How do I manage multiple projects on (+7 ways to manage multiple client projects)

This article will explain how you can manage multiple projects on We shall be listing out several strategies that you can use for this purpose. We shall also see how you can manage several client projects together in With the help of tools like, teams can easily manage multiple projects together with better coordination and efficacy.

How do I manage multiple projects on

If you want to manage multiple projects on in a smooth and efficient manner, follow these strategies which have been described below:

  • You will need to bring in the right technology and tools for this. If you intend on doing everything by hand, it can not only lead to many errors but can also create inconsistencies and frustration for you. You can also use the various features on like the reporting and analytics for this.
  • You can use the templates given in the system so that you do not need to start from scratch any more. This can also save you a lot of time and effort. provides users with plenty of usable templates for almost any type of task or assignment. You can also create your own and use them for your work processes.
  • You also must manage and track tasks in the right manner. While the team is working on a shared goal, every individual team member will have an individual role and responsibility to work on. Assign these with careful consideration and also track them using the color codes and statuses on for better task management.
  • also offers its users the option to create an unlimited number of boards and items. Using this feature, you can bring all your projects and assignments to a single location. You can also sync these projects together so that you can view information better and also ensure that events and deadlines do not clash.

How to manage several client projects in

You can use these steps given below to manage several client projects at once in You can also use these to manage your own projects together.

  • You will need to use the Manage Clients Projects template and add it to your board. This has all the necessary features and columns that you will need for this. The template will look something like this.

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  • You can then add your customizations to this template so that it suits your needs and requirements better. You can add your groups so that each group represents a different project. You can also align them in such a manner so that it fits their timelines and stages of completion.
  • You can also add your items and columns. Through these columns, you can gain the necessary information about these projects. Some of the most commonly used columns for projects are the People column, Date column, Numbers columns, Time tracking column and the Status column.
  • You can get further information about your boards by using the Formula column. This means you can gain information for billing purposes, payment purposes, remuneration purposes and others.
  • also provides you with multiple views that you can use to gain better insight and overviews about your projects and information. The best view that you can use for multiple projects is the Gantt view which will give you a better idea of the various sub tasks and goals in the assignment.
  • You can also use the different communication methods available in so that your team collaborates and communicates effectively and efficiently. One of the best ways to do so in is through the Updates Section. You can also communicate with each team member through board comments and tagging.
  • Furthermore, the platform offers you plenty of automations that you can use in order to decrease your workload. Automations can be easily set up and customized to take care of the many repetitive tasks that occur in business processes. You can also choose from a wide variety of automation recipes to better suit your needs and requirements.

Tips for project management success

In order to bring more success rates to your project management process, you can use the following tips.

  • Bring in the right tools and apps and integrate them all. Integration of these tools is highly important as it allows teams to work with better coordination and synchronization. Integration can also lead to lesser chances of collaboration overload and employee burnouts.
  • Bring in the right team members for the project. Other than the expertise and qualifications which is essential for the right team, managers should also keep in mind the personalities and individual goals of these team members to make sure they work well together as a unit and not just as mere individuals.
  • Since you are bound to have many assignments and tasks to complete in one go, it might be easy to get into multitasking. However, studies have shown that this rarely works and actually decreases productivity. Avoid multitasking and instead invest in better time management tools that can help you improve your productivity and work efficiency.



This article has explained how you can manage multiple projects on We have also listed out several strategies that you can use for this purpose. We have also seen how you can manage several client projects together in

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