How do I add sub-items to (+9 great benefits)

This article will describe how you can add sub-items to We will be listing out the various steps involved in adding sub-items to your board. Additionally, we shall be discussing the main benefits of using a project management tool such as, for your teams. Project management tools are becoming increasingly common among teams and organizations.


How do I add sub-items to

In order to add sub-items to, you will need to follow these steps that have been described below:

  • Sub-items allow you to add more information about the item in your board so that you have a deeper insight.
  • You can add or create sub-items by right clicking on any specific item. From the options in the drop down menu, choose ‘Add Subitem’.
  • You can also create sub-items by going to the Columns Center, from where you can add new sub-items through the ‘Sub Items’ column.

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  • To expand the sub-item, you will need to click on the subitem icon which you can find in the subitem column.
  • You can and also do this by right-clicking on the item and going through the menu.
  • In case you need to duplicate a sub-item, all you need to do is click it and select the ‘Duplicate’ option from the menu.

Benefits of using a project management tool

Organizations are switching over to project management tools and investing in getting the right tools for their teams. The benefits of project management tools, like, are many and some of these are discussed as follows:

Remote working becomes more efficient

Remote working does not seem to be going anywhere. Since the pandemic, its popularity has only increased. Project management tools seem to be a great solution for those organizations which are scrambling to make remote working efficient. With the help of these tools, teams can easily access their work, even if they are placed in different time zones.

Collaboration is effective

Collaboration needs to be effective and efficient among team members if organizations are looking for a smoother workflow. The thing about collaboration is that it cannot be forced. And also, different individuals collaborate in different ways. Project management tools possess features that can allow collaboration to happen through different mediums and methods.

Better decision making and problem solving

Decisions need to be made frequently in teams and organizations. And problems can be encountered at any time. With the help of project management tools, teams can easily make decisions as they have the means to discuss with each other and also use the resources and tools available to face and overcome sticky situations.

Easier access to information

Information needs to be easily accessible by anyone in the organization if the company is planning to become successful. Easy access to information makes teams more trusting of the organization as they know what is happening behind closed doors. This breeds more commitment to achieving the organization’s goals and values.

Efficient communication across levels

Organizations are trying to create flatter structures and break down silos, as they know that hierarchies and too many levels can create obstacles for teams as well as management. Project management tools like, allow individuals to easily communicate across levels and functionalities, thus helping create a flatter organizational structure.

Higher generation of ideas

Companies that are selling people-centered products and services are always looking for new ideas and designs from their teams. A good way to encourage constructive discussions among teams is to get them working through a project management system. With many popular features like whiteboards and meeting rooms, teams are encouraged to be creative and innovative.

Better customer satisfaction

Project management systems bring team members and teams together. When many teams from different sectors in the organization work together, they can synchronize their tasks and coordinate themselves to serve their customers and clients in a better manner. Thus, project management tools like positively bring better customer satisfaction.

Effortless onboarding

Leaders and managers always try to make onboarding for new employees and new team members as quick and efficient as possible. To make the process smoother, they can take the help of project management tools. With the plenty of resources and information available, newcomers to the team can get clear overviews of projects and can start working immediately.

Easy task management

Task management can seem a tedious chore for leaders and managers, especially those who are working with large groups of people. With the help of project management tools, task management becomes easier and more efficient for team leaders. They can also effortlessly track the progress of tasks and assignments and can give feedback appropriately.

Better alignment with clients

Many a time, the client wants something but the team heads off in a completely different direction. Client alignment is important for the project success and this makes project management tools even more beneficial. With the help of these system or tools, clients can easily check on their projects and give teams suggestions that can make the end product even better.


This article has described how you can add sub-items to We have listed out the various steps involved in adding sub-items to your board. Additionally, we have discussed the main benefits of using a project management tool such as, for your teams.

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