How do I create a roadmap on (+8 benefits)

This blogpost will explain how you can create a roadmap on We will be listing the various steps involved in this process. We will also be discussing the various benefits of roadmaps for teams and the different advantages that project management tools can bring for the planning process in teams.

How do I create a roadmap on

If you want to create a roadmap for your project on, you will need to follow these steps.

  • You will first need to create your board. You can add all your long-term goals and aims of the project in this board.
  • You can bring in your groups with various categories of items as per the project that you are undertaking.
  • You will then need to add your columns bringing in different information for your teams to use in their work processes and workflows.
  • You can also add a Chart View so that you can see your entire project in a clearer manner with a better overview.
  • If you want to share your roadmap with others outside the team on, you can easily do so by embedding it into other sites.

Benefits of project roadmaps

Roadmaps are used for projects as well as products by teams from all types of organizations. These roadmaps not only guide the workflows but also bring many other benefits to teams and team members. Some of these benefits of project roadmaps for teams are discussed in this section:


They improve workplace collaboration

Workplace collaboration is being encouraged by leaders and managers everywhere. However, teams will not collaborate just because they are put in a room together. They need something to collaborate on. Project roadmaps not only initiate collaboration among team members, but they also make the collaboration effective and efficient.

They can motivate team members

Team members need to be motivated regularly so that they perform their tasks with more effort and clarity. The best way to motivate team members is by showing what their daily task or assignment is going to achieve in the long run. This means they need to be able to see the big picture. Project roadmaps are the right way to go for those who want to motivate their teams.

They can be used to create budgets

How do teams create budgets for their projects? Through the use of a project roadmap, of course. Project roadmaps can not only be used to create budgets for the project but also makes budgets efficient and resource allocation easy. Roadmaps can also dictate and help teams cut down on costs while going ahead with the project.

They make it easy for managers

Managers can take a breather when a roadmap is being used in teams. Roadmaps can easily communicate the project ideals and goals to team members, saving managers a lot of work. Furthermore, roadmaps also guide the work processes of teams who need the intervention of a manager in lesser amounts.

They lessen misunderstandings

Misunderstandings can often disrupt work processes and also delay projects in teams. One of the most popular causes of misunderstandings in teams working on a project is not understanding individual roles and responsibilities clearly. However, when teams use a project roadmap, these misunderstandings are a lot lesser as team members understand and accept their roles better.

There is higher work efficiency

Work needs to be done with quality and efficiency. The project needs to be completed at the right time, but more importantly the clients and stakeholders need to be satisfied with the end product. Project roadmaps encourage teams to not only work harder but also deliver better quality of work, thus making the project even more successful.

They can share updates easily

Projects are dynamic which means there is constant change involved. If everyone is not updated about the changes and different happenings in the project, disruptions are more likely to happen. Project roadmaps, especially digital ones can be easily edited to show updates and changes for all team members, bringing more transparency into the game.

They can be used to deliver messages

Projects need to be explained and communicated not only to the team members, but also the clients and stakeholders. Other teams may also need to be involved for assistance or aspects like decision making or problem-solving. This can be easily done through the use of a project roadmap.

Advantages of using project management tools

The different advantages of using project management tools for teams are as follows:

  • They can be used to plan projects in an efficient manner
  • They can cut costs and reduce wastage of time, money and also effort
  • They can be used to distribute the resources and tools appropriately
  • They can improve collaboration and communication between team members
  • They can make information easy to access and utilize
  • They make remote working highly efficient and effective
  • They store information and files in a highly secure manner, thus considerably reducing security risks
  • They bring high levels of transparency and accountability to the organization


This blogpost has explained how you can create a roadmap on We have listed the various steps involved in this process. We have also discussed the various benefits of roadmaps for teams and the different advantages that project management tools can bring for the planning process in teams.

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