How do I feel better after I cry? (+ 5 tips)

This article will discuss how people can feel better after crying. It will also explain the reasons that can make people cry, how tears are made and what are signs to be aware that your crying could indicate a more serious condition.

Crying is a common body reaction, all people might go through a moment in their life when they cry. It could be because of the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or some other experience they are going through.

With that said, it is normal for people to cry, but if you feel like you have been crying more than usual, it might be time to look for a doctor.

Why do people cry?

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Water coming to the eyes is a common thing, our tear ducts let water out of it every day, all day long, but those are ones related to keeping our eyes moist, and protecting our eyes from dust, for example.

But when we are talking about crying because of emotions, we can say that there are many reasons why a person cries, most of them are related to a specific situation the person is going through.

People can cry because they are experiencing frustration, fear, sad memories, bad news, anger, or because they feel overwhelmed.

Crying can become a problem when it starts to become too frequent, or without any apparent reason. When it starts happening like that, it might be a sign of a more serious condition. Let’s discuss what are other factors that might make a person cry.


Depression is a mood disorder that can cause a person to experience intense sadness and other negative feelings for a prolonged period. When depressed a person might feel empty and lose pleasure in doing things they once enjoyed.

Crying in depression can appear as a reaction to small events, meaning one can start crying for things that before wouldn’t have been a problem, and the person can have trouble stopping their tears. When it is like that, it might be that the person is experiencing mild depression.

On the other hand, if the person has trouble starting to start crying, even when they feel like it, it can be a sign of severe depression. This happens because people with severe depression have difficulty expressing emotions.


Anxiety is a disorder that can make a person nervous and make them worry constantly. It can also make a person agitated, irritable, tense, and have difficulty sleeping and focusing.

This state can put a person through such intense stress, that tears can come as a reaction to it. 

Pseudobulbar affect

It is a neurological condition that can lead to uncontrollable laughs, tears, and anger. It can be the consequence of a stroke, Parkinson’s, or other dementias.

Crying and gender

Research has shown that women tend to cry more often than men. This might be related to a social norm, but it can also be related to the fact that men have testosterone, and it inhibits crying.

Are there benefits to crying?

There can be some benefits to crying, it is not always a bad thing. Research has shown that to some people it might make them feel better. 

Tears are beneficial when they can feel like a purgative, draining your thoughts and feelings. It will be a beneficial experience as well if crying helps you understand your emotions, or helps you resolve a situation.

It is a good safety valve that will allow people to put negative feelings out, it is also something that shows that people are more empathetic, have a better attachment behavior, and open themselves to be closer to people.

How can I feel better after crying?

After a person has cried, be it a good cry, the type that puts all your feelings out and make you feel relieved, or one that is related to a moment of sadness, some things can be done to feel a little better.

There are emotional ways to deal with crying and physical ways one can deal with it and feel better. The first thing one can do when crying is get out of the situation that is causing them to cry.

To make yourself feel better after crying, it might be a good thing to write or speak about what you are feeling, this will give your feelings another way out instead of through tears. 

It might also be good to find a distraction, start doing something else you might like, maybe listen to music that makes you feel good, or go to that feel-good tv show, this can help you think of other things instead of the sadness that brought the tears.

The best physical way to feel better after crying can be to focus on your breathing. It will help calm you down and center your feelings, it is also good to try to relax your facial muscles since they become tense when you are crying.

When a person is upset and crying, it might be that they feel a lump in their throat, a good way to help them go away is by yawning, or having a glass of water.

It can also be a good idea to do some exercise, doing something, even a small walk, can help you get the endorphins in your body, that might make you feel a little better.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ): How do I feel better after a cry?

How can I have a good cry?

If a person is feeling the need for a good cry, it might be that they are feeling so overwhelmed and need to let some things out. 

There are some ways that they can do that. The first thing is to find a place where you feel comfortable and safe to let your feelings out. Aside from that, to allow yourself to cry, one needs to embrace and let their emotions out, don’t apologize or feel guilty for crying.

And when the tears come, let them go out, even if it is a loud cry, let the tears run their course, don’t restrain yourself, remember that this is a moment to allow yourself, and take deep breaths while you do it. Allow yourself time to relax after and stay hydrated. 

How to make myself feel better after crying?

After crying, it might be good to relax, since it tends to tense your body up, it might also be good to listen to music that makes you feel better, remember to hydrate yourself.

It might also be good to get in touch with people you love, go out for a walk, meaning that you should do things that give you positive emotions, as to remind yourself that even though you let some negative feelings out with crying, you are not made only of those kinds of feelings. There are positive ones as well.

I have depression and after I cry, I feel empty, why is that?

If you are going through depression, it might be that you are experiencing an overwhelming wave of feelings. Sometimes it can feel like sadness will crush you, like life has no meaning. It might feel like there are only negative emotions inside you.

And when you cry, those negative emotions are what is coming out of you. Crying is a way of putting all the sadness and other feelings out. The thing is, when a person is going through depression, it is hard for them to have other feelings inside them, rather than negative ones.

Because of that, it might be that you feel so empty after you cry like there are no other feelings inside you. Aside from that, it is important to say that feeling empty is also a symptom of depression itself.

If you realize you’ve been crying more than usual, or that your other symptoms of depression are more intense, it might be a good idea to look for professional help. And if you already go to a therapist or a psychiatrist, it might be important to mention to them how you have been feeling, so they can consider what to do in your treatment about this.

Why do I feel sleepy after crying?

When a person cries, it can be that they put out a lot of what they were feeling, frustrations, sadness, being overwhelmed, and it can cause them to relax.

It might be that when they relax after they cry, they can even get sleepy after. It is a sign of how relaxed they got. 

If you can, it might be a good idea to allow yourself some rest, allow your body and mind to get that rest, since crying, although it lets feelings out, can be something that you put a lot of energy in, causing your body to go through a great deal of stress. So maybe taking a nap won’t be such a bad idea.

Is it normal to feel like throwing up after crying a lot?

Throwing up, similar to crying, might be a way of your body releasing some feelings and tensions. It might seem strange, but it is a way, to say it popularly, to put things out.

It might be important to pay attention to what you are feeling when you are crying and throwing up. Maybe making a journal of your emotions would help, so you can start to understand the pattern of your feelings when the crying and throwing up happens.

Through understanding your patterns and what triggers your actions, it might help you deal with them. And if you realize it is too hard to deal with it on your own, it might be good to have a support network.

It can be that you talk about this with your friends or family members, share how you’ve been feeling, maybe one of them can relate to what you are going through, and you can think of a way of dealing with this.

If you realize it might be hard to share this with people you know, therapy is a great way to talk about this, and not feel judged. In having that supportive space, it will be possible to deeply understand your patterns and deal with your feelings so they won’t need to show by crying or throwing up.


In this article, it was discussed how a person can feel better after crying. For that, the article showed how crying works, what can cause it, and how it can indicate that something more serious than a fleeting sadness is going on.

The article also explained how crying can be a way to relieve what you are feeling, and what are ways to feel better after you cry.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the space below.


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