How do I get my Cerebral refund? (+7 tips)

This post will explain how you can get your Cerebral refund. We will also be discussing how you can get the best out of online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we will be listing other alternatives to Cerebral that readers might be interested in. Online therapy and mental health care platforms like Cerebral have increased in popularity after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do I get my Cerebral refund?

According to the various policies of Cerebral, clients or patients of the platform can contact the customer support team for refunds for various causes. However, these refunds are not accepted if the plan has been changed for the client on advice of the provider or even if the clients have opted to not use the entitled sessions that are available to them in the plan of their choosing.

How to get the best out of online therapy sessions?

Online therapy is different from in-person therapy or traditional therapy. While this is definitely a lot easier and convenient for the users, it still presents a few challenges. Some of the ways and strategies through which you can get the best results out of online therapy have been explored as follows:

 Make sure you have the right space

While in-person therapy sessions require you to go to the therapist’s office for your sessions, online therapy does not need this. However, it is important that you create the right space for therapy in your home. If your home does not offer you such facilities, you can also choose another option, such as a quiet park or someone else’s house.

Fix a particular time

You also need to choose the right time for your therapy sessions. Therapy is effective only if you give the right focus and concentration in your sessions and if your mind is distracted by something else, you will end up feeling only more distressed. Therefore, choose a time slot where you know you will have lesser distractions and thus be able to give more focus.

Set goals for yourself

You also need to set the right goals for yourself and what you expect out of your therapy sessions. It also is important to discuss these goals with your therapist so that both of you are on the same page at all times. While setting goals, remember to create realistic and timely goals so that they are more achievable.

Keep a therapy journal

It also helps to maintain a therapy journal where you can record the key takeaways from the different sessions and also your opinions on various issues being discussed at therapy. Furthermore, journaling can be an excellent form of self-care as it helps in venting and healthy expression.

Choose the right platform

It is also necessary to choose the right platform for your online therapy sessions. Various platforms offer different features. Cerebral, for instance, offers psychiatry services in addition to therapy. Betterhelp as another example also has group therapy sessions which are conducted once in a week for a variety of mental issues.

Use the various formats

Online therapy and mental health care platforms offer their users various formats of communication and interaction with their therapists. Messaging therapy is quite popular today and allows users to send an unlimited number of text messages, audio messages and even video messages. There are also live chat, live audio and live video sessions available.

Be open about emotions

As compared to in-person therapy, online therapy does not require the therapist and the client to meet in real-time. Due to this factor, both the therapist and the client might miss out on non-verbal cues that are necessary for better understanding. To counter this handicap, it is advisable that you be more explicit about your emotions so that your therapist can understand you better.

Make sure your internet connection works

Online therapy requires internet connection to work and unfortunately, technology can have its limitations. Therapy sessions are often interrupted due to technical glitches particularly caused by failed internet connections. To avoid any unnecessary interruptions in between sessions, check your data connection thoroughly beforehand.

Alternatives to Cerebral

Cerebral calls itself a mental health subscription platform, through which a client not only has access to great quality therapy, but can also easily avail drugs or medications that are required for their mental issues. However, there are also many other online therapy and mental health care platforms that provide great services, like:

  • Talkspace: This platform provides insurance coverage for all its plans. Just like Cerebral, it has psychiatry services and also therapy sessions for its users
  • Betterhelp: Betterhelp is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. It has features for individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even offers group therapy sessions. This platform also provides financial assistance for those who cannot afford it
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is another online therapy platform that connects users with a large network of licensed mental health professionals who can cater to the various mental needs of the clients at any point of time


This post has explained how you can get your Cerebral refund. We have also discussed how you can get the best out of online therapy sessions. Furthermore, we have listed other alternatives to Cerebral that readers might be interested in.

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