How do I contact

This blogpost shall explain how you can contact We will also be discussing the different resources that the platform provides for its users apart from its project management features and tools. Additionally, we shall also explain the different ways in which can help in project management for small teams and also large ones.


How do I contact

If you want to contact, all that you need to do is to fill the form that is available at . You will be required to give various personal details such as your full name, your work email address and also your phone number. You can also share the size of your company or team. You can also share if you are an individual.

You can then choose a topic that you are in contact for , whether it is billing related issues, automations and integrations or if you are just looking for more information to make your work easier in You can then type out your question and click on ‘Submit’. The customer support team will get back to you promptly.

Different resources in

To make it easier for both newcomers and existing users to utilize to the fullest, the website offers multiple resources that are greatly helpful. These resources are:

The Knowledge Base

This is filled with information about the platform and how users can get started on There is also an intriguing glossary that users can utilize to understand some of the jargon that is frequently tossed around in It also provides information related to billing and information about the prices of various plans in

Video Tutorials

The video tutorials section provides plenty of how-to videos for practically anything and everything in the platform. This can be especially for new users who are just getting used to the platform. It can also show you how to set up and create different automations for your tasks so as to reduce your workloads.



The solutions part of this page gives information and guidance for specific business verticals. Due to its wide range of features, this platform can be used for almost any type of business vertical or industry. There are guides that can help users utilize for marketing, for CRM, for sales, for project management and even designs.

Community Forum

This forum features interactions with users and other apps. There is a FAQ section where common issues and problems users face are answered and resolved. This section also has feature requests that users throw in after their experience with Furthermore, the types of integrations that offers have also been discussed.

How can help in project management?

With the help of and its number of useful features, projects can be easily managed from start to finish, ensuring better success for teams and organizations. Some of the ways through which can help are:

It can make work easier

Through the use of automations, teams can easily reduce their workloads with the help of Work can become lighter as teams can focus on more constructive tasks and assignments rather than fretting about repetitive tasks. Automations are also quite easy to be set up and highly customizable.

It can easily integrate with other tools

Teams which work with multiple tools at once can find it hard to keep switching back and forth between various platforms. This can also lead to a collaborative overload and eventual burnout of team members. For this, can be easily integrated with other popular project and collaboration tools such as Slack, Zoom, Gmail, Google calendar, etc.

It increases collaboration in teams

Through the use of, team members can easily collaborate and communicate with each other. Though the platform does not have a chat feature, teams can easily communicate with each other through board comments, tagging and also through updates sections. Those who want to have a chat app can easily integrate with a tool like Slack or Skype.

It gives multiple views allows teams to have multiple views of the contents of their boards. This means they gain multiple perspectives, angles and a deeper probe of their project and their information. Teams can easily switch and opt to view their boards as a Kanban board, as a Gantt chart, as a Timeline and also as a Calendar.

It has an informative dashboard

Data is the new oil and teams require plenty of information for successful and efficient work processes.’s dash offers teams plenty of information and analytics. This can help them observe patterns and trends and use them to solve problems and also make decisions for their projects.

It is engaging to use

The interface is quite simple and very easy to use. The founders of have ensured the platform looks like it has been constructed by Lego blocks. The features and items are highly visible and visual making it quite accessible for team members. The bright and bold colors also bring a fun and engaging twist to the work environment.


This blogpost has explained how you can contact We have also discussed the different resources that the platform provides for its users apart from its project management features and tools. Additionally, we have also explained the different ways in which can help in project management for small teams and also large ones.

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