How do I find a therapist? (+3 benefits of Cerebral)

This article will explain how you can find a therapist. We shall also look at the various factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your therapist. Additionally, we will be explaining how Cerebral helps in delivering the best therapy to its users. Cerebral is a mental health subscription platform that caters to the various mental health needs of millions of users.

How do I find a therapist?

The best way to find a therapist quickly and easily is to use an online mental health care platform like Cerebral. Cerebral specifically uses artificial intelligence to bring a better match between the client and the therapist and also has plenty of resources that have been proven to improve the mental health of its users.

What to remember while choosing a therapist?

A good client-therapist relationship is the most important factor for effective therapy. However, it is not always easy to find the right therapist who is well-qualified and also matches your needs and requirements. When you are looking for a new therapist to help you with your various mental issues, a few things to keep in mind have been discussed in this section:

Keep in mind the age factor

 While some individuals may prefer a much older therapist to work with, many would like their therapists to be of the same age. Not all therapists look like grey-bearded stony philosophers and they can come in a wide variety of age groups. Determine the age group that suits your needs best and who you think will work for your personality.

Be aware of what gender suits you

You also have to be aware of the gender of the therapist that you want to work with. Some individuals may want their therapist to be of the same gender and others may want their therapist to be of the opposite gender. Gender of the therapist plays an important role in the perceived safety and therefore comfort of the client.

Ask yourself if religion matters

While therapists are not supposed to be pushing you into a faith outside of your choice, the religion or faith of the therapist also definitely matters in their relationship with the client for many individuals. Many community organizations have therapists who combine faith with therapy while others completely stay away from the topic.

Check if they are licensed

Licensing is also another important factor that you must look into while choosing a therapist. It is not enough for a therapist to have a degree or diploma in psychology or psychotherapy. In order to practice independently, they need to have the right license which demonstrates that they are qualified enough to bring you the right intervention with the maximum security.

Look at their availability

It is also wise to keep in mind the availability of the therapists. While many therapists are greatly recommended and quite popular, they may not have enough time in their schedules to accommodate new clients. This might mean that you will not get the attention you deserve. Thus, choose a therapist who has enough time on their hands to accommodate you at any moment.


Check their professionalism

You also need to check the professionalism and ethics of the therapist. Your therapist should be right on-time for your appointment and also should be paying you enough attention during your sessions. The therapist should also be someone who confirms sessions and also lets you know of their unavailability much in advance.

See if they support your goals

Your therapist is going to someone who pushes you to set new goals and also helps you achieve them. If they don’t support your goals then it may be time to switch therapists and this is not the right match for you.

In-person or online

You must also be aware of which kind of therapy you would like to experience. While in-person therapy requires you to meet the therapist in their offices, online therapy platforms like Cerebral, Talkspace and Betterhelp have features to access to your therapist at any time from anywhere through a digital medium.

How Cerebral helps in therapy?

Cerebral brings a wide collection of advantages to anyone who is looking for a great therapist to work with. Some of the advantages of using Cerebral particularly for therapy have been mentioned below:

  •  Cerebral has a large network of therapists from various backgrounds and ethnicities so that users can have their choice and pick of the best-suited therapists for their mental health needs
  •  The platform also provides psychiatry services who need medical management for their mental issues
  • Cerebral also has care counseling which can improve the adherence to treatment and also acts a support system in between intervention sessions
  • Cerebral can be accessed from anywhere and thus brings plenty of convenience to the many users

Alternative to Cerebral

While Cerebral can be superb in delivering the highest quality of mental health care to its users, it certainly lacks in some areas such as group therapy, couples therapy and teens therapy. If you are looking for a platform that provides these services, you can try Betterhelp. This platform does not have psychiatry services but offers excellent plans for various therapies.


This article has explained how you can find a therapist. We have also looked at the various factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing your therapist. Additionally, we have explained how Cerebral helps in delivering the best therapy to its users.

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