How can I cancel my account? (+7 great benefits)

In this article, we shall explain how you can cancel your account. We will also be looking at the benefits of and also some of the cons that users have experienced while working with this amazing project management tool. is not only meant for project management, but also workplace collaboration, CRM, finances, admin, etc.

How can I cancel my account?

Cancelling or deleting your is pretty straightforward and simple. If you are the admin of the account, all you need to do is follow these steps listed out below:

  • Click on your avatar which will open a menu. From the many options available click on the ‘Admin’ option.

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  • On the menu in the left hand side, you can select Billing. This will open a window where you can click on the Cancel my account option located at the bottom of the page.
  • You will then be asked for a reason why you want to cancel. Select the reason and give some details if you want to. You can then click on ‘Cancel account’.
  • This will direct you to one last screen which will ask you if you want to instead freeze your account for a certain number of days. If you are freezing your account, this means your information and data will be stored in and the timer on your subscription will be paused.
  • You can then click on the ‘Still want to cancel’ option which will cancel or delete your account from the services.

Benefits of

While it is commonly known that  is a great project management tool, there are plenty of benefits that not only project managers but everyone else will also enjoy immensely. Some of these benefits of are:

The highly intuitive dashboards

The dashboards that are present in are highly intuitive and informative. This can be highly helpful for team members by giving them the right information and resources to work with. Furthermore, the dashboard has handy widgets which can give more information and also make work environments positive and engaging.


The user friendly interface

The interface is very user friendly. It has been designed keeping humans in mind rather than just employees or team members. The whole platform resembles a city constructed with lego blocks. And thus, there are bright and bold colors which can be stimulating and can bring fun into the work environment of teams.

Easy and effective collaboration understands that different people communicate and collaborate in different ways. Some may prefer to do it one-on-one and some may prefer to do it in a group. Whatever the preference may be, offers many features for collaboration such as board comments, tagging and updates.

Ready to use templates

To reduce the workloads for team members, the platform has gone to great lengths in order to create ready to use templates for the users. There are templates readily available for all types of work, thus encouraging team members to give more focus to productive and creative tasks rather than start from scratch.

Robust reporting

The columns in also provide robust reporting and analytics that can be useful for team members. Not only are the analytics deep and informative, but can be used across a wide range of verticals. Teams that work with lots of data and information will find these features of greatly helpful in their work.

Multiple views allows multiple views of the board so that team members can have multiple perspectives and thus more information about the work processes. The board can be viewed as a Timeline, as a Gantt chart and also as a Kanban board. These multiple views of the board can thus allow teams to have better communication and coordination of various tasks.

Time tracking features

Time tracking features are available in in the form of a widget that users can add to their dashboard. Through these features, teams can understand their work processes and also that of others better. Time tracking can also help in increasing productivity, reducing wastage and can also be used to calculate payments for team members.

Disadvantages of

The project management tool is highly robust and offers many features. However, there are some disadvantages such as:

  • There can be too many notifications in your inbox when you are completing tasks. If you do not customize settings to filter the notifications that you want and stop that are unnecessary, your inbox can flood very easily and quickly.
  • There is no chat feature available on the platform. Even though the platform has many other features for communication and collaboration such as updates section, board comments and @mentions, it can be a letdown for teams who are used to communicating via chat.
  • Even though there are plenty of integrations available in the platform, the number is still minute when compared to other project management and collaboration tools. Many users prefer to use Zapier for the purpose of integration of apps and this can seem inconvenient for many individuals.


In this article, we have explained how you can cancel your account. We have also looked at the benefits of and also some of the cons that users have experienced while working with this amazing project management tool.

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