How do I create a dashboard? (+9 benefits)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This blogpost will discuss how you can create a dashboard. We will be explaining the different steps involved in this process. We shall also be looking at the important benefits of using a project management tool like for organizations and teams. is not only a project management tool but also a workplace collaboration tool.

How do I create a dashboard?

You can easily create a dashboard through the following steps:

  • In the workspace that you want to add the dashboard to, click on the ‘+’ sign.
  • This will open up a menu from which you can choose the ‘Dashboard’ option.
How do I create a dashboard? (+9 benefits)

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  • You can then choose what type you want your dashboard to be. You can either make it public or private. As the name suggests, public dashboards are visible to everyone in your account. If your dashboard type is private, it is only visible to you and those who you choose to share it with.
  • Next, you will need to select the boards that you want to connect to your dashboard. To do this, you will need to click on ‘Boards’ in the top left part of your dashboard. You can also search for the specific board in the search bar to make it easier for you. You will need to click on ‘Done’ once you have selected your boards.
  • You can now add widgets to your dashboard. The widgets in are highly handy and engaging.

Benefits of using a project management tool

Project management tools have been around for a long time. These tools have become all the more important since the popularity of remote working is increasing. With the help of these tools, teams can work efficiently with each other even if they are present in different time zones. Some of the key benefits of using a project management tool for your teams are:

They can improve collaboration

Through the use of project management tools, team members can effectively collaborate with each other. These tools have features that allow both synchronous and asynchronous communication that people with different personalities can choose from based on their needs and requirements. This makes collaboration both voluntary and efficient.

They can increase productivity

Organizations have found that project management tools can greatly improve productivity and work efficiency levels in their teams. Teams work toward achieving shared goals and purposes and they need to clearly understand and accept them. This is increased through project management tools which can also increase goal orientation and thus productivity.


They make remote working better

Remote working will only increase in quantity in the upcoming years. As more workers are opting for flexibility and a better work life balance, they are seeking organizations which offer remote working full time. Project management tools can greatly improve the effectiveness of remote working and thus are being preferred by teams who are placed in different locations.

They lessen security risks

Security risks are always present in organizations. Files can get misplaced often and sensitive information can be leaked which can create havoc for the organization. However, through project management tools which rely on strong firewalls and end to end encryptions can be a great security solution for teams everywhere.

They make work easier for teams

These tools offer plenty of features and gimmicks that can do work for teams. Many of them, like, even offer automations so that teams can concentrate on constructive tasks and leave the tedious ones up to the platform. This saves teams plenty of time while also helping them in improving their productivity.


They make information accessible

Information needs to be accessible and easily shareable for teams to be positively collaborative and productive. With the help of project management tools, information and resources can be easily accessed and shared between team members. This also creates transparency which breeds accountability and responsibility in the employees.


They can take care of many operations

Organizations have work on many levels and different sectors and bringing teams together for this can become difficult. When they incorporate a project management tool into their work processes, different functionalities and sectors in the organization can work on one platform which can greatly improve the coordination of the organization as a whole.


They can be used for decision-making

These tools can also be used for decision-making and problem-solving. The process of decision-making requires teams to view issues from multiple angles and perspectives which can be easily implemented through project management tools. Problems also can be easily solved with the help of project management tools as they provide easy access to information and resources.


They can be used to track progress

Progress also can be easily tracked through the help of project management tools. This makes it easy for leaders and managers to keep track of their teams and their activities. It can also help managers in their performance appraisals and feedback sessions. Furthermore, tracking progress openly can also make teams a lot more productive and efficient.


This blogpost has discussed how you can create a dashboard. We have explained the different steps involved in this process. We have also looked at the important benefits of using a project management tool like for organizations and teams.

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