How do I cancel my free trial on (+7 limitations)

This article will explain how you can cancel your free trial in We will be listing the different steps involved in the same. In addition, we shall also look at a few limitations of and some of the alternative project management tools that also offer free plans. With the help of these tools, organizations are making smarter moves for them and their teams.

How do I cancel my free trial on

If you want to cancel your free trial on, you practically don’t have to do anything. Once the trial period is over, if you are not upgrading to a paid plan, the account closes itself. However, if you want to end your free trial before the trial period, you can follow the steps given below:

  • You can click on your avatar that you will find located at the bottom left of your screen. From the menu that opens up, choose ‘Admin’.

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  • In the left panel menu, click on ‘Billing’ and then select ‘Close my account’.
  • In the message box on the screen, click on ‘Close account’.
  • You can also delete your account from the platform by selecting ‘Delete my account data’.

Limitations of

While is simply a great platform, users have experienced a few disadvantages and limitations while using this project management tool. Some of these limitations are explained in this section:

No chat option in the platform offers many methods and mediums for team members to collaborate with each other. They can easily communicate via updates sections, board comments and tagging. However, the platform does not have a chat option, which makes teams use an integration with Slack for this issue.

Limited number of integrations

Integrations are necessary as teams are working with multiple project tools at once. However, as compared to other project management tools, offers a limited number of apps and tools in its Integrations Center. Teams who want to integrate with other apps and tools will have to use a third party such as Zapier or Integromat.


Plans can be pricey

Yes, is a tad expensive when compared to other project management tools. While there is a Free Plan for teams to choose from, the plan practically offers none of the unique or essential features of Even the Basic plan does not cut it. Users will have to opt for the higher tier plans such as the Pro plan to enjoy a large number of features.


Task dependencies are limited

Task dependencies are necessary in project management as teams can understand when to start a task and when they will need to wait. This makes task management easier for leaders and managers. Task dependencies are available in, but users have observed that these dependencies are much lesser and cannot be easily customized.

Customer support can be delayed ensures proper and strong customer support for its users. The higher tier plans such as the Pro plans and Standard plans all have priority status for customer support. However, there seems to be lots of delay in this process which can discourage teams from continuing their use of this project management tool.

Learning can take time

The user interface and the platform in is quite user-friendly. But, the large number of features that are available in this platform can take time to learn and utilize in daily tasks and assignments. Due to this steep learning curve, teams which require their members to start using a tool efficiently in a short span of time cannot opt for

Too many notifications

It is great to be notified of any happenings in the platform and also among the other members of the team. Still, it is likely that you inbox will be flooded by a massive load of notifications when you are working in This becomes worse if you are working on multiple projects at a time. Users will have to customize their settings in order to avoid these notifications. alternatives that have free plans

There are many project management tools in the market and plenty that provide their users with free plans. Let us look at two of these tools.


This tool is another popular tool among small and large teams alike. With the help of the features in Wrike, teams can easily track time in their tasks and set statuses and priorities for assignments. They can also collaborate with each other and work on projects and tasks together. Furthermore, the platform provides easy email integrations for improved effectiveness.


You definitely would have heard of Asana. This project management tool also has plenty of strong features that teams of all sizes will definitely love. It becomes even more useful for those teams who are juggling multiple projects at once. With the help of Asana, teams can easily and effectively communicate and collaborate with one another.


This article has explained how you can cancel your free trial on We have listed the different steps involved in the same. In addition, we have also looked at a few limitations of and some of the alternative project management tools that also offer free plans.

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