How do I find people online to talk to?

This article will discuss how you can find people online to talk to. It will explain it from two perspectives: how to find people for emotional support online, and how to interact online with people, in group chats so you can feel less alone.

How can I find people online to talk to?

Technology has allowed us to connect in different ways. Nowadays people don’t only meet at school, at a coffee shop, or a pub. You can interact with your friends or other people at any given moment of the day. You can do it through social media, through chatting apps, or in online forums or groups. 

Being in contact with people online is not only directed to socializing. But it is also connected to self-care. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, you can be in touch with many health care professionals to treat many conditions, including taking care of your mental health. 

So let’s discuss how to find support online, if you feel you need a professional listener, and how you can interact socially online, what is your need.

How to find support online? 

Sometimes you may go through things in life that aren’t necessarily easy. You can be in pain, suffering, and need people to talk to. But you don’t want those to be your friends or family members, they might not understand or be open to it. 

You might feel like you need a professional to help you understand your emotions better.

Someone who can be supportive, caring, but also non-judgemental. You may want to talk to people that have a certain distance from the situation, and won’t point fingers when you share your darkest secrets and thoughts.

Deciding to look for help is always hard. When you do that, you are admitting to yourself that you don’t feel as good as you could or should. And that in itself can be overwhelming. So for that, you can look for the many websites that offer therapy online. 

On the other hand, instead of professional help, you might want to talk to people that are going through the same thing as you are. You can be experiencing depression or many other mental illnesses. And having people that know what you are going through can give you a sense of connection and belonging.

There are many online places one can talk to nonprofessionals, and share their suffering, but also their strategies to cope. Here are a few of them:

  • MellowTalk: it is, as they refer to it, a place built on the kindness of strangers, where people can share.
  • BlahTherapy: it is a website that has volunteers that will allow you to vent. It is great for when you just need to put your feelings out.
  • The Comfort Spot: a website centered on mental health matters. It has many forums, but having a direct chat is also an option.
  • Huddle: it allows people to form groups based on serious matters such as LGBTQ groups, anxiety groups, and eating disorder groups. The website has zero tolerance for bullying.

On the other hand, you might be looking online for ways to socialize and make new friends. Let’s discuss where you can do that, and how to act in those spaces.

How to make friends online?

Technology has also changed the way we make friends. Nowadays you can find people with similar interests to yours online. It can make it easier for you to connect when you have a busy schedule. It may also be easier to open yourself up online when you are shy. 

So if you are looking for ways to create a network, online groups, sites, or social networks, can be a great way to do that. Socializing, even if it is through technology, is a good way to take care of your mental health, and it can improve your quality of life.

Online you can interact with people from many backgrounds, and even from different cultures. Finding groups or apps directed to a passion you have can make socializing a lot easier, and you can even create a long-term friendship. 

Here are some places you can make friends online: 


Twitter is a great social network to meet people. You make a short profile, and follow accounts that interest you, and people may follow you as well. In it, you can write a brief post, of only 280 characters, and maybe add a photo or a gif. 

You can interact in other people’s posts, and they on yours, creating discussions on many themes. Because it is constantly updating, using Twitter can feel like being in a chatroom. 


Twitch is live streaming and video-sharing environment in which gamers can share their videos. It is mostly suggested to people that like video games. You can create your channel and stream whatever you want to people that have a similar interest to you. The interaction may also teach you new skills for the games you play.

Hobby Forums 

Hobby Forums contain many of them on a diversity of topics. You can search for Forums to learn something you haven’t learned before, or discuss things you are already passionate about. 


It is an anonymous chat, in which you can talk to other people. You create a login, but you can create anything about yourself you may want. You can filter who you want to chat with based on age or gender.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How can I find people online to talk to? 

What I can’t do when I am lonely? 

When you are feeling lonely, there are some things you should avoid doing because they can make you feel worse. The first thing you should avoid is to try doing things all at once. 

When you are lonely, you may want to fill your life with as many things as you can. But you should set some small targets that you can achieve easily.

You should also avoid thinking of things you can’t change. Focus on the should or what if will only make it worse. Focus on what is possible for you to do to make yourself feel better.

Aside from that, try to not compare yourself to others. Even though social media can make it hard, try to keep in mind that you are doing the best you can with the life you have at the moment. And that social media is not always true. 

Try to avoid telling yourself you are alone, rather than that, understand that loneliness is a common feeling, and discover how you can improve your relationships to not feel so alone.

When you feel lonely, you may want to use alcohol or drugs to feel better. You should try to avoid it. They can make you feel a little better at first, but after, you will feel a lot worse.

What can I do if my marriage feels lonely? 

If you ever feel like you are lonely in your marriage, there are some things you can do. The first thing is to talk to your significant other. Try to have an open and honest conversation about how you feel, what is causing you to feel like this, and how you want to tackle this matter.

During this conversation, try to avoid blaming your partner or yourself. This can make them turn defensive, and blaming doesn’t solve anything. You both should try to understand what the other is saying, and how to deal with it.

It might be a good idea to spend some more time together. This will allow you both to reconnect and focus on the relationship. It can be on a weekend getaway, or you may start to do a hobby together. But discover ways you can enjoy each other’s company, and share a passion.

But sometimes, it may be hard to deal with it just by yourself. If you think that is the case in your relationship, you may want to look for marital counseling. 

This will create a space in which both of you can share how you feel, listen to each other, and with a professional, you will be able to think about what to do.

What is online etiquette?

Online etiquette speaks about how people should behave when interacting with others online. To have good online etiquette means you will treat people with kindness, and be respectful. Remember you are not seeing the person, and don’t know what they are going through, so be nice.

It is another sign of online etiquette to not use caps when writing. That can make it seem as if you are screaming at people. And don’t write many texts at once, this can be rude and overwhelming to the person you are talking to. 

Also, be mindful of the time of the day you send the message. Don’t write it during the night or at times you might disturb the person.

And finally, remember that if at any time, you feel harassed, you can block the person from not talking with them again.

How do I have a safe chat? 

When you get into a chat room, be careful to not disclose private information. The first place you should pay attention to is when you pick your login name. And throughout the communication, try to avoid giving any private information, such as your full name, address, phone number.

And if you ever do a video call, try to avoid showing things that can make it obvious where you are. Don’t share too much of your plans as well, and always be skeptical about what people are telling you when they are online. 

Keep in mind that when it is an online chat, people can say anything they want. 

How do I start an online conversation?

The first thing to do, as with any interaction, is to greet the person you are talking to. Say hi, and introduce yourself in a way that you don’t reveal too much about your private information. 

And to make the conversation flow, you can ask them open questions such as “Which hobbies do they enjoy?”, or “What instruments do they play?”.

This will allow you to know more about the person, and they might ask back about you. Which will keep the conversation going. Keep talking about things you share an interest in, but always remember to not share private information about yourself.


The article discussed ways you can find people to talk to online. It explained how to find online chats for emotional support, and how to interact on online groups as a way of social interaction.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.