How do dumpers feel when you ignore them? (+9 Coping strategies)

In this info-rich blogpost, we will be answering how dumpers feel when you ignore them. We will also be giving you the different reasons why you should ignore your ex. Finally, we will be listing some tips that you can use to navigate your breakup in a healthy manner.

How do dumpers feel when you ignore them?

Dumpers feel bad when you ignore them. Those who dump others or are the ones who initiate the breakup often expect the other person to keep coming back to them. When you ignore the person who has dumped you, the dumper often feels bad and may also be curious.

This is the reason why many relationship experts advise people to ignore their dumper. In many cases, the dumper may come back and expect to restart the relationship. At the same time, if they have already moved on, they might not have any feelings in this case.

Reasons you should ignore your ex

Going through a breakup can be difficult for anyone, no matter the time length of the relationship. While it may seem enticing to reach out to your ex after the breakup, there are several important reasons why you should instead ignore them. These reasons are:

It gives them time to re-evaluate their decision

The most important reason why you should ignore your ex is that in this time, they may finally get some peace and quiet to actually sit and think about their decision. Without any stimuli or news from you, you ex may actually re-evaluate their decision and try to get back.

It can hurt the dumper’s ego

In many relationships, there is a war of egos and many people specifically dump their partners to get an ego boost. However, when you ignore your ex after they have broken up with you, it can severely damage their egos.

It can give you time to heal

Another important thing that ignoring your ex can bring is that it can actually give you time to heal after the breakup. In this time, you can logically reason about your experiences in the relationship and give you much needed time to recover.

It can give you the upper-hand

Ignoring your ex can seriously damage their egos and also give you the upper hand in the partnership. When you get the upper hand, you might also get more control and power in case you both decide to rekindle the romance.

It can help in restarting the relationship

Sometimes a time of silence can actually help in restarting the relationship. During this period of silence, both the partners may understand how much they miss each other and also what they need to do to make things better.

It can stoke their curiosity

There is nothing like ignoring a person to make them more curious about you. When you ignore your ex, you often leave them wondering about your whereabouts and your activities. As they become increasingly curious about you, the chances of your ex reaching out also become high.

It can boost your own confidence

Another great thing about ignoring your ex is that it can actually boost your own confidence. Since you enjoy the upper hand now and more power as a result, you will find that your self-esteem and confidence is much higher.

It can start you both off on square one

Finally, ignoring your ex may be the best step if you want another chance at a relationship with them. It will also help you understand their actual feelings for you. If they are still into you, chances are that they will come back. But if they are over you, you can then move on.

How to get over a break-up?

Break-ups are never easy to get over with. If you are someone who has recently gone through a breakup, this section is for you. Here, we have given you the best tips that you can use to easily navigate a breakup and get over your ex.

  • Stay away from your ex: As all the points from the previous section explain, it is important for you to ignore your ex. While it may not always restart your relationship, it may definitely keep you from degrading yourself by running behind them.

It can also prevent you from getting worked up after hearing new updates about your ex. This is the reason why therapists and relationship experts advise people to limit their use of social media and cut off all contact with their ex.

  • Don’t shy away from feeling: It is human to feel and grieve. But many of us try staying away from going through our feelings and our boo-hoo’s thinking that it will lead us into a downward spiral. However, giving yourself time to grieve is important for healing.
  • Use the help of your friends: In the event of a breakup, it is also important that you make the most use of your support system. Your friends and your loved ones can provide the emotional support that you need during this crazy time.
  • Keep up your self-care routine: Self-care is important for our mental health for every type of day, including bad days. Especially after a breakup, self-care becomes even more important since we might be pretty emotionally vulnerable and fragile.

In this situation, make sure that you are practicing your self-care regimen carefully and regularly. While on some days it may seem futile, you can motivate yourself by adding new activities or getting a self-care buddy from your friends group.

  • Change your self-talk: During your sensitive emotional states, we often start talking negatively to ourselves. However, this seemingly harmless activity can actually turn our entire thinking process negative and dangerous.

You can change this by becoming more aware of the way you talk to yourself. Whenever you catch yourself talking negatively in your head, consciously change it for the positive. In gradual time, your thinking will also start becoming more positive and strong.

  • Start journaling: Another great tip that almost all psychologists and therapists agree on is journaling. When we write down our thoughts and feelings, we cannot only experience healthy venting but also get better articulation of our thoughts and our internal processes.
  • Go to therapy: If you catch yourself slipping into an emotional spiral too often, you can also go to therapy. In therapy, you will learn cognitive strategies and emotional coping tools to easily navigate the negative experiences of a breakup.

Through therapy, you will also become a stronger person and prepare yourself to take on the next relationship. More so, therapy can also help you distinguish between red flags and green flags that you need to keep an eye out for while dating someone.

  • Expose yourself to new experiences: After a breakup, it can seem so easy to sit at home and watch sad movies and cry all the time. But, experts say that exposing yourself to new experiences can help you get over your breakup at a faster pace.

Here is where friends come in handy. You can easily go for a girl’s trip or even a solo trip if you are up for it. Try something new and fun and you will soon enough find yourself portraying stronger confidence and better self-esteem.

  • Consider getting a massage: When we are in a relationship, we often get used to being touched in a positive manner all the time. When this is suddenly cut off by a breakup, it can become hard for both our minds and our bodies.

To negate this, you can easily book a massage or a manicure or pedicure. If you are an introvert, you can also get a healthy dose of touch from your furry friends at home. If you are not too lucky to have a pet, you can easily go to the local shelter and volunteer.


In this info-rich blogpost, we have answered how dumpers feel when you ignore them. We have also given you the different reasons why you should ignore your ex. Finally, we have listed some tips that you can use to navigate your breakup in a healthy manner.

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