensure the right resources reach the right people and also that the resources are not wasted in the teams.

It can foresee risks and problems

Problems and risk areas can become costly to organizations in terms of time and money and also effort. They can cause major disruptions in the work processes that can lead to deadlines and milestones being missed. With the help of the proper planning, teams can easily foresee risks and problems that can become hindrances to work processes in the future.

It can improve the collaboration

Collaboration among team members is necessary as it can bring the entire organization closer together and also create better work processes and coordination in the company. However, for collaboration to be effective, teams primarily need a subject or topic to collaborate about. Planning helps in this while also providing information for effective communication in teams.

It increases job satisfaction levels

Leaders and managers try their hardest to create better job satisfaction levels among their employees. Job satisfaction is necessary as it leads to higher employee retention rates, which promotes the organizational value. Research studies have shown that proper planning can lead to an increase in job satisfaction among employees.

It can bring in more information

Information and data is essential for teams to work in harmony together. Information can also give teams multiple perspectives and angles to look at a certain topic or issue. Planning provides teams with the right information about not only the shared goal towards which they are working for, but also about their individual roles and responsibilities.


It improves creativity and innovation

Creativity and innovation is essential for any team or organization as it generates new ideas and suggestions that can easily be translated into products and services by the company. Thus, creativity and innovation can bring plenty of profit to the organization when used in the right manner. With the help of structured planning, teams become more creative and innovative.


This post has described how you can organize your account in We have discussed various strategies that you can use for this. We have also explained the importance of planning for the success of project management.

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