How can I stop being annoyed by someone?

This article will explain how to stop being annoyed by someone. It will show ways to deal with this situation, and help you reflect on why you may be feeling annoyed.

How can I stop being annoyed at someone? 

Being annoyed at someone is extremely difficult. It can make it hard for you to be in the same place as them, and dealing with your feelings can be hard. 

Even though it is a common emotion, before you take some action on it, you must try to understand where your annoyance comes from, since it can be related to some hormonal matter, thyroid problem, or even addiction.

But if you have understood that your annoyance is not related to any of these, but mostly with the person you are dealing with, here are some ways you can stop being annoyed at someone.

Keep in mind that at some point you will be annoyed 

Knowing that being annoyed is a common thing. You will most likely go through it at some point in your life. And if you have someone annoying you, know it is your job to manage such emotion. 

Constantly feeding yourself or the rage the annoyance will bring will most likely only make it worse for you, to a point it can harm your life and your well-being.

Don’t spiral 

When we are annoyed by someone we can easily go down a spiral of thoughts that will keep feeding us and showing all the annoying things that person is doing. This will only be detrimental to you. So try to name what is annoying you, but don’t aim to make a list of all the ways they are annoying.

Make an excuse 

If you have to be close to someone that annoys you, you may benefit from having a few excuses in your pocket to guarantee you can have some sense of distance when they get under your skin. For example, if you have a co-worker that annoys you, and that will invite you to dinner, you can say you are feeling tired.

This way you can excuse yourself from being in their presence more than you need to, but you don’t need to be mean or disrespectful to them by saying, at the high point of your annoyance, why you don’t want to have dinner with them.

Understand that people can’t read your mind 

Knowing that people can’t read your mind is one of the most important lessons you will have in life. Keep in mind that even though you are annoyed, they can’t read your mind, or see right through you, to understand what you are feeling and just stop the behavior that is annoying you.

The sooner you have this in mind the better. It can be something that will even make you less annoyed with that person, since you may refrain from thinking they are doing it on purpose.

Try to figure out what in this person reminds you of yourself 

This is a common lesson and something you should take all through your life. It is most likely that something that is annoying you in this person is something that is deeply related to you. 

If you have that in mind, you may find it easier to move past your annoyance, and try to understand what they have been doing that is affecting you, and how you can change your line of thought.

Know that you can’t control people 

It may be obvious, and sometimes people may even joke about it. But you should know that you can’t control what people will say or do. And even if they annoy you, you can only deal with your reaction to it, not with how they behave. Try to think what is the best way for you to manage your annoyance, and don’t focus on their actions.

Understand that the angrier you get will not make them less annoying 

When you are annoyed by someone it is common to think that if you become more annoyed, at some point they will realize and change their behavior, and be less annoying. But that is not true. The angrier you get will only be more detrimental to your well-being.

They most likely will not even notice or care that you are annoyed. And keep on living their lives. Get some distance, reassess your feelings, and don’t waste too much of your energy on it.

Get some distance 

This is a golden rule when dealing with someone annoying to you. Get as much distance as you can from them. If they are people that annoy you because they often want to argue, remove yourself from those nonsense arguments.

If you have them as part of your social media, the best you can do is unfriend them, or stop following them. You don’t need to have them looking at your life, and writing comments about it. And if they annoy you too much, you shouldn’t waste your time looking at what they are doing with their lives just to fuel your annoyance.

And if sometimes they become too pushy, and keep insisting on doing things together, or inviting you to be a part of their social media, decline, and tell them you need this personal space, which usually most people will respect.

If it is someone in your workplace that is annoying you, for example, you can distance yourself by using headphones while you are working. This will show a sign that you don’t want to be disturbed, and that you are in your zone.

Tell them how you see it 

But if you are feeling annoyed by someone too close to you, and whom you can’t get some distance from, you may want to tell them how you feel. Be mindful, and careful while you say it. And mostly talk about how it makes you feel. 

This will show them that you understand they are not doing something on purpose to annoy you, but it has been having this effect on you. So maybe both of you can think of a way of dealing with this together.

Show them how annoying they are

This may feel childish, but sometimes acting the same annoying way the person is acting can make it clear to them how annoying their behavior is. In some situations, giving the person a taste of their own medicine will be enough to clarify.

Don’t feed their competitive side

If the person is annoying you because they are too competitive, the most important way for you to deal with it is by not feeding their competitive side. Remove yourself from that competition, and they will have no reason to keep up with the annoying behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): How can I stop being annoyed at someone?  

What causes irritability?

There are a lot of factors that can be related to feeling more irritable. You may be going through a stressful situation in your life, or maybe even have trouble sleeping. Those can often make you more irritable.

It can also happen if you have low blood sugar, or are going through some hormonal changes. That is why you should always look for a doctor if you feel you are becoming more irritable. 

It can often be a sign of an infection or even diabetes. But in some cases, being more irritable can also be a sign of some mental health matters. For example, being depressed will often cause the person to feel more irritable. 

How can I stop feeling irritated by my partner?

If you feel your partner is irritating you with some of their habits, the first thing you should do is try to take something positive from the trait that is annoying you. For example, you can feel your partner likes to spend a long time alone. 

And you can, standoff being annoyed by that, look at how good it is to have someone in your life that values personal space, so you can also focus on yourself more.

You should also be able to ask yourself if this trait of your partner is harming you. It is something that you don’t like, or does it harm you in some way? Knowing that will allow you to care for things that matter to you. 

You should also keep in mind that it is impossible to have control over other people, and sometimes, when going through difficult moments your partner can behave differently, and that is okay.

Taking some time away is also important when you feel annoyed. Don’t blame yourself for taking some time off, or spending a night alone. And finally, you should always be humble. Know you are not perfect, and you also have traits that may annoy your partner.

What are the types of anger?

There are three types of anger. There is open aggression, which is one in which the person tends to lash out at others and can even become verbally or physically aggressive. It is the type of anger that can come in fighting, bullying, and shouting.

There is also assertive anger, which when dealt with healthily, can lead the person to listen and talk, and be confident in dealing with the situation. This type of anger can usually help a relationship grow. It is a form of anger that leads to forgiveness, and mature communication.

Passive aggression is a form of anger in which people will have trouble admitting they are angry as a way to avoid confrontation. Passive aggression can often lead to the silent treatment, and the person can also sulk, or pretend everything is fine. 

What is the definition of annoyance?

Annoyance is a mental state which can be unpleasant to the person. It will often lead them to feel irritated, and can even take them away from their conscious thinking. Annoyance is often connected to anger and frustration, and when a person gets annoyed easily, they are called irritable.

What is a hot-tempered person?

A person will be called hot-tempered when they can become angry easily. This means they can lash out at others easily, or become more frequently frustrated or irritated. They are usually people that need to deal with those emotions more positively so it doesn’t harm their lives.


This article showed what are ways you can stop being annoyed by a person. It also made you reflect on why you may be feeling annoyed by them.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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