How can Get Cerebral be used for ADHD?

In this article, we will discuss how Get Cerebral can be used for ADHD. Alongside this, we will also be exploring the various symptoms and signs that adult ADHD can have on individuals. Lastly, we shall mention a few alternative platforms that those with ADHD can use for their mental health needs.

How can Get Cerebral be used for ADHD?

Get Cerebral can be used for ADHD in a multitude of ways. This platform provides a wide range of features that individuals, particularly adults with ADHD, will find tremendously helpful. Some of these advantageous features have been explored in the section below:

It can be used for psychiatry

The best thing about Get Cerebral is that it offers therapy as well as psychiatry. Thus, those adults with ADHD can get some of their medications prescribed through Get Cerebral. However, some controlled substances that are often used for the treatment of ADHD, such as Adderall, cannot be prescribed in this platform due to various regulations.

It can provide quick access

There is quick access to mental health care in Get Cerebral or simply Cerebral. This is highly in contrast to traditional mental health care settings where the individual has to wait for long periods of time before they are connected with a professional. In Get Cerebral, the user has to sign up and is almost immediately connected with a compatible professional.

It can be used from anywhere

Get Cerebral functions completely online and thus can be used from anywhere and everywhere. This platform does not require the individual to even leave the house to meet with their psychiatrists or therapists. This proves great for those who have busy schedules and thus find it difficult to pencil in time for frequent therapy sessions.

It can provide multiple formats

In this mental health subscription platform, the user can communicate with their mental health professionals through various formats and modes. Get Cerebral offers unlimited messaging features between the patient and their prescriber, therapist or even their care counselors. Patients can also schedule live phone sessions or video sessions as per their convenience.


It has care counseling

Get Cerebral follows a collaborative care system in which the patient is taken care of by a set of mental health professionals. In this manner, only the best quality of care is delivered to the patient. Get Cerebral also offers care counseling by mental health professionals who continuously track the progress of the user and also provide strong emotional support.

It is pretty affordable

Get Cerebral is quite affordable, especially when compared to other traditional forms of mental health care. This factor is necessary as the high cost of mental health care is usually the main reason why many individuals do not seek professional help. The plans in Get Cerebral can also be easily covered by insurance and thus is even more affordable for the users.

It uses safe technology

The technology provided by Get Cerebral is also very safe and secure. The platform is secured through features such as end to end encryptions, multi-step authentications and even firewalls. This brings more privacy and secures the confidentiality of the user’s identity and data. There is even more security due to the online nature of mental health care in this platform.

Symptoms and signs of adult ADHD

ADHD in adults can manifest in many different signs and symptoms. The main symptoms of adult ADHD have been explored in the following points:

They show lack of organization

Organization and planning are skills that often lack in those who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This can affect many areas of their life such as work, education and even household chores. Those who have ADHD may thus require extra help and behavioral techniques that can help with daily organization and planning.

They may leave tasks undone

They may often leave tasks undone or incomplete. This also occurs because those who have ADHD find it difficult to multitask. Thus, those assignments and tasks that require long periods of concentration and focus may be left incomplete. This can affect their performance in various areas like work and education.

They may have other mental health conditions

Those who have ADHD often have other mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. They may also face social isolation as they stop mingling with other people for fear of judgment. Therefore, adults with ADHD are highly recommended to go to therapy to help them manage symptoms of this illness and other comorbidities.

Alternative mental health care platforms

While Get Cerebral is definitely a great option for those who have ADHD, there are also many other platforms that offer high quality mental health care, such as:

  • BetterHelp: BetterHelp offers not only individual therapy but also offers couples therapy and teens therapy. Furthermore, there are also group sessions available on this platform.
  • Talkspace: Talkspace provides online therapy sessions and also psychiatry services that can be easily covered by insurance.
  • Calmerry: Calmerry is an online therapy platform that uses a large network of licensed mental health professionals to bring affordable and accessible therapy options


In this article, we have discussed how Get Cerebral can be used for ADHD. Alongside this, we have also explored the various symptoms and signs that adult ADHD can have on individuals. Lastly, we have mentioned a few alternative platforms that those with ADHD can use for their mental health needs.

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