How do I log into (+How to switch)

In this blogpost, we shall discuss how you can log into We will also be explaining how you can switch between multiple accounts. In addition to this, we shall be describing the important features of that make it a popular project management and workplace collaboration tool across a variety of business verticals.

How do I log into

If you have already signed up as a user, it is pretty simple to log into All you need to do is to follow these steps which have been described below:

  • You will need to visit the homepage of which you will find at You can then click on the ‘Login’ option that you will find at the top right part of your screen.

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  • You will need to then enter your email address that you have registered your account with.
  • You can then add in your account URL and click on the Log In button.
  • You will lastly need to provide your email address and your personal and this completes the Login process for your account.

Switching between multiple accounts

Since many teams and users have multiple accounts, it might become difficult to continuously switch between them. In order to make this process smoother and more efficient, you can follow these steps given below.

  • You will need to open two separate tabs in your web browser and log in to your different accounts.
  • You will then need to refresh these two tabs
  • Click on your avatar that you will find in the bottom left part of your screen. In the menu that opens us, click on the ‘Switch accounts’ option
  • Choose the account that you want to use and log in

Project management features of is preferred by many organizations for the purpose of project management as well as workplace collaboration. Some of the best project management features of are described in this section:

It can be used for workplace collaboration calls itself a Work Operating System. However, it can be used for many other purposes rather than just project management or task management. Teams can also easily use it for the purpose of workplace collaboration. In, teams can collaborate and communicate through board comments, tagging and even through the updates section.

It can be integrated quite easily

Since teams work with multiple tools serving different purposes at one time, it is necessary for all these tools to be synced well with each other. Otherwise, teams will spend a lot of time switching back and forth between tools and platforms. The Integration Center of provides more than 40 integrations with popular tools and apps.

It provides automations for tasks

Tasks can easily be automated with the help of Automations are necessary as teams deal with repetitive tasks and actions all the time. Performing these actions for a long period of time can lead to frustration, stress and even burnouts among employees. Furthermore, engaging in repetitive tasks for a long period of time can also decrease productivity levels.

It can be used for task management

Leaders and managers can struggle to delegate and track progress of tasks, especially when they are working with a large group of people. With the help of the features in the platform, leaders and managers can easily delegate tasks to the right team members. They can also easily allocate the right resources and information for various tasks to be carried out.

It has strong security features

Security is highly important for any project management tool as organizations commonly deal with sensitive and confidential information that can cause serious damage to parties if leaked. However, with the help of’s strong security features like end to end encryption, regular audits and frequent updates, teams can rest assured that their data will be safe.

It gives users multiple views

Teams deal with a lot of information and data that may need to be viewed in different perspectives and multiple angles. This not only gives more information and helps teams probe data carefully, but can also greatly help in decision making and problem solving. Users can easily choose to view their boards as Gantt charts, Kanban boards or even as Timelines.

It can be used for CRM purposes

When organizations deal in sales of products and services, a very important factor they should never take for granted is Customer Relationship Management. With the help of the resources in, customer issues and life cycles can be easily taken care of from start to finish of the entire process.

It can be used to maintain finances

Maintaining finances is highly important for the organization. Many organizations prefer to use for tracking finances, creating invoices and bookkeeping due to its strong security features. Additionally, the platform can be easily integrated with other bookkeeping tools like Xero which takes its effectiveness and efficiency to a whole different level.


In this blogpost, we have discussed how you can log into We have also explained how you can switch between multiple accounts. In addition to this, we have described the important features of that make it a popular project management and workplace collaboration tool across a variety of business verticals.

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