How do I integrate my Outlook calendar with

This article will discuss how you can integrate your Outlook calendar with and the different advantages a shared calendar such as Outlook calendar can bring to a team. Furthermore, we shall also discuss a few tips that you can use in to improve your productivity and work efficiency levels.

How do I integrate my Outlook calendar with

In order to integrate your Outlook calendar with, you will need to follow these steps described below:

  • You will need to create a two-way sync between Outlook calendar and so that there is better coordination between the two platforms. For this, you will need to add a Data column to your boards.
  • Once you have filled your information in the Date column, you will need to click on the ‘Integrate’ button. You will find this located at the top of your board. This will open the Integrations Center, from where you can select the Outlook Calendar integration.
  • offers its users three different recipes for Outlook integration. You must add at least two recipes so that there is a two-way sync between the two platforms.
  • Select a recipe that will create an event in your calendar and follow the prompts on your screen to set it up.

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  • Once your Outlook account has been connected, you will be prompted to configure your recipe according to your needs and requirements.
  • When your first recipe has been successfully configured, you will need a second recipe that will help in the two way sync. When this happens, your and Outlook calendar will be synced.

Advantages of using Outlook calendar for teams

Shared calendars, like the one that Outlook provides, have plenty of pros that teams will simply love and find highly useful. Some of these advantages have been discussed here:

Teams can easily schedule and attend meetings

With the help of Outlook calendar, teams can easily schedule and also attend meetings directly through the calendar itself. Shared calendars such as Outlook calendar reduces the need for swiping back and forth between collaboration platforms as teams can easily access their meetings or appointments through the calendar itself, provided they have the right set up.

There is better transparency in the team

Transparency of information and work processes is important in a team as it breeds better communication and collaboration between team members. Furthermore, with the increase in transparency, teams also show better responsibility and higher accountability. Shared calendars where everyone can see everyone else’s schedule, greatly improve transparency in the team.

Events will not clash

There is a high chance of events and appointments clashing with each other when everyone’s schedule or calendar is not synced well. This can lead to disruption in work processes and schedules which large organizations with strict deadlines simply cannot afford. With the help of a platform like Outlook calendar, events are less likely to clash with each other.

There is better productivity

There is much better productivity in the team when the schedule is rightly filled out. Planning and scheduling not only increase productivity levels, but also greatly improve the work efficiency and effort that teams put into their tasks and assignments. Shared calendars thus help teams reach their deadlines and milestones on time, increasing their team effectiveness.

It is easier to share calendars

Sharing one’s schedule with others is essential as teams may work with other teams and functionalities. It also is essential when an organization is participating in external collaboration. Outlook makes it really easy to share calendars with other teams and team members.

Remote working is more efficient

Since remote working teams are becoming increasingly popular, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, leaders and managers are trying to find new methods and ways to combat the various challenges remote working faces. The problem of managing meetings across different time zones can be easily managed with the help of a tool like Outlook Calendar.

Tips to use in is an easy tool that can solve all your project management and work management needs and requirements. Some tips that users can utilize to make their experience a lot better are described below:

Reduce your notifications

The platform will notify you about any updates on statuses and other happenings across teams. Due to this, your inbox can easily become cluttered and flooded. To avoid this, you can customize your settings so that you only receive the right notifications.

Use Batch Actions

The Batch Actions feature lets you perform several similar things at once. This can be highly useful in saving you time as well as effort. Use the Batch Actions feature for your needs to increase your productivity at a lesser cost of time.

Use the mobile app

The mobile app of ensures that you can easily access your files and workspaces from anywhere at any given time. Not only is this mobile app easily to download and use, but also provides you offline access so that you can work even in the absence of a data connection.


This article has discussed how you can integrate your Outlook calendar with and the different advantages a shared calendar such as Outlook calendar can bring to a team. Furthermore, we have also discussed a few tips that you can use in to improve your productivity and work efficiency levels.

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