How do I integrate Google Drive with (+5 important pros)

This article will explain how you can integrate Google Drive with We shall also be discussing the different advantages of using Google Drive for your team and also some of the pros of using not has plenty of useful features but can also be easily integrated with other project tools and collaboration platforms.

How do I integrate Google Drive with

If you want to integrate Google Drive with, it is best to use a third party tool such as Zapier or Integromat. Unlike other apps and tools which can be easily found in the Integrations Center of, Google Drive cannot be integrated with in this manner.

Another way to integrate and Google Drive, is to use the Updates Section that the platform offers. Here, you can click on the ‘Add files’ option and choose the file that you want to upload. You can choose to upload from your Google Drive. If you are finding it difficult to do so, you can always clear your cache and allow third-party cookies.

Advantages of using Google Drive

Google Drive gives teams and organizations plenty of advantages and benefits. Some of the most important benefits of using Google Drive have been discussed below:

It has a familiar outlook

Everyone is familiar with Google and the interface it provides for its various services. Since the interface is quite familiar, it also becomes easy for teams to work with and get used to in a short span of time. Thus, it becomes very relevant for teams and projects which require teams to adopt a shorter learning curve and get the hang of the picture quickly and effectively.


Teams can work together

Teams can also work together on their files in Google Drive. The interface allows multiple users to access their files and documents and also edit them together. The platform additionally allows users to post comments and suggestions so that teams can work seamlessly together with better understanding and efficient collaboration.

It provides offline access

Internet connections can go and off for teams. This happens especially when teams are located in remote areas where data might not be stable. In order for teams to work with better coordination and no interruptions, Google Drive allows users to access their work even when there is no data connection. Thus, users can easily view their files and even work on them until data is restored.

It can store all types of files

Google Drive can easily store all types of files, from word documents, to PDFs, to spreadsheets and even videos. This becomes helpful for teams who are working with various business verticals which require different types of content such as content management teams. The platform not only allows various types of files but also files of practically any size.


It is very secure

Teams do not have to worry about safety or security issues when they are working with Google Drive. This is highly important as organizations and teams work with highly sensitive and confidential information that can cause damage to multiple parties if leaked. Google has already created a name for security, and it incorporates these features in Google Drive as well.

It integrates with Microsoft Office

The two common names in project management or work management tools are Google and Microsoft. Plenty of teams work with Microsoft and are familiar with these platforms for their tasks and assignments. Microsoft Office can be easily integrated with Google Drive, making it comfortable for teams who are acclimatized to the Microsoft Office features.


It has plenty of templates

There are plenty of templates which have been provided by Google Drive which teams can readily make use of for their daily tasks and assignments. These templates save teams a lot of time and effort and can make their workloads a lot lighter. Teams can also create their own templates in Google Drive and use them for their work processes.

It makes remote working easy

Remote working is not going anywhere. In fact, the percentage of remote workers might only increase incredibly in the future with more and more companies going global. However, remote working poses a lot of challenges for work processes and workflows. Google Drive can be a great solution for these teams.

Pros of using

Teams which use for their project management and work management needs have cited plenty of pros of using this great platform. Some of them are:

  • has been known to increase workplace collaboration and communication levels among teams and team members
  • It can drastically increase productivity levels and work efficiency levels in teams due to the massive amounts of information and features in the platform
  • It is quite easy to use and has a very user friendly interface, making it popular among both tech savvy and not so tech savvy folk
  • The platform is also highly secure, providing end to end encryption, strong firewalls and regular backups of both critical and non-critical data
  • It can be easily integrated with more than 40 popular apps and tools such as Slack, Gmail, Mailchimp, Trello, etc.


This article has explained how you can integrate Google Drive with We have also discussed the different advantages of using Google Drive for your team and also some of the pros of using

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