How do I make someone a board owner on (+6 pros)

In this article, we shall discuss how you can make someone a board owner on We shall also describe what actions a board owner on can do. In addition to this, we shall also look at the different pros and cons of using for your project management and workplace collaboration needs.

How do I make someone a board owner on

If you need to make someone a board owner on, you will need to click on the crown icon next to their username. When the icon is blue, it means they are the owner of the board. When the crown icon is grey, it means they are no longer the board owners. However, this action can only be performed by the current owner of the board.

What actions can a board owner on do?

Some of the actions a board owner on can do are described as follows:

  • They can make someone else the board owner if they wish
  • They can also take the ownership away from someone else
  • They can easily edit the automation recipes in the boards
  • They can also edit the integration recipes in the boards
  • They can further customize templates for their teams
  • They can also unarchive a board which has been previously sent to the archives
  • They can additionally set board permissions or column permissions

Pros of using for project management needs

Some of the pros of using for project management have been discussed in this section:

The platform is simple to use

This is probably one of the best features of The platform is quite simple to use and even simpler to navigate. Not only is the interface highly visible but the colors and the color codes make it visually pleasing. Since it is simple to use, the learning curve is not that steep making it feasible for both large and small teams.

It provides seamless integrations

Teams who work with multiple project tools at once need them all to be integrated well with each other. This brings better coordination and synchronization to the work processes and workflows. For this reason, offers more than 40 integrations in its Integration Center which teams can use for apps such as Slack, Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, etc.

It has automation features

The platform also provides plenty of automation features for teams to use in their work processes. Furthermore, these automations can be easily customized and adapted according to the needs and requirements of team members. Automated tasks are usually used by teams to complete repetitive tasks and actions in their projects.

Boards can have several views

It is always helpful for teams to have multiple perspectives and angles for their information and content. This can be greatly beneficial in the processes of decision-making as well as problem-solving. helps teams easily accomplish this by allowing users to view their boards as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Calendars, Files and even Timelines.

It has many collaboration features

Workplace collaboration is the secret of the success of many large organizations. Hence, leaders and managers always embrace new methodologies which can help in improving workplace collaboration among teams. offers not one but several methods and means for team members to collaborate effectively with each other.

It provides strong security features

Security is a must for any great project management tool so that the information and data of users and their clients and customers are well protected. These tools also need to conduct regular backups of their data.’s security features easily comply with all the internet security standards and also perform regular backups of both critical and non-critical data.

Cons of using

While is a great platform for teams of all sizes, it still has its limitations. Some of these limitations are:

It does not have a chat option

The platform provides multiple avenues for collaboration and communication between team members through board comments, updates section and also through mentions. However, there is no chat feature available in which can make it difficult for teams which are used to communicating through chat.

It has limited integrations

While offers robust and seamless integrations with more than 40 popular apps and tools in its Integrations Center, this number is dismal when compared to other project management and collaboration tools. This forces users to use third party apps and tools like Zapier and Integromat, making it inconvenient for teams.

The plans can be pricey

The plans of definitely don’t come cheap. The platform does offer a free plan which simply does not have any of the unique features of The actual game starts with the higher tier plans like the Pro plan or the Enterprise plan which can be highly expensive, especially for smaller teams and startups.

Limited task dependencies

The users of can easily play around the numerous features that will provide them with plenty of information and data regarding their projects. One major aspect of project management is task dependencies which allow a task to be started only when another one has been completed. However, these cannot be easily customized in


In this article, we have discussed how you can make someone a board owner on We have also described what actions a board owner on can do. In addition to this, we have also looked at the different pros and cons of using for your project management and workplace collaboration needs.

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