How do I attach an email to (+7 benefits)


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Page last updated: 2/09/2022

This blogpost will describe how you can attach an email to We shall also be looking at some of the pros and cons of using in a team or an organization. Project management or workplace collaboration tools like can not only make work smarter and scientific, they can also save teams a lot of time and effort.

How do I attach an email to

The easiest way to attach an email to is by adding the Email Column to your boards. Let’s look at the different steps involved in adding the Email Column.

  • On the top right part of your board, select the ‘+’ icon. From the menu that drops down, choose ‘More columns’.
How do I attach an email to (+7 benefits)

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  • In the Columns center, you will need to choose the ‘Email’ option.
  • You can add the email address in the column and the text that you want to be displayed for it in your column.
  • Clicking on the email address will open your default email service. Through this you can directly send an email to your contact.
  • You can also receive updates when there is a response to your email.
  • To customize these settings, you can easily click on ‘Column Settings’ and go through the various options below.


Pros of using

There are plenty of pros about as it brings a wide range of benefits for a team or an organization. Some of these pros are discussed in this section.

It is an all in one tool

If teams are using, they practically don’t need anything else. The platform has great features for all types of business verticals and can cater to teams of any size. Since it is versatile, is being used as the project management tool of choice by more than 200 types of industries.


It is very easy to use

Using this platform is a cakewalk. The bright and beautiful colors in the interface make it a joy to come into work, even on a Monday – hence the name. The platform has been designed keeping Lego blocks in mind, making items and features highly visible and easily placed for smooth access.

It provides a lot of data

There is plenty of data provided by the tool so that teams can better understand their projects and also their customers and clients. The robust informatics and analytics provided by are a goldmine for those users who crave reliable data in their daily tasks and assignments. Furthermore, the information can also be easily shared with external parties for more visibility.

It can supply various views

Teams like to view items and information through different lenses. This not only gives them more information but helps them look at things from multiple perspectives and angles. This can be greatly beneficial, especially in the decision-making and problem solving processes. Some of the views that users can switch to are the Gantt view, the Calendar view and the Timeline view.

It allows customization and flexibility makes it clear that they want to bring high levels of flexibility to users and their teams. Customization and flexibility are necessary as they allow creativity and innovation to grow in the team. Furthermore, teams can also create their own work environments where they can work comfortably and efficiently.

It provides plenty of resources

Not only is the platform so informative, but the website itself is filled with superb resources and blogs that both new and existing users will love. The aim is to make work and work management simple and easy for anyone. Additionally, the customer support team provides regular webinars and Q&A sessions where common issues faced by users are discussed and debriefed.

It makes task management easy

Task management can be really easy with the help of Tasks are not only assigned to the right individuals at the right time, but the statuses of tasks and assignments can also be openly seen by any team member. The tool also makes it easy to share information and resources that team members may need in their daily tasks and assignments.

Cons of

While the pros of using are many and quite obvious, users have also faced some limitations while utilizing this amazing project management tool. Let’s look at some of these.

  • There is no live chat feature available in the platform. This can be discouraging for teams, especially those who are used to communicating via chat. However, this can be easily solved through an integration with a chat app like Slack.
  • Task dependencies are limited in While the platform allows easy task dependencies to be customized and created for their projects, there are not too many customizations available apart from the time factor.
  • The price might be too steep for many users. Even though the platform has a number of plans to choose from, the price range might be a tad more expensive as compared to other project management tools. Also, the Free Plan that provides lacks almost all of the essential features of the platform.


This blogpost has described how you can attach an email to We have also looked at some of the pros and cons of using in a team or an organization. Project management or workplace collaboration tools like can not only make work smarter and scientific, they can also save teams a lot of time and effort.

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