How do I invite an external user to (+6 benefits)

This post shall discuss how you can invite an external user to We shall also discuss how project management tools like can help in increasing collaboration among teams. In addition to this, we shall also explain the importance of workplace collaboration for teams and organizations.

How do I invite an external user to

You can easily invite an external user as a guest to view your sharable boards in To do this, you will need to follow these steps given below.

  • First, you will need to make your board shareable. For this, you need to click on the ‘+’ icon which is located at the upper left part of your screen.

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  • From the options that open up, you can choose whether you want your board to be a main board, a shareable board or a private board. Choose the ‘Shareable board’ option.
  • Once your board has been made shareable, click on the people icon. You will find this located at the upper right part of your board.
  • This will open a screen that shows you the different subscribers on your board. You will also find a guest list on the right side.
  • You must enter the email address of the guest that you want to invite to view your shareable board. The guest will then receive an email with an invitation to join your shareable board. You can also invite them to other boards by setting up the right permissions in your account.

How can project management tools increase collaboration?

There are plenty of project management tools available in the market today. is one of the most popular ones out there. These tools not only help in project management and work management but also help in collaboration and communication. Some of the ways through which project management tools help in increasing collaboration are:

They provide means for communication

While leaders and managers stress on the importance of workplace collaboration and effective communication, they should also provide the means for this to take place. Moreover, they also need to create mediums that encourage both synchronous and asynchronous communication. Project management tools like greatly help in this.

They increase access to information

For collaboration to be effective, teams need easy access to information. Information can relate to anything. It can be about the organization, the finances, the project, the team members and other matters. With the help of project management tools, information becomes easily accessible and retrievable which makes teams even more collaborative and resilient.


They break down silos

Silos have been known to be the root cause of many an organization’s decline. Due to the presence of silos, information and resources can be hoarded and withheld from teams and team members who might have great use for them. However, project management tools can easily help in breaking down silos by promoting collaboration between different functionalities.

They help in creating flatter structures

Flatter structures in organizations are being increasingly preferred as they allow teams to function smoothly with lesser disruptions. Flatter organizational structures also mean more communication and easy access to information and resources. Tools like can help teams easily reach across hierarchies, thus improving the organization’s culture and structure.

They can help in making work flexible

Employees have understood how important work life balances are, both for physical and mental needs. And thus, they are increasingly opting for flexible and adaptable working options in their organizations. With the help of project management tools, employees can easily access their work from practically anywhere, thus improving the flexibility of work processes.

They help in increasing accountability

Accountability and transparency in an organization is highly essential for teams to work with better efficiency and efficacy. When there are high levels of accountability, teams work with more transparency and ownership of the shared goal. This eventually translates to better work productivity and higher team effectiveness.


Importance of workplace collaboration

Organizations are greatly emphasizing on the importance of workplace collaboration among their teams and team members. This is because workplace collaboration brings organizations and teams plenty of benefits and advantages such as:

There is more commitment to the goal

Teams who collaborate effectively together show higher commitment to the shared goal of the project. This is highly necessary for project success as high levels of commitment breed more productivity and responsibility. Furthermore, higher commitment to goals can also bring more meaning to the work that the teams are participating in.

There is lesser room for errors

Errors can be costly both in terms of time and money for organizations. When there is effective collaboration between team members, there are lesser errors as all the individuals are on the same page at all times. Collaboration also helps team members foresee risks and problems before they occur, thus creating smoother work flows and processes.

Resources are better utilized

Resources are also allocated in an appropriate manner due to workplace collaboration. Since there is better coordination between team members, this also means that organizations can save funds on resources as the existing ones are shared and utilized in the right manner.


This post has discussed how you can invite an external user to We have also discussed how project management tools like can help in increasing collaboration among teams. In addition to this, we have also explained the importance of workplace collaboration for teams and organizations.

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