How do I make someone an admin on (+7 uses)

In this blogpost, we shall explain how you can make someone an admin on We will be discussing the various steps involved in this process and also explain how to become an admin in In addition to this, we shall also see the various uses of for the process of business management.

How do I make someone an admin on

In order to make someone an admin on, you will need to follow these steps. However, keep in mind that you can do this only if you are a current admin of the account.

  • You will need to click on your Profile Picture or your avatar that you will find at the bottom left corner of your screen. From the options that follow, choose the ‘Admin’ option.

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  • Next, click on the ‘Users’ option and find the user who wants to make the admin.
  • You will see a column called ‘User Type’. Click on the arrow next to it and choose ‘Admin’.
  • In case you want to remove someone as admin, you can easily change their use type to something else other than admin, such as Member, Viewer or Guest.

How to become an admin on

If you want to become an admin on, you can easily do so by the following ways:

  • You can reach out to the admin of the account. To find out who the admin is, you will need to click on your avatar and choose the ‘Admin’ option. This will show you all the current admins of the account. Once you click on any of the avatars, you will get the required contact information such as their names, email addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • You can also reach out to the ever present customer support team of According to the plan you have chosen the priority status will be different. However, they are easily accessible and quite helpful in resolving any type of customer issue.

Uses of in business management can be practically useful for any type of team, including those who are involved in business management. Business management itself takes care of the various repetitive processes that are involved in the running of a business. For example, payroll management and CRM processes. Let’s see how can be useful for these:


It is very simple to use

The platform is quite simple to use, for both small and large teams. Even those who are working on multiple projects at the same time can easily sync their tasks and assignments together in the same platform and work with better coordination. The interface is also extremely user friendly and can help users get the hang of the tool in a short span of time.

It has plenty of templates

The platform also provides plenty of ready to use templates so that users do not necessarily need to start from scratch for many tasks and assignments. There are templates for basically any type of task across many business verticals. Users can also choose to create their own templates and use them among their teams for their work processes.

It helps in task management

Task management is necessary as any project is divided into sub goals and sub tasks. Leaders and managers can find task management difficult, especially if they are dealing with large groups. Furthermore, it can also be difficult to allocate the right task to the individual who is available at the time. The features on can easily perform task management roles.


It can be easily integrated

Teams work with multiple tools and apps at a single time. Thus, they need all their tools to be easily integrated with each other so that they can work seamlessly with the right coordination. The Integrations Center of has more than 40 popular apps and tools for robust integrations, among which Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Zoom and Mailchimp are highly popular.

Automations can be set up

Business management itself consists of many tasks and processes that need to be repeated over and over again. Assigning team members to take care of these can lead to frustration and even burnout. Additionally, repetitive tasks can also decrease creativity and productivity levels. The features in allow teams to set up automations for these types of tasks easily.

It can be used for CRM

Customer Relationship Management is an important part of business management as the Sales and Marketing of products and services entirely depend on this. Through CRM, new leads and customers can be scored and generated. offers plenty of CRM templates that the Sales and Marketing team can find very useful and time saving.

It can be used for accounting

While many organizations use other bookkeeping apps and tools for their accounting and finance needs, can also be efficiently used for this purpose. The platform has easy to use features that accounting teams can make use of. It also provides plenty of templates for finance teams to work with.



In this blogpost, we have explained how you can make someone an admin on We have discussed the various steps involved in this process and also explained how to become an admin in In addition to this, we have also seen the various uses of for the process of business management.

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