How can I get a Talkspace refund? (+7 Pros Of Talkspace)


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Page last updated: 5/09/2022

In this blogpost, we will answer how you can get a Talkspace refund. We will also be discussing some of the best advantages of using Talkspace for your therapy needs and requirements. Additionally, we will be looking closely at the limitations of this platform that many users have experienced.


How can I get a Talkspace refund?

If you want to get a refund from Talkspace, you will need to send an email to the customer support team of the platform. The team will review your case and check whether it requires a partial or a full refund. In case neither option seems eligible, Talkspace may convince to stay on for a maintenance plan or may reassign the therapist.


Advantages of using Talkspace for therapy

There are plenty of advantages and benefits that users can experience while using Talkspace for mental health care. Some of the best advantages of using the platform have been discussed in the section below:

Talkspace is very cost-effective

Talkspace is quite affordable when compared to in-person therapy. The high cost-fact of traditional therapy is the main reason why many users do not go to therapy in the first place. Talkspace is not only affordable but can be easily covered by insurance through in-network providers such as Optum and Cigna.

It makes therapy very easy

The process of therapy itself is made very easy through Talkspace. In traditional therapy settings, the person needs to seek out the therapist by themselves and often have to wait for long periods of time before they can start the intervention. In Talkspace, all the user needs to do is to sign up and they are assigned a therapist in a short span of time.

It brings safety to the client

Clients in Talkspace can be ensured that their identity and information will be well-guarded due to the HIPAA compliant technology that the platform uses. It also brings an added blanket of physical safety as the user is not required to meet the therapist face to face and thus the risk of violence or assault is nullified here.


There is a better client-therapist fit

There is also a better client-therapist fit that is guaranteed in Talkspace. The platform makes smart use of artificial intelligence that picks up the information given by the user while signing up. The user is matched with a suitable therapist using this data. The user can also easily switch therapists if they feel that the current one is not such a great match.

Talkspace has several formats

Talkspace offers several formats or modes of therapy that users can make use of according to their needs and preferences. Users can communicate with their therapists through text messaging, audio messaging and even video messaging. They can also opt to have live chats, live audio sessions or live video sessions based on their conveniences.

It offers psychiatry services

Talkspace not only offers psychotherapy services but also has psychiatry services. This becomes splendid for those users who require medications or drugs to manage the symptoms of their mental illnesses. The psychiatry providers in Talkspace are all licensed and certified and are able to prescribe any drug other than controlled substances such as Xanax or Ritalin.

It offers various therapies

There are several types of therapies that are available in this platform other than individual therapy. Talkspace offers couples therapy or family therapy. It also has therapy for teenagers between the ages of 13 years and 18 years. Talkspace further has a sleep program that is conducted for a period of eight weeks.

How can I get a Talkspace refund? (+7 Pros Of Talkspace)

Limitations of Talkspace

While Talkspace certainly has its advantages, it also has a few limitations such as:

Talkspace does not offer group therapy

This platform does not offer group therapy sessions for its users, and thus many who sign-up for a Talkspace subscription may be let down. Group therapy has a massive impact on the motivation and learning process of its users and is often considered to be much cheaper than individual therapy itself.

Even though the therapists and counselors in Talkspace are all licensed and certified, the platform is still considered a tele-health platform. And thus federal laws and regulations do not allow legal documentation to be obtained from these therapists. Therefore, those users who require letters or docs such as ESA letters or disability certificates have to look elsewhere.

It may still be expensive

While Talkspace does try its best to provide affordable mental health care for its users, the plans may still be expensive for many. The platform can be easily covered by insurance which can considerably reduce the costs of therapy. However, those who do not have insurance can find the plans of Talkspace to be well out of their financial reach.

Best alternative to Talkspace

Talkspace is one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. However, if readers are looking for an alternative to Talkspace, we would suggest BetterHelp. BetterHelp also offers very affordable plans and additionally provides financial assistance. The platform has features for individual therapy, couples therapy, teens therapy and even group therapy.


In this blogpost, we have answered how you can get a Talkspace refund. We have also discussed some of the best advantages of using Talkspace for your therapy needs and requirements. Additionally, we have looked closely at the limitations of this platform that many users have experienced.

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